Animal Welfare

Support Animal Protection Laws in Arizona

Gavel - BOH Industry Audit - WikispacesFour new bills are being considered to increase penalties for animal fighting, improve dog breeding regulation, stop animals from being used as carnival prizes, and keep animals out of the hands of abusers in Arizona. Support the quick passage of these vital protections.

Make Cockfighting a Felony

Cockfight - Jean-Marie Hullot via FotopediaCockfights result in punctured lungs, broken bones, gouged eyes, and death for the roosters forced to participate. In the some states, this cruel practice is only a misdemeanor. Demand protections for gamecocks by making cockfighting a felony offense.

Tell Airline to Stop Shipping Monkeys for Cruel Experimentation

monkeyWhile many major airlines have banned the transportation of primates to laboratories where they are force-fed chemicals and infected with diseases, some airlines still have not prohibited the shipment of animals to be used in experiments. End this violent industry by banning the shipment of monkeys destined for animal testing.

Condemn Animal Rights Group for Killing Shelter Animals

Sad Dog Face - Public Domain Pictures - George HodanA shelter euthanized 82% of the animals in its care in 2013 in order to save money for public stunts and marketing. Demand this organization prioritize animals over publicity and change to a no-kill shelter immediately.

Stop Gas Chamber Euthanasia for Shelter Animals

catsSeveral shelters still use gas chambers to euthanize their dogs and cats. This practice is terrifying, painful, and sometimes even ineffective, causing some animals to face their horrifying fate twice . Ask these shelters to switch to a more humane method immediately.

Commend Swift Apprehension of Animal Brutalizer

oscarA Frenchman recently posted a video of himself throwing a cat against a building onto social media. Thank French authorities for quickly arresting and convicting the man of animal cruelty.

Terminate Firefighter Who Encouraged Torture and Murder of Pit Bulls

Pit bull pictureA firefighter has been demoted after publishing comments that advocated the drowning, stabbing, suffocation, and sexual abuse of pit bulls. Tell his supervisors to permanently remove this cruel man from his position and let animal abusers know that these actions will not be tolerated.

Save Dogs from Inhumane Puppy Mills

anti puppy mill ordinance petitionCruel and unsanitary puppy mills will now be discouraged in Los Angeles, thanks to a policy enacted by lawmakers. Ask the rest of California to follow this example by enacting laws to prevent these horrifying mills.

Strike Down Law that Targets Animal Rights Activists

United_States_Capitol_-_west_frontThe Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act is a law designed to protect the meat and pharmaceutical industries from demonstrations undertaken by peaceful animal rights activists. The message is clear- if you stand up for animal rights you can be prosecuted as a terrorist. Implore members of congress to repeal this unjust legislation.

Commend Authorities for Punishing Cat Abuser

Cat-MaineCoon-CookieA man in France who posted videos to his Facebook page showing him abusing and injuring a kitten was recently sentenced to one year in prison. Commend French authorities for treating this crime so seriously.

Thank Corporation for Saving Moon Bears

Moon Bear - Art G - FlickrThousands of moon bears spend short, painful lives in cages on bear bile farms. Microsoft is helping to increase awareness and educate people about the plight of these animals. Thank Microsoft for taking a stand against cruelty.

Repeal Catch and Kill Shark Policy

Tiger SharkA shark catch and kill policy allows Australian fishermen to kill large sharks that are close to the beach. This will have staggering consequences, upsetting the marine ecosystem’s balance. Sign this petition and demand that the policy be immediately repealed.

Punish Man for Throwing Kitten Against a Wall

10 day old kittensA 24-year-old animal abuser recently threw a kitten against a wall and uploaded the video onto his Facebook profile. Courts have charged him with animal abuse, and he may face up to two years in prison. Make sure he is condemned and adequately punished for his cold-blooded crime.

Stop City-Wide Dog Culling

640px-Moscow_stray_dogThe Russian city of Sochi, host of the Winter Olympics, is planning a mass cull of 2000 stray cats and dogs before the games begin. The innocent animals will be killed with traps and poison, though this will do nothing to address the problematic stray population in the long-term. Stop the slaughter and instead implement sustainable and humane control methods.

Prosecute Huntsmen Who Killed Foxes in Front of Children

images (1)Huntsmen were caught on camera illegally killing foxes in front of small children. This is a cruel display of animal abuse that puts animals and children in danger. Please sign this petition to prosecute these men.

Condemn Ruling Allowing Abuser to Have Animals

Lexi - Unknown - Pocono RecordA man who was convicted of duct taping a dog’s legs and mouth and leaving her for dead is legally allowed to own animals again. Condemn this horrible decision by the circle court judge working the case.

Demand Better Treatment for Transported Animals

slaughter animals canadaCanada’s guidelines for animal transport to slaughter are lenient, unenforced and detrimental to animals. Animals often arrive to their destination severely hurt, dying, or dead. The animals deserve more protection than they currently have: urge Canada to change its policies for the betterment of animals.

Investigate Country Club Starving Ducks

686px-Anas_platyrhynchos_domesticus_001Malnourished ducks have been found dead on a country club’s golf course. It appears that these ducks have been purposefully starved, and there is suspicion of animal abuse. Please sign this petition to help open a investigation into the horrible deaths of these ducks.

Condemn Japanese Prime Minister for Defending Dolphin Slaughter

Slaughtered Pilot WhalesJapan’s prime minister has been defending his country’s annual dolphin slaughter where these majestic creatures are forced into a cove, starved for several days and then speared with rods. Condemn Japan’s leader for supporting this cruel and inhumane slaughter.

Create a Mandatory Animal Abuse Registry

animal abuse registryAnimal abuse reports are on the rise in Pennsylvania, and increasing in severity. Lawmakers may create a public animal abuse registry that would bar felons from owning an animal for 15 years. Please help put this bill into action with your signature.

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