Dog Allegedly Emaciated and Covered in Sores Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly denied food, water, shelter, and veterinary care in a horrific case of animal cruelty. Per officers, the dog suffered from severe malnutrition and sores so deep that they reached the ligament. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Put an End to Cruel Tiger Farms in Laos

Although Laos has banned tiger farms, many are still operating. Demand the Laotian government take further steps to stop tiger farms once and for all.

Fire Police Officers Who Allegedly Ran Over Two Dogs

Police officers allegedly ran over two dogs and shot one of them. Demand that the officers involved be fired for their alleged actions.

Applaud Mexico City for Banning Dolphin and Sea Lion Captivity

Mexico City will end the cruel and inhumane practice of keeping dolphins and sea lions in captivity. This will effectively shut down any dolphinariums and other sea mammal tourist attractions within city limits. Sign this petition to thank city officials for this compassionate decision.

Success: Charges Filed Against Mink Farm Accused of Animal Cruelty

A mink farm in southwestern Ontario faces 14 counts of animal abuse after an undercover investigation revealed ¨filthy¨ living conditions. Footage appeared to show distressed minks with neglected open wounds in maggot-ridden environments. Sign the petition to congratulate the animal welfare organization for initiating the formal charges and bringing justice to the victims of the global fur industry.

Find and Punish Man Who Dragged a Dog Behind His Scooter

A man dragged a dog by its neck while he rode his scooter down a crowded street. Demand that this man be found and punished for this animal cruelty.

Success: Indiana Will Not Force Slaughter of Wild Animals

Thousands of animals will be spared a needless death as Indiana withdraws proposals for new rules, including one that would have forced animal control workers to kill wildlife. Support this move toward humanity and compassion.

Shut Down Mega-Dairy Farm at Center of Animal Welfare and Environmental Scandal

Cows have allegedly been raised standing in their own filth at Oregon’s second-largest dairy farm. The controversial dairy has been charged with violation after violation yet still remains in operation. Demand that this cruel mega-farm finally be shut down for good.

Pass California’s Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act

Animals may be protected from the cruelty of cosmetic testing if a California bill passes and paves the way for the rest of the nation. Demand the passage of the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act.

Kitten Reportedly Thrown Against Floor and Disemboweled With Knife Deserves Justice

A video posted on social media shows a teenage girl apparently disemboweling a kitten with a knife while the poor animal was still alive. Demand justice for this innocent young cat.

Justice for Raccoons Allegedly Drowned in Cruel Classroom Activity

A teacher is accused of having drowned wild raccoons in a large garbage bin while students watched and assisted as part of an agriculture class activity. Animal suffering has no place in education. Sign this petition and demand justice for these innocent creatures.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Beat Dog in Shocking Viral Video

A dog was reportedly beaten and carried by the neck in a horrific case of animal cruelty. The dog disappeared following the alleged abuse and has not yet been found. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Permanently Ban Logging in Australian Forest

A temporary ban has been placed on logging in the habitat of the greater glider possum of Australia. Wildlife protection is an ongoing fight, however, and all bans on robbing animals of their habitat should be permanent, especially given what a problem deforestation is globally. Sign this petition to demand the ban be kept in place.

Apologize for Displaying Caged, Exotic Animals at a High School Prom

A Florida high school’s “Welcome to the Jungle” themed prom featured a live, caged tiger along with other exotic animals. After news of the tiger on display hit social media, the school administration received backlash for their decision to have exotic animals at the event. Sign this petition to urge the principal to make a donation to animal conservation efforts in apology.

Stop Invasive Species from Destroying Countless Rare Ecosystems

Invasive Cuban treefrogs are gaining ground in the continental U.S. and displacing native species. Sign the petition to support action to limit the spread of this invasive species.

Punish Teens Who Allegedly Killed Mother Possum and Her Babies

A mother possum and her four babies were allegedly beaten and poisoned in a shocking case of animal cruelty. They all died from their injuries. Demand justice for these innocent possums.

Protect Walruses Foraging in Alaskan Village

Roughly 200 walruses have settled onto the beach of a small Alaska village to forage for food. Walruses are a vulnerable species, especially due to the Trump administration’s refusal to put them on the endangered list and denying them government protection. Sign this petition to ensure that the village protects these animals during their stay and subsequent returns.

Support Harsher Sentences for Wildlife Poachers

After the tragic death of the last remaining male white rhino, Kenya has stated its intention to strengthen anti-poaching laws by making poaching a capital offense. Support this momentous step for wildlife conservation and welfare.

Stop the Barbaric Slaughter of Thousands of Kangaroos

Australia has approved another annual kangaroo cull that will result in the planned killing of thousands of animals, including the cruel slaughter of both mothers and babies. Sign this petition to demand a nonlethal alternative to managing the kangaroo population.

Send Lyka the Lioness to a Sanctuary

A five-year-old lion named Lyka is blind and apparently wasting away in a rusty cage at the Massin Zoo in the Philippines. Demand that this lion be rescued and brought to a sanctuary.

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