Protect Endangered Sea Life

Proposed regulations that would have protected our ocean’s endangered species have been thrown out at the Trump Administration’s urging. Sign the petition and demand that the proposed regulation be reinstated.

Shut Down Traveling Circus Act Accused of Abusing Tigers

Tigers are allegedly beaten, starved, and forced to endure freezing temperatures by the circus act ShowMe Tigers. Sign this petition to close them down for good.

Support Hotel Chain’s Switch to Down-Free Bedding

A luxury hotel chain has made the compassionate choice to no longer purchase down-feather bedding. Ducks used for down are plucked every six weeks without the use of any painkillers. Sign this petition and inspire other hotels to make the switch.

Stop the Exploitation of Nosey the Elephant

Nosey the elephant has been imprisoned and exploited for entertainment for over 10 years. Her owner has racked up over 200 Animal Welfare Act violations. Demand that a city doesn’t host the owner’s circus unless it agrees to perform without its animal acts.

Pit Bull Puppy Allegedly Beaten to Death Deserves Justice

A puppy died after he was reportedly beaten by his owner. The puppy sustained blunt force trauma to his liver and reportedly had numerous injuries related to physical abuse. Demand justice for this innocent puppy.

Justice for Cats Allegedly Forced to Fight Scorpion for YouTube Video

A YouTuber uploaded a video showing his cats being forced to fight a scorpion, which can be seen latching onto the cat’s mouth multiple times. Other videos also show animal cruelty, including one where the cat is held upside down by its arms and legs before being dropped. Sign this petition to demand that this YouTuber’s animal cruelty be stopped.

Punish Man Accused of Killing His Mother’s Pets for Money

A dog and chicken were reportedly killed in a son’s disturbing act of revenge against his mother. Per police, the son demanded $50 from his parents and threatened to do something bad when they did not comply. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Dairy Supplier Accused of Abuse Must Improve Standards

Abuse of mother cows was caught on video footage reportedly taken at a major dairy supplier’s facilities. Not only are the cows allegedly subjected to cruelty, but workers are also reportedly exposed to unsafe conditions. Sign this petition to demand this supplier clean up their act.

Zoo Owners Who Fed Live Donkey to Tigers Must be Punished

Zoo owners threw a live donkey in the tiger enclosure as a protest against a court decision they didn’t like. The owners are not facing charges and have threatened to throw a sheep into the enclosure. Demand authorities arrest and prosecute the zoo owners for this sick act of abuse.

Don’t Allow Oil Companies to Assault Marine Life

Five oil and gas companies has asked the Trump administration to allow them to conduct offshore seismic testing which could separate young whales from their mothers or prevent dolphins from feeding. Tell officials handling this proposal that this is a bad deal for wildlife and America’s eastern seaboard.

Support Country’s New Fur Ban

Czech Parliament has passed a bill that will ban fur farming by 2021. The bill still needs to be approved by the Senate, but it is looking promising. Sign this petition and show your support of this new bill that would spare 20,000 lives annually from unnecessary pain and death.

Justice for Pregnant Dog Left to Die in a Ditch

A dog was recently found heavily pregnant, suffering from a severe infection, and abandoned in a ditch. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Save Endangered Penguin Species From Extinction

New Zealand’s yellow-eyed penguin population has been in a slow decline for almost two decades, and a major factor in this is the use of gill nets by fisheries. We must not only save these birds, but phase out the use of gill nets entirely. Sign this petition to save this species from complete extinction.

Justice for 20 Dogs Found Half-Dead and Chained Up In the Woods

Twenty emaciated dogs were found chained up in the woods, lying in their own feces and covered in fleas and ticks. Two of the dogs had to be euthanized. Please sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent animals, who were forced to endure horrific conditions for no reason.

Punish Postal Worker Who Allegedly Fed Dogs Nails

A U.S. postal worker has been arrested on charges of animal abuse after allegedly feeding dogs meatballs packed with nails. If convicted, she will face 10 years in prison. Sign this petition to ensure that she is convicted for this gruesome alleged cruelty to animals.

Stop Ripping Fur Off Live Animals to Make Brushes

Animal hair is cruelly harvested from live animals in torturous conditions. The hair is then used for paint brushes and cosmetic brushes. Sign the petition to end this unnecessary cruelty to animals.

Dogs and Cats Found Starving in Filthy Conditions Need Justice

Four dogs and two cats were allegedly starved and kept in their own filth in a shocking case of neglect. They were found severely emaciated and covered in fleas. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Stop Selling Cruel Glue Traps

A popular retailer continues to sell glue traps despite knowing these devices are incredibly cruel. Animals stuck on glue traps will do anything to escape, including rip off their own fur and chew off their own limbs. Sign this petition and demand the retailer stop selling these barbaric traps.

Ban Barbaric Ritual Slaughter of Chickens in Public Streets

Chickens are swung in the air before having their throats slit while conscious in a barbaric ritual that is being performed in public streets. Not only does this ritual cause unnecessary suffering, but it endangers public health. Stop this cruelty now.

Justice for Thousands of Roosters Forced to Fight to the Death

7,000 birds were recently seized by authorities in a huge cockfighting bust. Every last one of them had to be put down and no arrests have been made. Sign this petition to seek justice for these poor abused animals.

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