Animal Welfare

Stop Shielding Controversial Animal Researchers

Macaca_fuscataThe government plans to hide the identities of animal researchers engaged in controversial projects so that the research can continue in secret. Many of these researchers use apes and chimpanzees as their subjects. Speak out against the newly proposed bill and preserve public transparency into these inhumane animal research practices.

Help Ban Performances and Breeding of Orcas

orcaSeaWorld executives are desperately trying to persuade California lawmakers to reconsider passing a bill that will ban live performances and captive breeding of killer whales. However, this bill has the best interest of these animals at its heart. Sign this petition and support the passage of this bill.

Save Animals from Cruel Military Training

pigMilitaries continue to torture and murder live pigs in medical training exercises despite proof that non-animal training methods are actually more effective. Tell government officials to stop these cruel and unnecessary exercises and switch to humane non-animal training methods.

Commend Animal Welfare Organization for No-Kill Campaign

animal shelter dogAnimal welfare organizations in one state started a campaign with the goal of becoming a no-kill shelter state by 2019. This is a lofty, but achievable goal with public support. Sign this petition to contribute your support for their campaign.

Urge Schools to Boycott Cruel Slaughterhouses

pigletsUndercover footage of extreme animal cruelty has resulted in the closure of a sordid slaughterhouse that once supplied pork to several U.S. school districts. Now that this inhumane, lawbreaking facility is closing, urge school officials to boycott all slaughterhouses that do not comply with animal welfare standards and promise to only provide cruelty-free pork to their students.

Commend Wildlife Center for Saving Seabirds

Brünnich's_GuillemotMany seabirds suffer natural and human-caused injuries to their feathers that reduce their ability to survive in cold ocean waters. The Cape Wildlife Center is providing innovative rehabilitation for these birds with its new hydrotherapy pool. Commend this organization for developing new methods to better care for injured seabirds.

Support Reducing Discrimination Against Pit Bulls

Stafford Terrier PuppyA new law makes dog owners solely responsible for the action of their dogs in Maryland, and also reduces discrimination against pit bulls. Sign this petition and commend this new legislation.

Support Donations to Cash Strapped Zoo

TigersA zoo in Ukraine is running out of food to feed their animals thanks to the recent conflict in the nation. These animals are held in captivity and depend on humans for their food and well being. Sign this petition and urge the International Fund for Animal Welfare to send supplies to these animals.

Cancel Cruel Dog Cloning Show

Dog ClonesDog cloning is a dangerous and painful procedure that often produces animals that die soon after birth. Demand that a reality competition show in which the winner’s dog is cloned be cancelled immediately.

Demand Justice for Animals Found at Bottom of Cliff

horses - irelandSeventeen animals were found dead at the bottom of a cliff in an atrocious case of animal dumping. Sign this petition and ensure the person responsible will not get away with this crime.

Condemn Animal Cruelty Fetish Pornography

Rabbit eats grassA woman was recently arrested on eight felony counts of animal cruelty when investigators discovered that she tortured and killed animals for pornography. Sign this petition and condemn the woman for her disturbing and demented actions.

Condemn Brutal Murders at Dog Shelter

Condemn Brutal Murders at Dog ShelterThe recent illegal seizure of dogs at an animal welfare clinic was so brutal that many dogs died before they were even taken away. This incident is the result of a law which promotes the capture and killing of stray dogs. Sign this petition to protect stray dogs from such barbaric cruelty.

Stop Killing Dogs for Dog Leather

stray dog - thailandThe dog leather trade is horrendous, as shown by a recent gruesome discovery of hundreds of dog pelts in Thailand. Using this product to make gloves and drums only serves to increase the indiscriminate killing of dogs. Help stop the use of dog leather.

Praise New Animal Protection Laws

catNew animal protection laws in South Dakota make animal cruelty a felony punishable by two years in prison and a $4,000 fine. Commend the state, which has become the final state to implement such protective legislation.

Don’t Endanger Tennessee Walking Horses

2480830012_00671be073_oA new bill would grant the Tennessee walking horse industry–known for abusing the horses in order to exaggerate their step–regulatory authority, placing horses at risk of continued abuse. Petition the federal government to kill this bill, and protect horses from unnecessary torture.

Condemn Zoo for Killing Four Lions

Mother_holding_cub_at_Copenhagen_ZooA Danish zoo killed four lions to prevent inbreeding. Now the zoo is receiving backlash from animal rights activists all over the world. Please sign this petition to punish the zoo for irresponsibly handling the situation.

Commend Senator for Strengthening Animal Neglect Laws

Chiotcocker1Many states have animal cruelty laws that are far too lenient. Individuals who harm animals via unlawful neglect should be punished to the full extent of the law. Commend one senator for strengthening his state’s animal neglect laws.

Release Animals from Inhumane Zoos

imagesAnimals in two cramped Costa Rican zoos could soon be released, as the zoos are converted into botanical gardens and nature reserves. Tell the Costa Rican government you support its efforts to ensure the humane treatment of animals.

Commend Program Fostering Homeless Animals

4-6-13 Shelter fostering cats in businessesWhen a shelter was overrun, animals were put down. A new program instead places them in offices and businesses as part of a foster system. Not only does this save the animal from death, but pets have been proven to increase productivity and happiness for humans. Applaud this organization for their innovative, life-saving solution.

Stop Law Meant to Keep Animal Abuse in the Dark

images-3A provision banning animal rights activists from documenting animal abuse on factory farms has been inserted into state legislation originally meant to help animals. Call on lawmakers to correct this contradiction and change the legislation today.

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