Don’t Let Animal Rescuers Become Animal Abusers

Target: Dr. Richard Irvine, Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales

Goal: Ensure passage of broad animal welfare and regulation framework to protect at-risk animals.

Once again, individuals touting themselves as animal rescuers are accused of condemning the animals under their care to pain and suffering. About two dozen cats were found reportedly living in filth and squalor at a supposed animal sanctuary in Wales. Investigators only discovered the reportedly dilapidated conditions after a fire broke out on the property. Amongst the ruins were 11 dead cats. The duo who apparently operated the sanctuary were sentenced to a few weeks of jail time and prohibited from keeping animals for a decade.

Wales is in the process of developing a national model for animal welfare regulation. Key points of this proposal include strengthening the guidelines for licensing animal-related activities, including sanctuaries and rescues. Creating tougher standards for people who want to take care of animals may have saved the lives of these cats and countless other innocents.

Sign the petition below to urge the expedition and passage of these important animal welfare efforts.


Dear Dr. Irvine,

The proposed national model for animal welfare regulation was recently opened to public comment. You specifically asked for input about gaps in current legislation and evidence for stronger regulation. A troubling incident out of Port Talbot is representative of the many incidents that prove the case for a national model.

The events occurred at a purported animal sanctuary known as Jemima’s place. Two individuals, Martin Clowes and Gavin Cromwell, opened this center and reportedly housed cats. But apparent negligence left these animals living in filthy conditions, allegedly covered in their own excrement, and vulnerable to a fire that nearly destroyed the property. Of the two dozen cats associated with the property, a little more than half were found alive. Clowes and Cromwell have faced legal repercussions.

But if these men had been properly vetted and subjected to a rigorous licensing process, perhaps the innocent animals would not have needed to be rescued from the supposed rescuers. Please recognize this case as an example of why Wales urgently needs a national animal welfare regulation framework.


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Photo Credit: Jesus Solana


  1. Another false rescue place! So sick of hearing about despicable monsters who run these places and are nothing but lying, greedy, uncaring freaks!! Throw the owners in jail for the rest of their miserable, stinking lives. The poor animals suffer at the hands of these rotten people.

  2. Kathleen Aispuro says:

    I’m concerned about the conditions at the City of San Antonio Animal Care center. They kill dogs every day. Sometimes as many or more than 20 a day. Six days a week. This often includes mother dogs with nursing puppies only a few days old. One instance they spayed a mother dog with full term babies still in her, killed the babies and then put her on the kill list. The dogs sometimes only get as few as two days to find a home even when they are well kept and appear to have owners. The couple days notice that they are on the kill list allows no time for them to seek homes or sponsors since in order to adopt out of state requires them to have a shelter work as an in between. Last year the kill number was 5000. This year they are already at 2000. We only ask that someone step in and see why the hurry to kill these dogs. Often when kennels are open. Thank you for listening.

    • All the people that works in these shelters should be killed and all the damn women having fucking kids left and right should be put to sleep just like all these mother dogs 🐕 cause a woman is no fucking better then a dog to be killed there to manydamn kids on welfare as we speak and one thing different is a mother dog doesn’t get to have all the care as a fucking human baby and that why I love all animals more then I do human babies are kids cause they cost more money then animals do

  3. Yea there just like the damn shelter in Houston Texas that kills all the dogs and cats left and right and they don’t give a fuck if they are having babies are if they had babies cause they kill them all me I say everytime someone bring there dogs are cats in you put the damn owner in the cages cause there to many fucking people in America 🇺🇸 to began with there more people and kids then there are animals

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