Success: Second Chinese City Bans Eating Cats, Dogs, and Other Pets

Target: Mayor Yao Yisheng, Zhuhai, China

Goal: Thank mayor and activists for putting an end to eating cats, dogs, and other pets in major Chinese city.

Zhuhai is the second city in China to ban eating cats, dogs, and other pets. Sadly, millions of cats and dogs are stolen or picked up as strays and sold in the pet trade every year in China. Banning the consumption of these animals in the city of Zhuhai will help to ensure that many creatures will no longer be killed and used in this horrible practice.

Taking this step is especially helpful to citizens, as the World Health Organization has linked consuming dog meat to contracting both rabies and cholera. Luckily, Chinese officials are taking the health of their citizens more seriously and are also recognizing that cats and dogs are beloved family members. In fact, China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently said that dogs and cats should be treated as pets and not as livestock that is raised for food consumption. Hopefully, eating these animals will soon be banned in the entire country of China.  Thank the mayor of Zhuhai and other activists who signed petitions like this one to try and make sure the consumption of these animals in China is stopped.


Dear Mayor Yao,

Your city was the second city in China to ban eating cats, dogs, and other pets. Many animals will be safe from being kidnapped and sold in the pet trade since they are no longer allowed to be eaten in the city of Zhuhai.

The World Health Organization came out with an official statement saying that eating dogs could cause people to become infected with either rabies or a bad bacterial disease known as cholera. Now that this practice is banned in your city, less people will likely become sick and numerous cats, dogs, and other pets will be able to thrive.

Many animals and people will be better off now that this monumental decision has been made. Thank you for helping to ban the consumption of cats, dogs, and other pets in the city of Zhuhai.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: DoubleCompile


  1. Patrick Butler says:

    Great news…thanks for a forward looking viewpoint.

  2. Thank you mayor for making this law that people cannot keep killing and eating cats and dogs

  3. Lisa Finnigan says:

    Hmm, China? I’ll sign when there is proof this will be enforced.

    • You must be kidding, I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them. Wet markets opened the day they came out of lock down. Horrible evil asians, may God exterminate every single one off the face of this earth. Their cruelty knows no bounds.

  4. Debra Goldstein Lustig says:

    I wonder if this is really true.

  5. Asians have absolutely no respect or empathy for any animals. They have always treated all animals like garbage and subjected
    hem to horrific and barbaric abuse and torture. I would never
    believe anything without proof. Too bad the virus didn’t kill
    all of the ones who participate in the wet markets!

    • Yes agreed..only the real nice ones would save the tortured animals..There are chinese activists against this evil..I think being brought up around torture it becomes normal for most of them and its only when other countrys protested and then more people there saw what was wrong in their countrys and around asia.It has taken to long before this stops if this is true I just hope it is,it takes the coronavirus to stop the evil when it should of stopped many years before.

  6. I wouldn’t trust the f—— vile and evil animal torturing murdering Chinese as far as I could kick them. They are known as the vilest of animal torture, suffering and making sure their defenceless and innocent dogs, puppys, cats, kittens and other precious fur animals and all animals are heinously tortured to death by the vilest of heinous animal torture, suffering and an agonising death that these lowlife monster Chinese can commit.
    Burn in hell you lowlife animal torturing murdering filthy Chinese monster from hell for an eternity.

    I pray they have stopped this sadism and evilness but I don’t trust the vile and evil Chinese.

    They deliberately created the coronavirus in a Lab at Wuhan, China, so they could release this vile coronavirus on the world in an attempt to destabilize the world economy and bring nations to their knees and making sure many nations across the globe were infecte We must demand the arrest of Xi Jinping Communist Party President of China, all the Chinese Communist Party and all the co-conspirators who have taken part in the extermination of the human race by purposely releasing the Covid19 “CCPVirus”

  7. Mary Harrington says:

    thank you, but we need more than 2 cities. Go get them!

  8. Seriously? It’s bad enough that they kill animals for meat, but they STEAL THEM FROM PEOPLE??! That so messed up.

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