Articles written by: Tiffany White

Success: Dogs Killed and Crammed in Freezers Receive Justice

A self-appointed animal rescue operator has reportedly confessed to the deadly negligence she was accused of inflicting upon dozens of defenseless dogs. Commend the wheels of justice finally turning in this long-term cruelty case.

Protect Endangered Sea Urchins From Illegal Fishing

Sea urchins are being fished to extinction in Sicily. Urge a full-scale effort to save this imperiled species.

55 Cats Rescued From Apparently Dire Neglect Deserve Justice

Dozens of cats were rescued from reportedly deplorable conditions. Demand the caretakers of these animals receive a fitting punishment if found guilty.

Save Fish From Population Collapse

Conservation in Britain is sleeping with the fishes. Call for stronger protections for the region’s struggling fish populations.

Multiple Captive Elephants Euthanized in Zoos Deserve Justice

Asian elephants are having their lives diminished and shortened in captivity. Demand freedom and protection for this iconic species.

Animals Allegedly Found Ill, Malnourished, and Freezing Deserve Justice

Accused serial animal abusers are seemingly getting slaps on the wrist. Demand stronger legal repercussions in a case involving almost 60 alleged victims.

Rescue Birds of Prey on Brink of Collapse

Africa’s birds of prey are in danger of going extinct. Help save these high flyers who serve crucial functions within their environments.

Don’t Let Animal Rescuers Become Animal Abusers

People who are supposed to be safeguarding animals are too often endangering them instead. Demand one nation finally take the initiative and beef up its animal welfare and animal sanctuary standards.

Success: Florida Manatees on Road to Recovery

One of Florida’s most famed marine animals is making a promising comeback. Applaud the ongoing conservation of the manatee.

Victims of Reported Small-Town Animal Cruelty Deserve Justice

Several incidents of alleged animal cruelty have struck a small Hawaiian community. Join the calls of outraged community members for justice.

Save the Day for Groundhogs

Groundhogs are too often killed simply for living their natural lives. Demand more efforts to conserve these celebrated animals.

Kitten Reportedly Thrown Onto Highway From Moving Car Deserves Justice

Dashcam footage appears to show a helpless kitten being thrown from a car and nearly run over on a busy highway. Demand justice.

Save Storied Garrano Ponies from Imminent Extinction

An iconic horse breed is at risk of extinction due to habitat loss and natural predators. Demand stronger protections for Garrano ponies.

Starving Cat Abandoned in Dumpster Deserves Justice

A cat, discarded like garbage, almost fell victim to starvation while trapped in a dumpster. Demand justice for this resilient survivor.

Success: Iconic African Elephants On the Rise

African elephants are making a comeback. Applaud the habitat restoration efforts that helped make this conservation success possible.

Give Animal Abuse Victims a Legal Voice

With animal cruelty on the rise and few states taking decisive action to stop it, vulnerable animals need unwavering advocates for their rights now more than ever. Demand a stronger presence for animal welfare advocates within the justice system.

Honor Oaths to Protect Whales and Help Rid the World of Poisonous Gases

Already-endangered whale populations may be the first casualties of a proposed natural gas terminal, but the entire planet may become the biggest victim. Demand better and cleaner decisions on disaster-laden fossil fuel investments.

Do Not Freeze Some of Sea’s Most Intelligent Animals Alive

An animal that has consistently demonstrated amazing intelligence and emotional maturity could now potentially be farmed and cruelly slaughtered for meat on an unprecedented scale. Help save the octopus from this horrific fate.

Pets Allegedly Subjected to Abuse and Neglect Deserve Justice

Pet animals were reportedly placed in danger in two separate Houston cases. Demand legal retribution for all of the alleged victims.

Stop Use of Culling as So-Called Conservation Measure

Deer are being targeted and killed by governments for simply existing. And increasingly, non-targeted deer species are caught in the crosshairs too. Demand leaders stop using death as a solution to ecological problems.

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