Articles written by: Tiffany White

Prosecute Famous Actor Accused of Killing Dogs to ‘Get in Character’

Movie star Shia LaBeouf has been accused of repeatedly shooting stray dogs to get into the “mindset” of a killer. Demand that authorities treat this famous actor the same as any other citizen and investigate the charges fully.

Don’t Hide Destructive Impacts of Arctic Drilling on Wildlife

The status of wildlife at risk from greedy oil drilling transactions is being deliberately withheld from public scrutiny. Urge the truth about the federal government’s continued assault on the Arctic.

Justice for Animals Allegedly Caged and Starved

A raccoon and two puppies starved to death in a case of alleged animal cruelty. Several other caged animals nearly met the same fate. Demand proper punishment for the woman accused of this reported crime.

Malnourished Horses and Dogs Allegedly Victimized by Negligent Owner Deserve Justice

A woman allegedly neglected her horses and dogs to the point of near-death, with a newborn colt dying tragically. She seemingly tried to escape justice by failing to appear in court and answer these charges. Demand her reported victims receive justice.

Decapitated Cat and Dead Chickens Reportedly Found in Feces-Filled Home Deserve Justice

Two cats and three chickens reportedly suffered starvation and mutilation before dying of neglect. The family who was supposed to care for them has been charged for their grisly deaths. Demand justice for these animals.

China: Protect All Animals and Make Cruelty a Crime

More life resides in China than any other nation on Earth, yet this country still refuses to protect its precious animals. Various animals are victimized and killed every day with no apparent consequence. Demand strong action against animal cruelty.

Applaud the Relocation of ‘World’s Loneliest Elephant’ to Sanctuary

An elephant kept in isolation and allegedly horrid conditions for years will now live freely and with hundreds of other elephants, thanks to dedicated advocates. Applaud this animal welfare success story.

Stop Maiming and Torturing Horses’ Legs and Hooves for Entertainment

Competitive show horses are enduring routine torture and pain in the name of entertainment. Their hooves and legs are maimed and injured, sometimes causing lifelong damage. Urge lawmakers to support an effort that could prevent and punish these heinous acts of animal cruelty.

Stop Reported Overbreeding, Exploitation, and Sale of Farmed Puppies

At least five innocent dogs were allegedly overbred and exploited by a suspected puppy farm. Many more are likely to have suffered at the hands of apparently unlicensed and unregulated dog-dealers. Demand justice for these brave survivors.

Death is Not Disease Prevention: No More Culling of Innocent Animals

Millions of mink are slaughtered every year to prop up the mink fur industry, and now this industry’s carelessness may make millions more sacrificial lambs in the fight against COVID-19. A mass culling of Denmark’s mink may soon take place in a misguided effort to stop new infections. Urge leaders to reassess this systemic execution that will only raise the death toll.

Stop Abandoning Roosters to Starve and Freeze

Abandoned roosters are being left to starve, freeze, and violently die in alarming numbers. Demand protections for these victims of often-unintentional yet deadly animal cruelty.

Rescue Pilot Whales From Pod Stranding Massacres

Hundreds of pilot whales died in agony after being stranded along Tasmania’s coast. Dozens more nearly lost their lives in a similar event in Sri Lanka. Demand stronger safeguards and scientifically based plans to save these at-risk marine mammals.

Applaud Biden for Bringing America’s First Shelter Dog to White House

A shelter animal will soon call the White House home for the first time in history. Applaud President-Elect Biden’s inclusion of a rescued German shepherd puppy in his soon-to-be First Family.

Stop Subjecting Animals to Death and Misery for Pointless Research

Laboratories maim and kill untold numbers of innocent animals, while rarely producing useful results. End this pointless cruelty now.

Get Endangered Sharks Off the Hook

Sharks have transformed from predator to prey in a vital Mediterranean ecosystem, imperiling the future of these animals and the ecosystem itself. Protect these protectors of stability from human-induced eradication.

Success: Dog Beaten and Stabbed to Death Receives Justice

A man who beat his dog until she suffered a broken skull and then stabbed her to death has been convicted of animal cruelty. He could receive a sentence of up to three years in prison. Applaud the justice delivered in this tragic case.

Slaughter of Bear Cubs and Rare Jaguars Approved by Trump Administration Must be Stopped

Donald Trump’s administration has decided to allow bear cubs, rare jaguars and wolf pups to be slaughtered on public lands. Help us stop the killing of innocent wildlife by the Trump administration.

Punish Trainer Who Allegedly Tortured Three Racehorses

A renowned horse trainer and two other men have been accused of shocking and beating the very animals they were supposed to safeguard. Seek justice for the horses allegedly tortured under their so-called care.

Punish Hunters Who Use Painful Steel-Jaw Death Traps to Ensnare Animals

A coyote pup died as a result of injuries apparently sustained from an agonizingly painful, illegal steel-jaw trap. The man allegedly responsible for using this torture device should be held accountable. Demand full justice for this innocent pup and other animals endangered by willful disregard of the law.

Don’t Give Puppy Left Tied in Dangerous Heat Back to Accused Abuser

A puppy reportedly left tied outside by a two-foot chain in sweltering heat has been returned to the woman charged with abusing him. Stop this reckless decision that could further endanger an innocent animal’s life.

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