Success: Cat Reportedly Sexually Assaulted and Killed Receives Justice

Target: Superior Court Judge Chad N. Cagan

Goal: Thank the court system for sending the man accused of abusing a cat for a psychiatric review.

Bani J. Mezquititla, 18, allegedly raped and killed his cat in May of 2023. There was a viable confession to support this claim, and Mezquititla was charged with two counts of third-degree animal cruelty. Each of these counts could result in up to five years of prison time. Mezquititla’s attorney William Wackowski requested his client to go through a psychiatric evaluation. Judge Cagan agreed because of the supposed danger Mezquititla presented to the public. Signers of this ForceChange petition asked for the cat to receive justice, and the act of Mezquititla getting evaluated could not only protect those who interact with him, but it may prevent him from harming animals.

Although this change of action is not exactly what was requested, it may stop this man from harming others. Considering the actions he reportedly admitted to, he is likely unwell. Prison time often does not prevent the same crime from occurring twice. If Mezquititla was able to do such horrible things to this animal, there is potential danger towards people and/or other animals. He clearly needs to be stopped, and if this comes in the form of him receiving psychiatric care, he may become less dangerous.

This man reportedly committed such a gruesome and disgusting crime, and if he is capable of something that drastic, then he may be capable of anything. This is not a case of him escaping his charges; better yet, this is a case of him receiving the type of punishment that would best help the public and prevent him from harming an animal. Sign this petition to thank the court for taking action to stop Mezquititla’s seemingly dangerous behavior.


Dear Judge Cagan,

Thank you for requiring the man accused of raping and killing a cat to have a psychiatric review. Any individual who committed this type of crime may likely be suffering from mental illness, and based on the behavior of Bani J. Mezquititla, he could benefit from mental health services.

By no means are we saying that Mezquititla should go unpunished; instead, we’re saying that he needs to be punished in a way that would prevent him from acting in such a disgusting manner. Many criminals who go to prison will commit the same crime twice. If Mezquititla goes to a mental facility instead of going to prison, there’s a higher chance of preventing him from harming animals and/or people. If he is not stopped, the cat that was killed may not be his only victim.

The best way to go about this horrifying case and for the cat to receive justice is to legally compel this man to get mental health services. We appreciate your concern for the well-being of any future victims.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. D Featherston says:

    Chemical castration for this aberration of humanity.

  2. Patricia Gashlin says:

    I commend the judge for denying bail and ordering psychiatric evaluation. However I have written the prosecutors to seek the maximum penalty allowed by law, a 10 year prison term. Mezquititla can receive counseling during that time. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR ANIMAL ABUSE.

  3. Patricia Gashlin says:

    One more comment after reading more comments.Please write to the asst prosecutors and politely urge them to seek the maximum 10 year prison term. Letters must be hand written. Asst Prosecutor Keri Schaefer and Asst Prosecutor Sevan Biramian. 142 Jerseyville Ave Freehold NJ 07728 Please do this in memory of Ellie. Thank you.

  4. Sorry, that is not justice for this cat. Punishment would have been justice. Ridiculous.

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