Dog Allegedly Beaten by Family Member Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly beaten by one of his own family members. Demand this person receive the strictest sentence possible under the law and that he also be required to see a mental health specialist if he is found guilty of this terrible crime.

End Cruel, Unnecessary School Animal Dissections

The dissection of animals is an archaic practice that is still common in biology classes across the country. Virtual apps and models render this barbaric and disgusting school project obsolete, and students need to be presented a cruelty-free and compassionate future. Stop dissecting living beings in schools.

Stop Maiming Dogs by Removing Their Vocal Cords

Dogs are having their vocal cords removed in a painful, unnecessary operation that serves no purpose other than human convenience. Stop subjecting pets to this cruel form of abuse.

Don’t Hold Endangered Animals Hostage for Human Entertainment

Patrons can play with endangered or threatened otters, owls, lizards, and other animals who require unique care in cafes throughout Japan. This practice is not only cruel to captive animals, but it could also encourage the public to adopt illegally traded wildlife for their own amusement. Demand that these establishments be closed immediately to protect the animals.

Don’t Let Wolverines be Pushed to Extinction

There are only around 300 wolverines left in the contiguous United States, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has continuously refused to list them as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act, making it so they are not federally protected by law. Demand wolverines be officially granted threatened species status so that a plan to better protect these animals can be formed and set in place.

Don’t Hide Destructive Impacts of Arctic Drilling on Wildlife

The status of wildlife at risk from greedy oil drilling transactions is being deliberately withheld from public scrutiny. Urge the truth about the federal government’s continued assault on the Arctic.

Stop Killing Gophers With Poison That Causes Bleeding From Gums, Feet and Anus

Thousands of animals die excruciating deaths from bait laced with strychnine. The poison causes animals to remain conscious while their tightened muscles become exhausted and they suffocate and bleed to death. Demand an end to the use of this horrific pesticide.

Stop the Slaughter of the Last Wild Wolves

The rehabilitation of wolves now rests in the hands of the states after the US Fish and Wildlife Service eliminated their federal protections. Sign this petition to urge Washington’s governor to prioritize safeguarding endangered wolf populations.

Stop Slaughtering Millions of Sharks

Millions of sharks are slaughtered so that their livers may be harvested for use in vaccines, while plant-based alternatives are being shunned by governments and the drug industry. Demand approval for more ethical plant-derived vaccines to be used in clinical trials.

Stop Poisoning Canada’s Wolves

Wolves are dying excruciating deaths after being poisoned by strychnine. Apparent misuse of this dangerous toxin also threatens many other species and the environment. Stop this attack on wildlife.

Frogs Allegedly Used and Tormented in Foosball Game Deserve Justice

Live frogs were allegedly used by a group of teenagers as props in a foosball game. Demand they receive the most stringent punishment the law will allow and that they also be required to see a qualified therapist if they are found guilty of this blatant act of animal cruelty.

Justice for Animals Allegedly Caged and Starved

A raccoon and two puppies starved to death in a case of alleged animal cruelty. Several other caged animals nearly met the same fate. Demand proper punishment for the woman accused of this reported crime.

Stop State-Sanctioned Animal Cruelty

Farm animals suffer horrific abuse that is sanctioned by the government. Basic rights given to domestic animals are denied to livestock. Call out the government for intentionally allowing hundreds of millions of animals to suffer for human profit.

Dogs Reportedly Tied and Pulled Behind Moving Truck Deserve Justice

Two dogs were reportedly forced to run through traffic while tied to the back of a truck, as apparently seen in a recent video. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Stop Killing Dogs and Other Animals in Gruesome Body-Grip Traps

Dogs and other animals regularly succumb to painful deaths in traps set by hunters. These deadly devices are often set in recreational and privately-owned areas where families hike and pets roam free. Sign this petition to protect innocent animals from these traps.

Prohibit Dogs from Being Surgically Disfigured

Dogs have their tails and ears chopped off for human pleasure in operations that cause physical and psychological damage. Veterinarians and governments the world over are speaking out against this horrific mutilation. Call for a federal ban on this cruel practice.

Malnourished Horses and Dogs Allegedly Victimized by Negligent Owner Deserve Justice

A woman allegedly neglected her horses and dogs to the point of near-death, with a newborn colt dying tragically. She seemingly tried to escape justice by failing to appear in court and answer these charges. Demand her reported victims receive justice.

Justice for Millions of Livestock Who Die During Transport

Over 10 million farm animals die as a result of inappropriate transportation every year. Despite updated regulations, livestock still suffer fatal trucking conditions or are condemned and killed on arrival. Urge the government to take further action and stop this animal abuse.

Stop Imprisoning Pregnant Sows in Horrific Conditions

Sows are locked in small cages where they cannot turn around, and lie on a cold slated floor for long periods of their pregnancy. Stop the imprisonment of pregnant sows by signing this petition.

Protect Delicate Marine Life from Deadly Fishing Practices

Fishing nets which capture juvenile fish, trap dolphins and sea birds, and cause extensive damage to the ocean floor and reefs are once more allowed for use in Indonesia. Demand that the long-standing ban on these destructive methods be restored to protect weakened marine life.

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