Bulls For Eid Sacrifice Allegedly Kept in Squalid Conditions Deserve Justice

Target: Mr. Shamila Batohi, National Director of Public Prosecutions, South Africa

Goal: Investigate and ensure strict penalties for individuals allegedly responsible for the neglect and mistreatment of bulls, and enforce stronger animal welfare regulations.

In Overport, three bulls intended for Eid al-Adha sacrifice were allegedly kept in squalid conditions on the property of the Al Ansaar Foundation. The animals, which were not sold, were reportedly confined to a restricted area, stepping on their feces and only being fed sporadically.

Residents contacted the Durban and Coast SPCA, which issued a written warning after an inspection apparently revealed poor living conditions. Reportedly, the bulls’ owner, Continental Livestock, acknowledged the delay in removing the animals and promised to relocate them to a farm.

This incident highlights the urgent need for stricter enforcement of animal welfare laws to prevent neglect and ensure the well-being of animals. Take stringent measures to hold individuals accountable for this alleged animal neglect and ensure the welfare of the bulls.


Dear Ms. Shamila Batohi,

A recent case in Overport has brought to light a deeply troubling instance of alleged animal neglect. Three bulls intended for Eid al-Adha were reportedly kept in squalid conditions on the property of the Al Ansaar Foundation.

Residents reported that the animals were confined to a restricted area, stepping on their feces, and only being fed sporadically. The Durban and Coast SPCA reportedly issued a written warning after an inspection revealed poor living conditions.

This case underscores the urgent need for strict enforcement of animal welfare laws. We urge you to ensure a thorough investigation and hold those allegedly responsible accountable. Immediate action is necessary to prevent neglect and protect the welfare of animals in our community.


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Photo credit: Emilio Labrador


  1. No mention is made of the way these poor animals are going to be “sacrificed” so presumably this is okay??? What a wonderful country South Africa must be….

  2. Enough of this depraved crap: sacrifice means you give something of yourself,which can be money, possessions, suffering or your own life, not someone or something elses. That is MURDER NOT SACRIFICE:you havent ‘given’ anything, all you have done is sent something else to suffer and die in your place because you are a selfish sick perverted coward. Want to sacrifice something? Nobody stopping you from cutting your own throat, off you go! If that scares you then shut up and leave the animals alone! All god sees is what a nasty spineless vicious little coward you are, and how little you care for his creations;do you really think thats going to get you into heaven? Jog on sunshine, straight to hell you go, and deservedly so!

  3. Suzan Keale says:

    Anyone who hurts any animal deserves
    to die a LONG, SLOW, DEATH!!

  4. Gina Walsh says:

    Absolutely agree!!

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