Success: Dogs Killed and Crammed in Freezers Receive Justice

Target: Michael Gmoser, Butler County, OH Prosecuting Attorney

Goal: Support sentencing of animal rescue operator on felony cruelty charges.

Following three years of continued complaints and visits from animal welfare officers, Ronda Murphy (the owner of the supposed rescue shelter Helping Hands for Furry Paws) was arrested on several counts of animal cruelty in Ohio. During an unannounced welfare check, authorities had reportedly discovered close to 100 dogs (including entire litters of puppies) without water and living in filth and excrement. Tragically, they also apparently found the remains of about 30 dogs. This ForceChange petition brought attention to the disturbing case and called for justice. Several months after her arrest, Murphy has now faced these calls.

The suspect pled guilty to four misdemeanor counts and, more consequentially, eight felony counts of animal cruelty. So, under Ohio law, Murphy has acknowledged culpability in the physical harm, deprivation, and needless killing of innocent animals she was tasked with safeguarding. Each felony count carries up to a year in prison.

Sign the petition below to applaud the legal accountability secured in these horrific crimes.


Dear DA Gmoser,

Starvation, untreated infections, cramped and dark cages, and inhumane living conditions: these horrific circumstances represent the cruelty that dozens of dogs reportedly endured over a span of years at a facility that billed itself as a rescue haven. Ronda Murphy was apparently a frequent subject of investigation in Butler County, and her actions finally caught up with her during the summer. Due to the strong slate of cruelty charges brought against her, this suspect has now acknowledged her guilt and will be held accountable for her crimes.

Thank you for seeing this important case through to its just conclusion.


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Photo Credit: Alin Luna


  1. Finally justice is served. Thank you Judge and all those involved for putting this monster behind bars. She is a fraud and a nightmare to all those poor babies she tortured and killed before, please shut down the shelter and ban her from ever going near or keeping another animal again.

  2. I strongly believe that all animal abusers deserve death penalty because of the willful, DELIBERATE abusive actions that has been inflicted on innocent animals! ALSO Heavy severe money fines should be forced on the abuser and the fines then should be used to pay for the animal’s medical recovery needs.

    Jail terms are not strong enough to cause an abuser to change their abusive ways.

    MORE RANDOM WELFARE CHECKS need to happen on all “rescues” and for those who are failing to maintain appropriate care & conditions for their animal’s should be immediately closed and face hefty fines until they prove themselves as following the rules before allowed to procede.

  3. josie olive says:

    Finally brining this degenerate to justice. Put her in a max security where hopefully she will be sexually assaulted daily

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