Demand Fashion Brands Drop Exotic Skins After Shocking Investigations

Target: Mr. Bernard Arnault, Chairman and CEO of LVMH

Goal: End the use of exotic animal skins and enforce stronger animal welfare regulations.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in France has projected a powerful video onto the Eiffel Tower and other iconic landmarks in Paris, exposing the alleged mistreatment of animals for their skins. The video, part of a campaign targeting luxury fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Fendi, shows graphic footage of crocodiles being skinned alive, a practice reportedly linked to a Louis Vuitton supplier. The investigation reportedly revealed approximately 5,000 crocodiles kept in small concrete pens, some narrower than their bodies, and subjected to brutal slaughter methods.

PETA’s provocative message, “Louis Vuitton: Drop Exotic Skins,” highlights the cruelty supposedly behind the luxury fashion industry and calls for an end to the use of exotic animal skins. The campaign coincided with a high-profile Vogue fashion event attended by celebrities, including Pharrell Williams, Louis Vuitton’s creative director.

The footage from PETA Asia’s investigation reportedly shows crocodiles bleeding to death as workers at a slaughterhouse linked to Louis Vuitton allegedly open their necks and jam metal rods into their spines while the animals are still alive. PETA’s sources indicate that snakes and ostriches also suffer similar fates, underscoring the suspected widespread cruelty in the exotic skins trade.

Mimi Bekhechi, PETA’s Vice President for Europe, emphasized that consumers need to be aware that purchasing products made from exotic skins reportedly funds immense animal suffering. PETA’s campaign seeks to align luxury fashion with ethical practices, respecting animal rights and welfare. Take stringent measures to hold fashion brands accountable for alleged animal cruelty and ensure they adopt humane practices.


Dear Mr. Bernard Arnault,

A recent investigation by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has brought to light deeply disturbing practices in the exotic skins industry. Graphic footage reportedly reveals the brutal treatment of crocodiles, snakes, and ostriches at facilities linked to Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Fendi. These animals apparently endure horrific conditions and painful deaths for their skins to be used in luxury fashion products.

The urgent need for ethical practices in the fashion industry cannot be overstated. We urge you to ensure that LVMH brands cease the use of exotic animal skins and adopt humane alternatives. Immediate action is necessary to prevent further alleged cruelty and to align luxury fashion with ethical standards.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Tamara Bellis


  1. Fashion Brands are so stupid. They Weill take all the money thrown their way but one day people will rise up and take them down. It’s just a matter of time. Animals were once used for clothing, shoes, and homes but not any longer. Animals suffer under your way of hoarding them to use in your fashion items. Soon there will be those who see how wrong you are and how much you harm the earth, animals, and your customers. You do too much damage, charge too much and give little quality. Get over yourselves. Stop using animals in your fashion and stop killing the earth with your fashions. You do not make the world a better or more beautiful place. You cause waste and are waste.

  2. Lesley Rodgers says:

    How have fashion brands got the bare faced nerve to sell products based on such horrific animal suffering? How anyone could buy such items is beyond me, perhaps selfish, cruel women who have no compassion for living things.
    The use of exotic animal skins or fur must be banned, because it is beyond cruel, it is pure evil. The workers who skin these poor animals are no better, I would take any other job or even starve rather than do that.
    PETA should continue to advertise this evil practice in all western and european countries and try to destroy these fashion brands that are based on animal suffering.

  3. Overpriced shoddy garbage sewn together by child slave labour. Only people with ugly poisoned souls need to wear the remants of murdered animals. They are savages, stupid uneducated ignorant and ugly, no matter how much botox and silicone they pump into their ridiculous bodies, it can never fix a rotting soul

  4. Jaime Perez says:

    Stop using animals to wear! There are better alternatives to clothing.

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