Animal Welfare

Commend City for Taking Action Against Puppy Mills

Puppy MillAnimals from inhumane puppy mills will no longer be sold in Chicago pet stores, aiding in the abolition of cruel breeding operations. Sign this petition to commend the city for this important ordinance.

End Insane Donkey ‘Sports’

End Insane Donkey ‘Sports’Two schools are partaking in a cruel game of ‘donkey basketball.’ In this barbaric sport, the donkeys are ridden, screamed at, and kicked for hours. Cancel these events and discontinue them in the future.

Applaud Rescue of Emaciated Alpacas

Save Starving AlpacasHundreds of unwanted alpacas are starving to death in Oregon. Thank a local rescue agency for working to save, feed, and rehouse these animals.

Commend Improvements to Euthanasia Procedures

animalrescueOne county in North Carolina has decided to phase out gas chamber euthanasia in favor of the more humane injection option, while also moving toward no-kill shelters. Commend the county’s efforts to reduce animal suffering.

Ban Electric Shock Collars for Pets

ban shock collarsElectric shock collars cause pain, confusion, and in some cases severe injury in pets. Demand that these useless and primitive devices be banned permanently in exchange for humane training.

Commend Successful Raid on Puppy Mill

puppy millOver 180 puppies and many other animals were rescued during a recent puppy mill raid in Jefferson County, Arkansas. These animals were living in unsanitary conditions without sufficient access to food or water. Sign this petition and thank the organizations involved for rescuing these animals.

Save Dogs from Unnecessary Death at the Track

2-29-14 Save Dogs from Unnecessary DeathGreyhound dogs are dying almost daily in Florida at the track races. Tell Florida legislature it is unacceptable for innocent animals to at the hands of entertainment and gambling.

Commend State Senate for Passing Pet Protection Bill

800px-Sad_dog_looking_into_eyesNearly half of domestic violence victims stay in abusive relationships to protect a pet. A new bill has been passed that protects domestic violence victims and their pets by allowing victims to take custody of their pets. Commend the Virginia State Senate for passing this bill.

Criminalize Dogfighting Attendance

Cattle_Dog_with_injured_legLegislators recently rejected a bill that would make dogfighting attendance a misdemeanor, marking a massive step backwards for animal rights. Demand that this bill be reconsidered.

Demand Luxury Clothing Store Stop Selling Fur

Fur PeltsAnimals who are bred or captured for use in the fur industry endure lives of sheer misery. We must demand that fur be removed from luxury stores across the United States.

Applaud Humane Pet Trading Law

800px-Sad_LucyPet stores in Virginia must now tell consumers where their dogs came from. This new law discourages puppy mills, and protects pet buyers from unhealthy milled dogs. Commend the passage of this humane and logical measure.

Thank Hollywood Star for Feeding Thousands of Homeless Pets

animal shelterThe Recession has seen a surge in animal homelessness, and animal shelters are often overwhelmed. Applaud comedian Ellen DeGeneres’ campaign to raise awareness while donating 200,000 meals for homeless pets.

Don’t Jail Undercover Animal Activists

cowThe governor of Idaho recently signed a bill that allows the imprisonment of any person who documents agricultural operations without permission. Sign this petition and stand against the unfair punishment of those who work to protect horrific abuses on industrial farms and slaughterhouses.

Save Stray Dogs from Legal Hunting

Save Dogs in Chile from Legal HuntingStray dogs can now be hunted hunted legally in rural Chile. This law is not only cruel but also impractical, and will lead to numerous cases of mistaken killing of pet dogs. Demand that the Chilean government consider more humane solutions to the feral animal problem.

Protect Animals from Inhumane Pet Stores

Fancy_miceAnimals in pet stores are often subjected to mass neglect and inhumane conditions. They are kept in overcrowded cages without environmental enrichment, and suffer from a lack of veterinary care. Demand stricter and more humane guidelines to protect animals in retail.

Help Save Animals from Overheated Cars

dogs hot carsEach year, animals die needlessly from heat stroke when owners leave them in hot vehicles. Support legislation to enable bystanders to legally remove animals if all other options have failed.

Ban Sale of Commercially Bred Dogs In Pet Stores

puppiesCommercial dog breeding is a cruel industry that profits off of the abuse and neglect of compassionate, intelligent animals. Puppy mill dogs endure lifelong abuse and neglect, and are often susceptible to life-threatening ailments such as heart and kidney disease. Urge government officials to ban the sale of puppy mill dogs in new pet stores and phase out their sale in existing stores.

Ban Restaurant from Serving Dog Meat

german shepherdLast year, a small-town bar began legally importing and serving dog meat to its patrons. Raising such compassionate, intelligent, and loving creatures for slaughter is incredibly inhumane and vile. Tell government officials to ban the importation, sale, and consumption of dog meat and help save the lives of these loving animals.

Punish Circus for Abusing Dogs

Alaskan MalamuteTwo dogs were punched and kicked during a recent performance at a circus, according to eyewitnesses. Demand that animal cruelty charges be brought against this inhumane circus and its brutal animal handlers.

Demand an End to Inhumane Speed Tests

640px-Doomben_finish_9-12-09Before they are raced on official circuits, young Thoroughbred horses are forced into excessive high-speed sprints during speed tests. Physically immature and undeveloped, these horses are often subject to massive injury and ‘breakdowns’ on the track, breaking legs or suffering ruptured arteries. Demand an end to these speed tests, and restrictions to protect horses from needless suffering.

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