Animal Welfare

Praise Humane Society for Removing 18 Cats from Animal Hoarder

800px-Rsgranne_-_Cats_cats_cats!_(Arrow_Rock,_Missouri,_20050703)_03_(by-sa)Eighteen cats were rescued from disturbing conditions in an animal hoarder’s home. Because of the Humane Society’s diligent efforts, the owner has been prosecuted and the cats are safe. Thank the Humane Society for rescuing these animals and providing them with shelter and medical care.

Demand Maximum Sentence for Neglectful Animal Shelter Director

shelter catAn animal shelter director has been charged with 18 counts of animal cruelty for neglecting the animals in her care. We must encourage the county prosecutor to ensure that she is charged and given the maximum sentence for her inhumane behavior.

Ensure Animal Cruelty is Made a Felony

800px-Sad_LucySouth Dakota is in preparation to make animal cruelty a felony. As one of the most lenient states on animal mistreatment, this is a big step forward. Protect animal rights and support South Dakota’s new animal cruelty bill.

Save Sheep from Painful, Unnecessary Surgery

Merino_sheepMulesing, a cruel practice that involves cutting folds of a sheep’s skin around its buttocks, is a popular disease treatment even though more humane alternatives exist. It is painful and is often done without anesthesia. Tell farmers to stop this cruel practice.

Stop Fashion Company from Supporting Animal Torture

Raccoon DogBritish fashion house Burberry supports the torture of foxes, rabbits and raccoon dogs by continuing to use fur in its designs. Encourage this brand to join other fashion elites who have quit the cruelty business by going fur-free.

Save Two Dogs From Euthanasia

axelTwo dogs are set to be euthanized after one of the dogs nipped at the legs of a construction worker. Ask that, in light of the minor nature of the incident, they be rehabilitated with behavioral therapy instead.

Make Animal Cruelty A Felony in All Fifty States

763685240_5aab513231South Dakota is the only state without a felony charge for animal cruelty, but a new bill could change that. Protect the animals of South Dakota now.

End Breed Discrimination in Washington State

4428315296_205cfa18d0A new bill in Washington state could end breed-specific legislation. Stop the discrimination now.

Support Exotic Animal Rescue Groups

Alligator - jodylehigh - pixabayNew exotic animal permit laws might have the unintended consequence of putting Ohio animal rescue groups out of business. Ask the Governor to remove unnecessary restrictions on the animals rescue operations can house.

Crack Down on Heartless Pet Abuse

dogfighting michigan lawA woman was recently arrested for locking her pet pit bull in her former home and leaving it to die. Enforce laws that ensure animal abusers serve maximum penalties for their horrendous acts.

End Cruel and Deadly Cockfights

800px-COCK_FIGHTMississippi is one of just 10 states where cockfighting is only a misdemeanor. Tell officials that individuals who participate in this sadistic bloodsport must receive felony charges, and help put an end to this cruel practice.

Tell Major Airline to End Partnership with SeaWorld

orcas in RussiaDespite revelations about the abuse suffered by orcas at SeaWorld, Southwest Airlines has not ended its partnership with the marine park. Urge Southwest to halt all current SeaWorld promotions and take a stand against the mistreatment of orcas.

Support Puppy Mill Bill

4896886522_b16dda69a1A new bill has been proposed to enforce humane conditions at kennels and breeding facilities. Support this promising bill and protect dogs and other animals from cruelty now.

Demand Justice for 19 Murdered Animals

Goat - Matt Cornock - mattcornock co uk19 animals were found dead in the snow from starvation and dehydration at a home in Vermont. So far, no charges have been filed in the investigation of the crime. Demand the state make this case a priority and prosecute the abusers to the fullest extent of the law.

Praise Life-Saving Dog Rescue Operation

5945296106_5001498bb1A team of volunteers has been rescuing dogs from high-kill shelters, and relocating them to help them find a better life. Thank the team members for their compassionate efforts.

Demand Immediate Closure of Neglectful Zoo

Surabaya ZooA neglectful zoo is under heavy scrutiny due to a lion’s recent death by hanging. With an extensive list of premature animal deaths under its belt, this zoo clearly does not care for their animals. Sign this petition and demand the zoo’s immediate closure and relocation of its surviving animals.

Demand University Stop Using Animals for Research

University of FloridaA university has fostered a “culture of negligence” towards its lab animals, subjecting them to torturous research experiments before they are euthanized. Demand the shutdown of this University’s deadly animal research program.

Condemn Hanging of Stray Dogs

800px-Stray_dog._MoscowSerbia has started an event called ‘Spring Cleaning,’ wherein stray dogs are caught and hung from trees. Although there is an animal cruelty law in place, these heinous crimes still occur. Please sign this petition to condemn the offenders and stop these horrific acts.

Stop Hanging of Stray Dogs

hanged dogsSerbia will soon begin its annual “Spring Cleaning” where stray dogs are caught and hung from trees. We must stop this brutal and disgusting event and ensure the offenders are severely punished.

Commend County for Standing up for Animal Rights

DogA major U.S. county has taken a stand against animal abuse by creating a special unit dedicated to prosecuting animal cruelty cases. Please take a moment to say thank you to these champions for animals.

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