Chimp Trafficking Ring Exposed – Stop It For Good

A horrific trafficking operation has killed an alarming number of chimpanzees, all to sell the babies as pets or zoo animals. The alleged traffickers have been arrested, and now we must make sure this operation dissolves completely. Sign this petition to stop chimp trafficking and demand justice for the poor chimps who have suffered and died.

Free Isolated Whale Used in Research to Accredited Sanctuary

A marine park has allegedly been keeping a false killer whale in total isolation for nearly a year and a half. This whale has been used in research for decades and deserves to be free. Demand that the park release this poor whale to a reputable seaside sanctuary where she can finally have a taste of freedom.

Don’t Let the Trump Administration Kill Endangered Bees

The Trump Administration has delayed the listing of the rusty patched bumblebee as a federally protected endangered species. If this delay continues, Trump will be responsible for the death of an entire species. Sign the petition and demand that this delay be brought to an end.

Stop U.S. from Dropping Bombs in Ocean

The U.S. Air Force plans on dropping 100 bombs a year for five years off the coasts of Hawaii. This could severely injure over 300 species of marine creatures, and cause damage to the entire ecosystem. Sign this petition and demand the Air Force reconsider bombing these vulnerable and precious waters.

Justice for Pit Bulls Allegedly Injured in Dog Fighting Ring

Four emaciated dogs were reportedly locked in stacked cages without food or water. Their reported injuries were consistent with dog fighting. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Hamster Tortured With LSD Deserves Justice

A video posted to social media shows a hamster allegedly being fed LSD and marijuana by two young men who then laughed at the terrified animal’s suffering. Demand that these men are punished.

Don’t Let Zoo Euthanize Elephant Who Isn’t Suffering

A zoo is reportedly planning on euthanizing an elephant infected with tuberculosis, even though the animal shows no signs of pain or suffering. Demand that the zoo give this elephant a fighting chance to live by signing this petition.

U.S. Government Must Stop Hiding Animal Abuse

The USDA website has taken down the portal to their records of animal cruelty, claiming a need to protect personal information that has long been redacted from those records. This is bad news for animals all over the world suffering from abuse and unethical treatment. Sign this petition to demand the USDA restore the portal to these records.

Justice for Dog Dead After Being Left in Hot Car

A dog is dead after being left in a car on a blistering hot day. Demand that the person responsible is severely punished for their negligence.

Punish Owner of Farm Where 28,000 Hens Were Allegedly Neglected

Tens of thousands of hens were reportedly kept in cruel and cramped conditions, forced to live alongside the rotting corpses of their barn-mates. Demand justice for these hens.

Save Vaquita Porpoises From Extinction

The smallest and rarest porpoise in the world is at risk of imminent extinction. Demand that its habitat is protected.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Neglected and Allowed to Suffer Needlessly

A dog reportedly suffered with infections and fever for months without treatment. She was so sick that she could not even walk on her own. Her owners denied ever neglecting or abusing her. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Stop Air Force From Deafening Whales

The U.S. Air Force is seeking to increase missile testing in a sensitive habitat for many whale and dolphin species. The military admits that these tests will deafen whales. Sign this petition to deny the Air Force the permissions necessary to allow them to knowingly cause harm to marine mammals.

Save Turtles From Deadly Oil Spill

Two tanker ships recently collided off the coast of southern India, spilling oil into the sea off Chennai city and threatening over 20 miles of coastline. This could not have come at a worse time — it is currently peak nesting season for Olive Ridley turtles that use these beaches for their nests. Sign this petition to ensure this spill is cleaned up, and these animals’ habitats returned to working order.

Cancel Cruel Bear Show

A venue is planning on hosting a cruel bear show despite knowing the company’s questionable history. The leader of this show has been cited multiple times by the USDA and has allegedly put the bears and the public in danger. Sign this petition to demand the venue cancel its plans with this company.

21 Dead Horses Found at Horrifying Animal Death Trap

Dozens of animals were found starved to death on a pasture. Twelve horses survived, but they were severely malnourished. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Justice for Dogs Found Matted and Covered in Sores

Over 20 dogs were allegedly neglected, leading to the death of three. The dogs were found severely matted and covered in sores. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Demand University Cancel Cruel Circus Show

A university is planning on hosting a circus notorious for its alleged animal abuse and neglect. The circus works with several people who have been cited by the USDA and has even had animals escape on them. Sign this petition and demand the university cancel its plans with this cruel circus.

Stop Trump’s Attack on Animal Welfare

Animal welfare investigative reports have disappeared from the USDA website in the early days of the Trump administration. This could allow those who would abuse animals to continue their cruelty unchecked. Tell the administration the public has a right to know what happens behind closed doors at zoos, breeders, and labs.

Justice for Multiple Animals Allegedly Tied Up and Left to Suffer

A dog groomer was only given probation, after a multitude of dead and live animals were reportedly found starving in her home. The live animals were tied up without food or water. Sign this petition to demand that this injustice be reversed, and that this groomer be banned from ever owning or working with animals.

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