Dogs Apparently Beaten to Death at Training Facility Deserve Justice

Several dogs reportedly suffered painful, prolonged deaths at the hands of the owner of “Pawsitively Paradise.” Demand justice now.

Combat Rising Animal Cruelty With Stricter Regulations

Recent incidents of reported animal cruelty highlight a growing issue that demands immediate attention. Take action to strengthen animal welfare laws and ensure justice for the victims.

Animals Allegedly Killed at Zoo Due to Lack of Care Deserve Justice

Authorities allegedly uncovered severe animal abuse at zoo. Demand immediate action to protect the animals.

Stop Forcing Ailing Elephant to March in Processions

An elephant, reportedly suffering from severe health issues, is being transported for processions. Demand immediate action to protect Rupavathi and prevent her exploitation.

Demand Justice for Allegedly Tortured Dogs

A suspect has been accused of habitually torturing dogs. Demand strict enforcement of the law to ensure justice and protection for these animals.

Seek Justice for Family Dog Reportedly Beaten to Death With Baseball Bat

A man allegedly fatally beat his family dog with a baseball bat. Urge authorities to take strict legal action against the alleged perpetrator and ensure justice for the dog.

Snake Allegedly Eaten Alive Deserves Justice

A man allegedly caught and ate a live snake. Demand strict action against this alleged cruelty under the Wildlife Protection Act.

Demand Justice for Pet Dog Allegedly Beaten and Choked on Camera

A man allegedly tried to kill a pet dog by beating and choking it. Take immediate action to ensure strict punishment for this alleged cruelty.

Dog Apparently Abandoned to Die in Dumpster Deserves Justice

A dog named Shelly was reportedly found near death in a dumpster at an apartment complex. Demand swift justice for Shelly.

Dogs Reportedly Exposed to Dangerous Heat and Filthy Conditions at Puppy Mill Deserve Justice

A woman was allegedly operating a puppy mill in deplorable conditions. Take immediate action to ensure she faces full legal consequences and the animals receive proper care.

Demand Justice for Dog Allegedly Mutilated and Neglected to Death

An owner allegedly mutilated his injured dog, Niva, and neglected her veterinary care, leading to her death. Take action to ensure he faces full legal consequences.

Demand Justice for Hen Allegedly Beheaded During Dance Performance

A viral video appears to show a person biting off a chicken’s head during a dance performance. Take immediate action against the alleged perpetrators.

Demand Justice for Pet Dog Allegedly Lifted With Leash and Beaten

A man was allegedly caught on video torturing a pet dog by lifting it with a leash and beating it. Take strict action against the alleged perpetrator.

Launch Inquiry into Greyhound Racing Industry Amid Animal Abuse Allegations

An inquiry has been launched into the greyhound racing industry following allegations of animal abuse. Investigate complaints about greyhound racing governance, operations, track safety, and animal welfare.

Justice for Severely Malnourished French Bulldog Reportedly Abandoned in Desert

A 29-year-old man has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty after a severely malnourished French Bulldog was reportedly abandoned in a desert area. Take strict action against the alleged perpetrator to ensure justice and prevent future abuse.

Prevent Indiscriminate Shooting of Bears

Bears exercising natural behaviors may soon be shot at will for entering populated areas. Ensure safe and humane measures are taken to protect both humans and wildlife.

Dogs Reportedly Found in Filthy, Worm-Infested Kennel Covered in Feces Deserve Justice

A couple allegedly left 19 dogs languishing in a feces-filled kennel. Take strict action against the accused perpetrators.

Dog Reportedly Shot for Target Practice Deserves Justice

Bullet, a beloved dog reported missing, was apparently used for target practice by two individuals in a sadistic act of cruelty. Ensure justice for Bullet.

Find and Punish Suspect Accused of Leaving Dog to Die

A German Shepherd was found zip-tied and in distress in the wilderness. Demand justice for this sweet animal.

Punish People Accused of Selling Puppies in Extreme Heat on Beach

Police arrested three individuals for allegedly attempting to sell puppies in extreme heat and subjecting them to dangerous conditions. Take immediate action against the accused perpetrators.

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