Save the Indian Giant Squirrel From Extinction Due to Illegal Hunting

The Indian giant squirrel is threatened by habitat destruction and hunting. Urge its conservation and protect India’s biodiversity.

Stop Illegal Fishing Practices to Preserve the White-bellied Heron

The white-bellied heron faces extinction due to habitat loss and illegal fishing. Urge its conservation and protect this endangered species in India.

Save the Purple Frog to Protect Biodiversity

Purple frogs are at risk of extinction due to deforestation that destroys their habitat. This species must be saved for future generations to both appreciate and study. Demand leaders work to conserve and protect their unique ecosystem.

Save the Narcondam Hornbill From Deforestation

The Narcondam hornbill, an iconic and endangered bird, could soon go extinct due to habitat destruction and invasive species. Demand leaders prioritize its conservation and protect India’s natural heritage.

Save Adorable Civet Cats From Poaching and Deforestation

Illegal hunting and habitat loss threaten to exterminate critically endangered civet cats. Help save them from human greed.

Stop Killing the Endangered Sangai Deer

The critically endangered sangai deer is at risk due to habitat loss and poaching. This species holds immense ecological and cultural value and must be saved. Urge the conservation of these deer to protect their future.

Stop Deforestation to Save the Lion-tailed Macaque

Lion-tailed macaque are losing their habitat, which puts them at significant risk of extinction. They play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance and biodiversity and they must be saved. Urge conservation efforts to protect this unique primate species.

Save Critically Endangered Bird From Going Extinct

The Jerdon’s Courser is on the verge of disappearing forever due to deforestation and other human-caused threats. Demand immediate action to protect this critically endangered bird species and its ecosystem.

Don’t Let Coastal Development Wipe Out Olive Ridley Sea Turtles

Crucial nesting sites for Olive Ridley sea turtles are under threat from development. Demand measures to protect this vulnerable species and preserve India’s marine ecosystems.

Stop Disease Transmission by Saving the Indian Vulture

The Indian vulture, a vital scavenger species, is facing a severe decline in its population due to the use of a toxic drug. Advocate for the conservation of this species to safeguard its population and preserve biodiversity.

Save the Great Indian Bustard From Going Extinct

The great Indian bustard is at risk of extinction due to habitat loss, poaching, and collision with power lines. With only a few dozen remaining, the time to act is now. Urge immediate action to protect this critically endangered species and its habitat.

Don’t Let Shelters Become Places of Abuse or Death for Rescued Animals

Across the country, pets languish or die in shelters because of insufficient standards that leave them vulnerable to abuse. Demand real accountability for these self-appointed guardians of animal welfare.

Stop Killing Endangered Ganges River Dolphins With Pollution and Fishing Nets

The Ganges river dolphin is endangered due to habitat degradation, pollution, and accidental entanglement in fishing gear. Demand decisive action to protect this species and its riverine ecosystem.

Conserve Ocean Biodiversity by Saving the European Sea Sturgeon

The extinction of the European sea sturgeon would be a huge blow to aquatic ecosystems and the species they support. Demand decisive action in support of sturgeon conservation.

Restore Breeding of the Spoon-Billed Sandpiper

Fewer than 800 spoon-billed sandpipers survive, and these few could soon be wiped out by human negligence. Demand decisive action to protect this critically endangered bird species and its coastal wetland ecosystems.

Find Forever Homes for Endangered Species

Animals from snails to whales are at risk of going extinct because of the rapidly changing climate. Many species urgently need new habitats. Support an ambitious plan to move the most endangered to more hospitable locations.

Save the Syrian Brown Bear From Human Conflicts

The magnificent Syrian brown bear could soon disappear forever, unless we act fast. Call for its conservation through habitat protection, community engagement, and stringent law enforcement.

Stop Slender-Billed Curlews From Going Extinct

The slender-billed curlew is critically endangered and requires immediate conservation efforts. Advocate for its conservation and habitat protection. Demand action now.

Maintain Ecological Balance by Protecting the Saker Falcon

The majestic Saker falcon is in danger of disappearing forever due to human negligence. Demand decisive action to protect this endangered species and its ecosystem.

Prioritize Conservation of the Red-Breasted Goose

The red-breasted goose faces numerous threats to its survival, including industrial development and climate change-induced habitat degradation. Advocate for its conservation and protection of its breeding grounds.

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