Euthanized Dog Reportedly Living in Feces With Open Wounds Deserves Justice

A dog was found starving, living in filth, and with an untreated head wound that caused his eye to protrude from its socket. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Shut Down Allegedly Abusive Sloth Sanctuary

Sloths are reportedly being abused and neglected at a “sanctuary” in Costa Rica. These creatures have very specific needs that it appears are just not being met. Sign this petition to shut down the allegedly abusive sloth sanctuary.

Demand Justice for Starved Livestock

Over two dozen pigs and cattle were allegedly severely mistreated at the hands of one farmer. A few even had to be euthanized. Sign this petition to make sure the accused faces justice.

Demand Church Cancel Plans with Cruel Circus

A church is moving forward with its plans to host a notorious circus. The circus has a long list of Animal Welfare Act violations and seems to lack respect for its animals. Sign this petition and demand the church cancel its plans with the circus.

Stop Torturing Animals to Make Jackets and Hair Ties

Animals are being tortured and killed to make frivolous fur products for a major international retailer. Demand the company stop profiting off the bodies of dead animals.

Sick Elderly Dog Thrown Out in Trash Deserves Justice

A senior dog named Motto was found thrown out with the trash. Motto was suffering from advanced dental disease and smelled of rot. Sign this petition to ask authorities to dedicate more resources to finding and prosecuting this dog’s abuser.

Save Shelter Animals With School Service Program

Thousands of animals at understaffed shelters need more help from the community. Volunteering at an animal shelter would teach kids to care for another living being and to work together to achieve a common goal. Please sign this petition to help create an animal shelter community service project.

Success: Apartment Complex Stops Cruelly Killing Squirrels

An apartment complex took down the cruel “body-gripping” traps it was using to control the squirrel population. Sign this petition and praise the apartment complex for making this compassionate change.

Success: New Animal Abuse Registry Created

Thanks to the hard work of animal rights campaigners, Tallahassee, Florida has just created a publicly available registry of animal abusers. Let’s take a moment to welcome this victory.

Save 2500 Animals Dying of Thirst

More than 2500 animals at a zoo in India are slowly dying of thirst. The government has totally cut water to the zoo due to water shortages. Demand the government turn the water back on, and save these animals from slow, excruciating deaths.

Shelter Dogs for Hospitalized Kids

Therapy dogs provide important services to people everywhere. For hospitalized children, these dogs could truly make a difference by providing them with unconditional support and companionship. Please sign this petition to help create a therapy dog program for hospitalized children.

Save Animals in Need of Emergency Help

When animals find themselves in dangerous situations, they need special consideration when it comes to saving them. Most emergency response teams aren’t set up to properly handle animal emergencies. Sign this petition to save our animals.

Close Monkey Experiment Labs

Mauritius has just opened the floodgates for primate labs on its shores. Send a message to the country’s leaders to back down, and stop the harmful practice of using monkeys as lab rats.

Save Wildlife From Dehydration

Wildlife in national parks are in need of a constant supply of water. During drought and hotter weather periods, these animals may have to travel up to half a day just to find water. Please sign this petition and urge national parks to provide wildlife water stations to ensure the survival of wild animals.

Fight for International Ban on Captive Orca Breeding

Captive orca and dolphin breeding is now banned in France. Sign this petition and praise France for making this groundbreaking decision to help and protect animals trapped within the entertainment industry and encourage other countries to do the same.

Don’t Bring Back Fox Hunting

The Prime Minister of Britain has said she supports lifting the current ban on fox hunting. This cruel sport involves using riders and hounds to relentlessly chase down foxes and then subject them to a slow and torturous death. Urge Prime Minister May to side in favor of animal welfare and not allow this barbaric practice to return.

Praise Ban on Barbaric Ritual Animal Slaughter

Halal and kosher slaughter, which involves cutting the throats of conscious animals and leaving them to bleed out, has been banned in the Belgian region of Walloon. Praise this move, which will save countless animals from torturous deaths.

Stop Government Plan to Kill Dogs in Cruel Experiments

Over a dozen dogs will soon be injected with drugs and killed as part of a government experiment that was kept secret until the horrific plan was recently exposed. Save these dogs from a cruel, painful death.

Demand Melha Shrine Circus Go Animal Free Again

The Melha Shrine Circus is adding animals back to their show after removing them during 2016. Sign this petition to demand that the Melha Shrine Circus keep animals out of their show and acknowledge that the safety of animals is more important than making a profit.

Stop Dog Fighters From Owning More Dogs

A man with a prior conviction of animal cruelty was charged yet again when officers found 13 pit bulls, who had injuries consistent with forced animal fighting, in his home. He was also convicted of illegal possession of animals. Sign this petition to demand that this man receive the maximum punishment and a lifetime ban from owning animals.

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