Articles written by: Isabella Skovira

Stop Lottery to Hunt Grand Canyon Bison

A lottery will select hunters to kill bison in the Grand Canyon as part of an authorized cull. Over 45,000 people registered to be approved to hunt this majestic animal. Sign this petition to stop this inhumane approach to population management.

Do Not Penalize Wild Animals Following Bobcat Attack

A couple being attacked in their driveway by a rabid bobcat was captured on video and has gone viral. Sign this petition to ensure that the community does not retaliate or seek revenge on wild bobcats or other animals.

Biden: Continue to Advocate for Rescue Dogs and All Animals in Need

When President-Elect Joe Biden enters office in 2021, he’ll bring with him the first rescue dog to ever live in the White House. Sign this petition to urge Joe Biden to continue to advocate for rescue dogs and all animals during his term as President of the United States.

Justice for Puppy Reportedly Thrown and Injured in Viral Video

An agitated and potentially mentally ill woman reportedly threw a dog at a Black man and used racist language during an altercation that was captured on video and has since gone viral. The dog seemingly hit the pavement and proceeded to whimper in pain. Sign this petition to demand justice on behalf of the helpless dog and mental health services for the woman, should they be deemed necessary.

NASA: Denounce Abusive Experiment Involving Dolphin in Sexual Relationship with Human Handler

Stories of a 1960s NASA experiment that put a dolphin in isolation with a human handler who sexually abused the animal are resurfacing online. The dolphin ultimately died as a result of the experiments. Sign this petition to urge NASA to denounce the abuse of animals in scientific experiments.

Elon: Stop the Cruel Implantation of Brain Chips Into Animals

Elon Musk’s startup Neuralink is developing a coin-sized implantable brain chip–and they’re testing it on pigs. This is both unethical and potentially dangerous for these innocent creatures. Sign this petition to urge Musk to stop testing on non-consenting animals.

Close Down “Tiger King” Zoo For Neglect and Abuse

The Greater Wynwood Exotic Animal Park, the privately-owned zoo catapulted into fame by Netflix’s “Tiger King,” has been temporarily closed to public after a USDA investigation revealed multiple animal welfare violations. Sign this petition to urge the USDA to permanently revoke the license of Jeffrey Lowe, owner of the zoo.

Save the Blue Macaw From Extinction Due to Devastating Wildfires

The blue macaw population has dwindled to just 6,500 individuals. Up to 15% of the birds live in a wildlife sanctuary in Brazil that was ravaged by wildfires. Sign this petition to urge the Brazilian government to financially invest in the rebuilding of the sanctuary to save these endangered birds.

Stop Illegal Cockfighting in Kentucky

A black market industry for cockfighting and breeding of birds for this purpose is allegedly alive and well in Kentucky. Sign this petition to urge the governor of Kentucky to put an end to cruel cockfighting.

Ban the Killing of Lab Animals at the University of New Mexico

University labs closing due to coronavirus are systematically killing off “experimental” animals in massive numbers. Sign this petition to demand a stop to the cruel mass killings of laboratory animals.

Stop Reportedly Using and Abusing Elephants for Tourism and Profit

Elephants at the Mason Elephant Park and Lodge are reportedly kept chained in confined spaces, often covered in their own urine and feces. They are then taken from these jail-like living circumstances only to allegedly be prodded along with a bull hook as tourists and visitors pay to ride them. Demand justice for these majestic elephants.

Stop Bludgeoning Foxes to Death for Their Fur

One man runs an operation that kills 300 foxes each year for the fur trade. This is made possible because of a legal loophole. Ban this sickening animal cruelty.

Punish Butchers Who Killed Beloved Horse for Meat

A family horse in Florida was killed and butchered in the middle of the night. The family woke to find the horse’s carcass in a neighboring lot. All of his skin and meat were taken. Sign this petition to demand that the killers are punished to the full extent of the law, once apprehended.

Demand Justice for Rare White Giraffes Brutally Slaughtered

A female white giraffe and her 7-month-old calf were brutally slaughtered in Kenya. Previous to the the killings, these giraffes were two of three remaining white giraffes on planet earth. The population is now down to one male giraffe. Sign this petition to demand that the poachers are punished to the full extent of the law.

Delete Gruesome Video of Travel Presenter Eating Exotic Bat

A Chinese travel presenter viciously tore apart a whole bat and ate it on camera. Now, the video has resurfaced along with news that the coronavirus may have originated in the bat population. The video is circulating online despite the presenter’s apology. Urge the presenter to remove the video from all online sources.

YouTuber Appearing to Hit and Spit on Her Dog Must be Punished

Disturbing video appears to show YouTuber Brooke Houts viciously hitting and abusing her pet dog. Urge YouTube to ban her account.

Stop the Cruel and Senseless Killing of Wild Boars

Polish hunters are targeting wild boars, including pregnant females, in a thoughtless attempt to combat African swine fever. This cull could result in spreading the disease, as boar populations move into new areas to avoid being hunted. Sign this petition to stop the senseless murder of these wild animals.

Urge Zoo Where Six Animals Were Killed to Check Security of Enclosures

Six animals were killed by a jaguar that escaped its enclosure at a New Orleans zoo. The jaguar then had to be forcibly sedated and returned to its enclosure. Sign this petition to urge the zoo to protect animals by ensuring that all enclosures are safe and secure.

Applaud Rent the Runway for Eliminating Fur Products from Inventory

Rent the Runway, a fashion brand that allows customers to rent designer pieces, recently made the decision to stop carrying products with fur. Sign this petition to applaud the company’s compassionate decision.

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