16 Injured Dogs Reportedly Living in Own Feces and Forced to Fight Deserve Justice

Sixteen dogs were reportedly forced to fight each other and lived in cages with piled up feces and urine. Demand justice for these innocent creatures.

Success: Beagles Saved From Painful Experimentation

Dogs and cats at risk of inhumane experimentation have been granted legal protection in Virginia. Applaud a welcome win for animal welfare.

Dog Reportedly Beaten at Gas Station Deserves Justice

An man was reportedly caught on video beating his dog at a gas station. Demand authorities find and prosecute this person.

Stop Salmon Farmers From Hurting and Killing Seals

Seals are being harmed and killed so that humans can continue harvesting salmon. Urge Australia’s guardian of the environment to do her job and stop these needless and illegal deaths.

Dog Reportedly Locked in Apartment Closet and Left to Starve Deserves Justice

A dog was apparently shoved inside a closet and left behind by the owners before they moved from the residence. The poor animal was reportedly found malnourished, with severely matted hair. Demand justice now.

Deny Early Parole to Man Who Tortured and Killed Seven Dogs

A man who was found guilty of torturing and skinning seven dogs to make fur coats may be released from prison early. Demand he be required to serve his entire sentence to prevent other animals from being violently hurt or killed.

Stop Subsidizing Horrific Bull Fighting

European governments subsidize the slaughter of roughly 250,000 bulls annually. Urge them to stop their support of bull-breeding farms.

Protect Animals at Shelter Where Injured Puppy was Stolen

Cashew, a four-month-old puppy recovering from surgery, was stolen from a shelter by an unidentified man in a clown mask. Demand action to ensure this never happens again.

Stop Drugging Small Animals and Forcing Them to Swim in Cruel Experiment

A pharmaceutical company is forcing small animals to swim for their lives. They are drugged, dropped into water, and must swim to save themselves from drowning. This test has been discredited by scientists and other pharmaceutical companies have banned it. Call on the CEO of Eli Lilly to immediately ban the “force to swim test.”

Stop Deliberately Killing Farm Animals With Heatstroke and Suffocation

Animals are being cooked and suffocated to death on America’s farms, and these heinous killings are justified as euthanasia. Urge an end to legal torture in the agriculture industry.

Dogs, Cats, and Other Pets Apparently Abandoned to Die in Apartment Deserve Justice

A dog and several other animals reportedly died in an apartment after being abandoned by their caretakers. Other pets were rescued from the same property. Demand justice.

Dog Who Allegedly Starved and Died in Her Own Waste Deserves Justice

Sugar the dog was allegedly starved in her crate before dying in her own urine and feces. Demand justice for this sweet dog if it is found she passed away due to such horrific abuse and neglect.

Dogs Reportedly Found Dead in Freezer in Filthy House Deserve Justice

Fifteen dogs were reportedly found dead and stuffed inside a freezer, while others were forced to live in their own feces in the same house. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Save Ukrainian Animals From Putin’s Barbaric War of Aggression

Pets and other animals are the forgotten victims of Russia’s war on Ukraine. Ask European leaders to do more to rescue these creatures from slaughter and starvation.

Mice Reportedly Starved and Scalded to Death at University Deserve Justice

Mice are allegedly being starved, abused, and neglected at University of Minnesota laboratories. An investigation claims that at least 47 violations of animal welfare laws occured. Call on the president of the university to ensure any employees responsible of abuse are fired.

Protect Beluga Whales From Illness and Death at Aquarium

Two beluga whales have died at one Connecticut aquarium in less than a year. Six whales remain, with one being in bad health. Call on the CEO and President of Mystic Aquarium to provide proper care to the beluga whales.

End Sponsorship That Supports Reportedly Abusive Dog Race

Dogs are being put through seemingly extreme abuse in the Iditarod dog race. More than 150 dogs have died. They deserve freedom and safety. Demand an immediate end to a company’s sponsorship of the allegedly abusive dog race.

Stop Renting Out Endangered Koalas for Parties

Endangered koalas are being rented out for parties and other entertainment, garnering profit for the organizations that should be caring for them. Urge an end to this exploitation that harms the health and well-being of these at-risk animals.

Ban Videos of Pets Being Hit and Kicked From TikTok

Videos that appear to show pets being hit and kicked for amusement are appearing on TikTok. Although the company was notified of the issue, they have reportedly only removed a couple of clips. Demand all videos that show animal abuse be removed immediately.

Small Dog Reportedly Thrown Off High Balcony Deserves Justice

A little pug named Bucky died after apparently being tossed off a seventh-floor condominium balcony by an angry ex-girlfriend. Demand justice for Bucky.

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