Animal Welfare

Stop Victims of Dogfighting from Being Automatically Killed

Pit BullVictims of dogfighting deserve to be fairly assessed so they can have a chance at rehabilitation, but they are instead automatically labeled as dangerous and killed. Urge government representatives to support legislation that would give these dogs a second chance.

Prevent Abuse with Mandatory Dog Breeder Registry

1830488427_5228f54df2_mRecent animal cruelty cases exposed the need for a mandatory dog breeder registry. Help prevent future abuse and urge passage of this crucial legislation.

Demand Justice for Suffering Dog Left to Die

RottweilerA dog dying from bone cancer was abandoned in the street. Authorities refused to help and threatened the stranger who tried to save the dog. Demand an investigation into this outrageous misconduct, neglect and abuse.

Praise Campaign to Find Homes for Shelter Dogs

shelter pupMany animal shelters lack the resources to advertise their adoptable pets, leaving many loving animals homeless. Thankfully, IKEA is now placing life-size cutouts of local pets in need of homes throughout its stores. Applaud IKEA’s creative efforts to help these dogs find loving homes.

Thank Country for Keeping Marine Mammals Out of Captivity

Orca-800Ninety percent of British tourists are opposed to visiting businesses that hold marine mammals captive. Thank these people for their support of animal welfare, and encourage others to stop keeping these intelligent creatures in captivity.

Demand Apparel Company Stop Using Inhumane Down

GooseDown jackets are produced from feathers that have been ripped from geese and ducks, causing these gentle creatures unnecessary pain and suffering. Demand that a major athletic apparel brand stop selling inhumane down jackets and explore cruelty-free options.

Demand Harsh Sentence for Deadly Dog Trainer

German ShepardForty neglected dogs, four dead puppies and 37 bags of animal remains were found on the property of a service dog trainer. Demand that this woman be charged with animal cruelty for abusing, neglecting and killing dogs that were in her care.

Ban Promotion of Animal Cruelty on Facebook

DogEncouraging animal cruelty should not be tolerated on Facebook, but pages promoting disgusting crimes against animals have not been removed. Urge Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to ban the promotion of animal cruelty.

Hold Farm Workers Accountable for Abusing Cows

Agricultural Research Service Wikimedia CommonsA recently released video shows workers at a prominent dairy farm viciously abusing innocent cows. Join animal rights groups in calling for the individuals responsible to be charged with animal cruelty.

Demand Government Take Action to Save Dolphins

Maui Dolphin CaughtThe highly endangered Maui dolphin is rapidly declining and may soon go extinct. Recently, a critical report was published about the continued inaction of the New Zealand government to protect this species. Demand that the government take quick action to save this dolphin before it is too late.

Praise Group for Rescuing and Rehabilitating Pit Bulls

IMG_5981An animal rescue and rehabilitation group recently helped prepare nine pit bulls saved from a dog fighting operation for adoption. Thank the organization for helping change misconceptions about these loving creatures.

End the Inhumane Treatment of Farm Animals

Industrial-Chicken-CoopMany farm animals are forced to live their lives in small cages without any room to move around. Support a group of activists improving awareness and rallying for new laws to end extreme animal confinement.

Strengthen Anti-Cruelty Laws to Protect Animals

PuppyToo many animals have suffered cruelty and neglect at the hands of humans. Legislators have proposed harsher penalties for abusers that could help prevent future crimes. Call on them to ensure these vital bills are passed into law.

End Inhumane Import of Young Puppies

PuppiesFor years, government officials have allowed the cruel import of weeks-old puppies despite a federal law prohibiting it. Many puppies arrive sick, dying, or dead as a result of deplorable travel conditions. End inhumane puppy imports by demanding immediate enforcement of the law.

Stop Attempts to Weaken Puppy Factory Regulations

puppy factoryDogs have been beloved pets and friends for many generations. But an attempt to weaken the regulation of commercial dog breeding facilities increases the risk of neglect and abuse. Put a stop to the undermining of animal welfare rights.

Success: New Law Passed to Help End Greyhound Racing

GreyhoundRacing greyhounds spend their lives being locked in cages and pushed to the point of exhaustion, terrible injury, and even death. Thank legislators for passing a new law that will help end the cruelty of greyhound racing completely.

End Ban on Nonprofit Spay/Neuter Clinics

Kittens in ShelterMillions of healthy dogs and cats are killed in shelters each year because there aren’t enough homes for them. Urge legislators to support a bill that would address pet overpopulation by ending a ban on nonprofit spay-neuter clinics.

Urge Famous Dog Trainer to End Abusive Training Methods

Cesar MillanFamous dog trainer, Cesar Millan, has been promoting abusive dog training methods for 10 years. His methods are outdated and dangerous to dogs and their owners. Urge Millan to quit promoting abusive training techniques.

Praise Punishment for Officer that Fatally Shot a Harmless Dog

labrador retreiverA former police officer has been indicted for fatally shooting a friendly, leashed dog. Applaud the indictment, which helps achieve justice for the innocent dog and its owner while letting other officers know that excessive force against animals will not be tolerated.

Denounce Decision to Continue Supporting Greyhound Racing

Greyhound Race TrackGreyhound racing forces dogs that should be family pets to endure a life of suffering and causes countless unnecessary deaths. Legislators recently rejected a bill that would have taken steps to end greyhound racing. Denounce their decision to continue supporting such a horrific business.

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