Success: Man Who Allegedly Dragged a Dog to Death Faces Justice

Target: Bill Prummell, Sheriff of Charlotte County, Florida, United States

Goal: Thank Florida’s law enforcement for investigating the case and beginning the court process.

The perpetrator who reported ended the life of a brownish-red colored dog by dragging it behind a truck has been identified, thanks to Florida law enforcement. This ForceChange petition highlighted the importance of finding the individual who was responsible for this alleged animal cruelty and now he can face due process.

Law enforcement has charges incoming to the man who allegedly committed this crime. They worked with Charlotte’s Animal Control organization to determine when the charges should be pressed, and they want to make sure they’re in the perfect position for the charges to stick. Some believe the individual may have already been arrested, but law enforcement has not confirmed or denied. Questions regarding if the crime was on purpose are escalating, and several neighbors were able to get direct footage of the crime in order for law enforcement to find the individual allegedly at fault.

When the suspect was confronted by neighbors, it was unclear if he had known the dog was being dragged. Witnesses reports state, though, that he grabbed the dog from the road and threw the animal in the back of the truck, leaving bloody pawprints in the road. Though this poor animal has apparently died, the investigation must continue for this person deemed responsible to be charged properly.

Sign the petition below to thank Florida’s law enforcement for working hard to bring justice to this innocent dog and to encourage them to continue the investigation.


Dear Sheriff Prummell,

A dog was allegedly dragged behind a truck, leading to the poor animal’s death. While this case is still under investigation, the suspect has been identified thanks to the efforts of your department. It’s vital that this man face the proper charges and the harshest consequences, if found guilty, and you’d played an important part in that process.

Thank you for recognizing the importance of this case by deeply investigating the individual who is suspected to have committed such a crime. I appreciate your prompt effort in identifying the individual and vehicle allegedly responsible for the case. It’s clear that this is an important case that must be taken care of in a strategic fashion. Thank you again for your timeliness within the case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Iren Polishchuk


  1. Guilty as charged. It must have been done on purpose because how else could he drag a dog without a leash or rope? The way he treated the dead dog also showed that he does not respect animals.

    Punish him to the fullest extent of the law for animal cruelty!

  2. Please, charging is one thing, but will a judge actually make this heinous crime sting? Likely not and that’s what is wrong all across this nation. Leaders, police, judges, very very few of them are concerned with animal abuse and welfare and laws are in favor of the abuser. We all need to take this fight to our state leaders and make this change; let them know our animals are not lawn furniture and we can’t treat them like a used couch.

  3. So many of these crimes go without punishment. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to find this horrid man and make him face charges. If this were done more often these crimes might be diminished.

    You did it! You found the man and you need to be recognized for your efforts. I am so very grateful!!!!

  4. Instigation of the death penalty is required to be implemented globally to all animal abusers’ slow and agonizing extermination is essential for these evil cretins.

  5. Execute him

  6. Sherry Abela says:

    Please punish this man to the fullest extent of the law if he is found guilty of the crime he committed against this poor dog. This was a horrific way for this animal to die or any animal for that matter. He clearly has no compassion for a living being. Please bring justice for this innocent dog.

  7. Sherry Abela says:

    Thank you to the Florida law enforcement for the work that they have done on this animal abuse case. God bless you.

  8. Jacqueline “Drag Race” says:

    So, this was done as an act of revenge? Proving the law has to remove animals, because, Sickos, being a huge coward, will take it out on the poor animal again and this poor puppy was dragged to death and suffered immensely from something he thought would look after him.

    I hope the neighbours tie him to the back of the car and Floor It!!! Let him scream in pain with no one there to care.

  9. DO UNTO OTHERS!!!!! SO DO UNTO THAT CRAP HUMAN IN THE SAME WAY BUT 100 fold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Let’s drag this POS behind a truck till he dies. May he endure the same fate he dealt.

  11. Drag him behind a truck until he is dead? Ain’t gonna happen. Too many bleeding heart mother-fuckers out there that would want the person who dragged the perp to death to get the death penalty.They think they’re doing something when they say they want the perp to get a fine, a little jail time and never to own any animals again. That’s no punishment at all. Who’s gonna watch him the rest of his life to make sure he doesn’t own another dog? And when, not if, he gets another dog, he’ll just abuse him and figure out a way to cause his death. The only solution for these low-life sonofabitches is stick a .45 in his mouth and pull the trigger. I will guarantee you that he will never torture another dog on this planet.

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