Animal Welfare

End Promotion of Cruel Seal Hunt

6702907889_1d60d9b497_mA company involved in Canada’s cruel seal hunt is using public events to promote the largest slaughter of marine wildlife in the world. Help end the promotion of the Canadian seal hunt now.

Thank Actors for Supporting Ban on Animal Cosmetics Tests

Mayim BialikTwo cast members of “The Big Bang Theory” have joined a campaign to ban cosmetics testing on animals. Thank them for using their celebrity to help put an end to this inhumane practice.

Require Certification For Pet Ownership

800px-Pet_dog_fetching_sticks_in_Wales-3April2010Every pet owner in Turkey is required to go through certification and training programs for the ownership of their pets under their new animal laws. Please sign this petition to thank Turkey for working to combat animal abuse.

Thank ‘The Simpsons’ Co-Creator for Rescuing Abused Horse

Sam Simon‘The Simpsons’ co-creator Sam Simon rescued a racehorse from its abusive trainer. Thank him for this generous deed and for always acting in the best interest of animals.

Praise Authorities for Arresting Demented Veterinarian

Dogs at a ShetlerA veterinarian was recently arrested for keeping sick animals in cages, while farming them for blood and performing experiments. Praise the authorities and witnesses responsible for his arrest.

Expose Vet Who Kept Dog Alive After Claiming to Euthanize Him

450px-LeonbergerA vet is being accused of keeping a family’s dog alive as a blood donor in the back room of his office after telling them he had been euthanized. Expose the doctor’s terrible abuse of animals in his care.

Shut Down Zoo Which Chained Bear to Post

Babolsar zoo bear, chained to groundA zoo in Iran kept a bear chained by the neck to a post. The bear was malnourished and forced to perform for entertainment. Demand this zoo be closed and help bring those responsible for this abuse to justice.

Applaud New Law Giving Pets a Voice

Cat talkA new law will ban owners from having their pet’s vocal cords removed. This is a monumental step in the fight for animal rights. Applaud this measure to allow animals to have a voice by signing this petition.

Support Strengthening Animal Cruelty Laws

Cattle_Dog_with_injured_legAnimal welfare laws are woefully outdated, but animals in New York could soon receive increased protection from a proposed new law. It is time that animal abuse be recognized as a serious crime, and this bill would accomplish that goal. Support this legislation with your signature.

Applaud Efforts to Reprimand Man for Consuming Pet Goldfish

goldfishgameA young man’s participation in an internet craze motivated him to consume his pet goldfish as a joke. Sign the petition to thank the RSPCA for expediently prosecuting him and advocating for the rights of all animals.

Immediately Ban Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

horsecarriageAnother horse was recently involved in an accident while pulling a carriage on the streets of New York City. Demand that the practice be banned immediately, in favor of a horseless electric alternative.

Protect Exotic Animals in Ohio

Unknown-7Ohio now requires all owners of exotic pets to secure a permit and register with the state. Urge state government officials to ensure that exotic pet owners comply with this new law and help ensure the safety of these majestic animals.

Strengthen Animal Cruelty Laws

5706350912_12d62d163b_mA new bill has been proposed in Alberta, Canada that will finally stop the legal system from considering animals property and increase penalties for animal cruelty. Protect the animals of Canada now.

Stop Animal Trafficking

467px-Saimiri_boliviensis_2Animal trafficking is becoming a lucrative business in Bolivia. No exotic animal deserves to be taken out of its natural habitat and kept as a pet. Ask the Bolivian government to put a stop this cruel practice.

Save Animals from Harm in Domestic Disputes

domestic violence petsThe number of animals harmed in domestic violence disputes is not only heartbreaking, but shocking as well. Encourage legislators to adopt a law that would not only protect victims, but ensure them the safety of their pets as well.

Demand Livestock Owners Provide Pain Management for Sheep

lambsMulesing is the removal of wool-bearing skin from the hindquarters of sheep, meant to prevent parasitic infections of fly maggots. Though meant to prevent painful death, mulesing itself inflicts pain on sheep that may go without management for the entire time it takes them to heal. Demand that the Australian government require livestock owners to use anesthetic and pain management for sheep, and prevent unjustified suffering.

Praise Animal Shelter for Humanely Reducing Feral Cat Population

Cat_in_cityMillions of feral cats in America suffer daily from disease and malnutrition. Lethal methods of controlling these cat populations are ineffective and inhumane. Praise one organization for using non-lethal methods to reduce feral cat populations.

End Puppy Mill Cruelty in Connecticut

puppymillConnecticut’s senate has recently passed a bill that would implement a new standard of care for pets in breeding centers and pet stores. Ask that the state’s governor advocate for the bill to become law.

Investigate the Deaths of 25 Cats Found in Woods

Blackcat-LilithOver twenty-five cats were found hung in plastic bags on a tree in the woods. Sign this petition to tell officials to further investigate and find out who is responsible for this hideous crime.

Praise Retraction of Cruel Legislation Against Cats

imagesA city council declared that any cat (domestic or otherwise) found in the street could be legally trapped and killed by the average citizen. Due to one woman’s petitioning and thousands of animal activist community members coming together, this legislation was reversed. Applaud this wonderful success and those who made it happen.

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