Articles written by: Tiffany White

Expose Abusers of Pets and People

Abusers often target both animals and the people who love them. Demand stronger action in exploring the link between animal cruelty and domestic violence.

Protect Salmon and Bald Eagles From Copper Contamination

A proposed copper mine in Alaska could imperil critical salmon populations and scatter the world’s largest congregation of bald eagles. Demand leaders stop this chain reaction of ecological disaster before it starts.

Save Abandoned Pets From Tragic Fate

One potential salvation for abandoned pets is failing because of lackadaisical leadership. Demand a stronger investment in shelter drop boxes.

Dog Apparently Shot in the Face in Own Yard Deserves Justice

An innocent puppy was reportedly shot in the face in his family’s own yard. An apparently vengeful neighbor is charged with the shooting. Demand justice now.

Save World’s Rarest Sea Turtle From Death by Oil

Endangered sea turtles and whales are just some of the species facing critical threats from the latest oil spill. Call for swift penalties for the responsible parties and stronger protections for vulnerable wildlife.

Justice for Cats Allegedly Abandoned and Starved to Death

A woman allegedly subjected dozens of cats under her care to starvation and eventual death. Demand she be held accountable for these shocking acts of alleged cruelty if found guilty.

Punish Owner of Shelter Apparently Found With Feces-Caked Walls, Raw Sores, No Water, and Puppy Carcasses

Special needs dogs were reportedly found with exposed ribs, raw sores, and immobile limbs, living in filth among the dead bodies of other victims. Demand justice.

Applaud Rescue of World’s Loneliest Sheep

An abandoned sheep forced into solitude at the bottom of a cliff now has a new home. Commend rescuers for saving this lonely animal.

Don’t Give Hunters Free Passes for Alleged Animal Cruelty

A Vermont man allegedly killed a deer in a fit of anger and then let the animal suffer in agony for more than an hour. The legal system and lax state laws are currently protecting him. Demand justice in this horrific case.

Dogs Allegedly Imprisoned Inside Death Crate Deserve Justice

A dog allegedly died desperate, starving, and thirsty trapped inside of a crate. Another dog reportedly narrowly escaped the same bleak fate. Call for true justice in this disturbing case.

Stop Billions of Birds From Dying in Building Collisions

When birds and buildings collide, tragedy too often results. Demand stronger protections for birds at risk from dangerous building designs.

Justice for Horses and Dogs Allegedly Victimized by Serial Abuser

Dozens of dogs and horses were allegedly severely neglected, leading to multiple reported deaths. Demand the twice-charged suspect face a full legal reckoning.

100 Dogs Reportedly Found Starved to Death in House of Horrors Deserve Justice

Hundreds of animals were found starving in filth, according to authorities, with as many as 100 tragically dying. Demand justice in this highly disturbing case.

Find Missing, Possibly Poached and Stolen Park Turtles

A pair of snapping turtles vanished from the park they had called home for years. Demand a full investigation into their whereabouts.

Help King Crabs Recreate Coral Reef Kingdoms

Crabs could prove to be the unlikely saviors of the world’s imperiled coral reefs. Demand more research and investment in this potentially transformative resource.

Cat and Dog Allegedly Assaulted by Caretaker Deserve Justice

A dog and cat were allegedly brutalized by the man who was supposed to love and protect them. One of the animals died as an apparent result. Demand justice in this disturbing case.

Stop Slaughtering Feral Cats for Sport

Cats born in the wild are being ruthlessly executed, sometimes with prize money attached. Demand a better approach that values conservation over decimation.

Don’t Sacrifice Healthy Dogs Under Discriminatory Ban

A long-stigmatized dog breed will soon be banned in the United Kingdom, and innocent animals may die as a result. Call for a more compassionate and informed approach to American bully ownership.

Don’t Let Cocaine Sharks Become Reality

Wildlife are being put at risk from ingesting drugs made by humans. Call for barriers against the infusion of narcotics into aquatic environments.

Justice for Puppy Allegedly Thrown From Car Window at Shelter

A puppy was reportedly thrown from a car window outside an animal shelter. Demand prosecutors seek the maximum penalty in this case.

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