Stop Marine Mammal Strandings From Turning Into Mass Tragedy

Target: Richard Spinrad, NOAA Administrator

Goal: Increase funding opportunities for network devoted to addressing marine mammal strandings.

An estimated 125 dolphins became stranded off the coast of Cape Cod. In one of the largest stranding events in the region’s history, about 10 Atlantic white-sided dolphins tragically died. Thankfully, a coordinated rescue effort between various organizations helped save the rest of the dolphins.

A portion of the region known as the Gut was the location of this event and many other stranding events. Collectively, the 12 miles of Cape Cod’s shoreline invite more dolphin strandings than any other area in the world. Various theories have been proposed to account for such strandings, from the shape of shorelines to underwater sonar activity from military vessels.

While the National Marine Mammal Stranding Response Network has helped fund rescue efforts and research, more investment is desperately needed. Sign the petition below to call on the Network’s parent agency to devote more resources to preventing and mitigating these tragedies.


Dear Dr. Spinrad,

The recent stranding of over 100 dolphins at Cape Cod’s Great Island could have ended much more tragically. The combined rescue efforts of volunteers from several centers and organizations helped prevent a greater loss of life. The Cape Cod area merits more intensive study due to its designation as a dolphin stranding capital of the world. Understanding the factors that compel such events is crucial to curbing their occurrence. Moreover, rescue initiatives like the one mounted in Cape Cod are increasingly vital.

But all of these matters need robust investment. Please make strengthening NOAA’s National Marine Mammal Stranding Response Network an urgent priority.


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Photo Credit: Ecohotel


  1. I am so grateful for all those involved in helping the dolphins stranded off Cape Cod. Since this area is a place of extreme concern as to other standings maybe a series of cameras might help. I know those who were involved in this recuse will go out of their way to check in on that area more often. We need our dolphins and thanks to all those who rescued the dolphins we still have many left.
    This is good news and we who do not live there still send our extreme appreciation to all those who cared enough to act!

  2. A big thank you to all the rescuers and concerned people. There is still humanity left in this world, much more than cruelty itself. Hopefully, all the wicked be destroyed and removed from planet earth so animals can live in peace.

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