Success: Famed Islands Thrive Thanks to Rewilding

Target: Danny Rueda Córdova, Director of Galapagos National Park Directorate

Goal: Support reinvigoration and rewilding of habitats on the Galapagos Islands and beyond.

Rewilding habitats to restore ecosystems of plants and animals is gaining promising momentum. This ForceChange petition brought attention to rewilding efforts on the iconic Galapagos Islands. Now, these initiatives are bearing fruit not only on the islands made famous by Charles Darwin but around the world as well.

Floreana Island, a part of the Galapagos system, tells one of the most heartening success stories. Giant tortoises once thought extinct in the ecosystem are making a triumphant comeback and, in the process, boosting plant life through their seed dispersals. Other wildlife, including various iguana species, have surged as well. The rejuvenated ecosystems are even having a positive impact on nutrient levels in the water, thereby benefiting sea life too. Additional regions of the world have taken a cue, reintroducing wildlife from jaguars to Tasmanian devils into previously plagued habitats.

Sign the petition below to laud these welcome developments in biodiversity and natural conservation.


Dear Director Córdova,

The Galapagos Islands have served as inspiration for and representation of biodiversity for centuries. The vibrant ecosystems are truly a microcosm of Mother Nature herself, and they should never be lost. Thank you for providing a progressive path forward of restoration and rewilding.

The reinvigoration of Galapagos is the best kind of template for the conservation and protection of biodiversity recently pledged by leaders from around the world.


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Photo Credit: Diego Delso



  2. This makes me so happy!!! It shows there is much people can do to restore what all we have taken away. People, animals, wildlife, birds, bees, bats and all God’s creatures can live together in peace. This is a remarkable example of what the world can look like and be like for we who care. Thank you!

    Earth needs to be such a place for all species including us. We know now that humans are the worse animal in the animal kingdom. But there’s hope. If this rewinding can happen in one place it can happen across the world. We have much work to do but, in the end, paradise might be found!

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