Success: Cruelty-Free Meat Alternatives Promoted by Major Food Agency

Target: Robert Califf, Commissioner of U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Goal: Commend boost for meat products that offer slaughter-free alternatives to traditional production and consumption.

Many people swear off eating meat because of the often-inhumane practices that arise from raising domesticated animals for their meat. And the eventual slaughter of the animals stirs even more strong emotion. This ForceChange petition brought attention to a potentially game-changing solution that would enable individuals to consume meat without worrying about the animal deaths that made it happen. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now opened the door for cultivated meat.

The agency recently made a landmark ruling that proclaims cultivated meat “safe for human consumption.” Cultivated meat is essentially meat grown in a laboratory that is derived from the cells of living animals. Just a few cells can eventually create an authentic piece of meat one might buy in any grocery store. These cells can be reused multiple times and, best of all, they do not require the butchery and slaughter associated with traditional meat. No animals have to die. As an additional benefit, cultivated meat could also drastically cut the detrimental environmental footprint created by raising animals for slaughter.

The FDA’s ruling paves the way for at least one producer, Upside Foods, to sell cultivated meat on a large scale. When this happens, the United States would become only the second country in the world where the humane meat alternative is on the market. Sign the petition below to support an important step forward in domesticated animal welfare.


Dear Dr. Califf,

The seal of approval for Upside Foods’ cultivated meat is a milestone in many regards. Environmentally, land use, water use, and associated emissions necessary for raising domesticated animals could be slashed by as much as 70 percent. Commercially, consumers would have a whole new set of options. And, most importantly, this process could be a major boon for animal welfare.

Thank you for laying the groundwork for a truly transformative moment in the food industry.


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