Articles written by: Tiffany White

Dogs Allegedly Abused, Branded, and Forcibly Bred Deserve Justice

An Oklahoma couple stands accused of neglecting and abusing 24 helpless animals in an alleged dogfighting operation. These dogs are thankfully safe now, but their reported abusers need to answer for their alleged crimes. Ensure justice for these brave survivors.

Stop Poisoning Endangered Wildlife to Death

Thousands of African wildlife are being poisoned and cruelly executed. These heartless actions may push some endangered species to extinction. Demand an end to this mass extermination of defenseless animals.

Stop Eating Live Animals and Drinking Their Blood for “Survival” Training

Countless animals are being eaten alive and killed in horrifying ways by the Marine Corps in the name of “training.” Urge the military to end this pointless mass cruelty.

Yellowstone: Don’t Slaughter Bison for Cattle Industry

Yellowstone Park officials are in the process of culling the park’s 4,000-plus bison population due to fears that they carry a disease that could negatively impact the cattle industry. Though the sick animals could be relocated, many are executed simply out of convenience. Stop the deliberate slaughter of nearly a thousand targeted wildlife.

Stop Threatened Species From Disappearing Due to Lack of Federal Protection

Countless endangered species are falling through the cracks of Australia’s faltering wildlife conservation efforts. These gravely at-risk animals are paying the price with their lives. Demand leaders devote aid and resources to the living beings most devastated by deadly disasters.

Save Dogs From Inhumane and Life-Threatening Tethering

Countless dogs die every year due to the effects of inhumane tethering, either starving to death or succumbing to the elements. These abusive forms of dog tethering could soon be outlawed in Hawaii, saving lives in the process. Demand swift and final passage of anti-tethering initiatives.

Puppy With Ears Reportedly Cut Off in Botched Procedure Deserves Justice

A puppy’s ears were reportedly cut off with scissors in a disturbing act of animal abuse. The puppy’s owner has been charged with animal cruelty for this apparently botched procedure. Demand just punishment in this case.

Cattle Allegedly Left to Die in Depleted Fields Deserve Justice

Countless cattle were allegedly left on the brink of starvation at the hands of a prominent town leader. A mayor in Florida has been charged with animal cruelty in this disturbing case. Demand he face justice, if found guilty.

Don’t Make Endangered Pangolins Sacrificial Lambs of Coronavirus

Pangolins, the most trafficked mammal in the world, are once again in danger of harm. Potential links between pangolins and the coronavirus outbreak have stoked public panic that could lead to further eradication of this endangered species. Demand leaders safeguard these at-risk animals from further harm.

Punish Animal Abusers With Prison Time

Animal abuse takes place every 27 seconds in the United Kingdom, yet only a small fraction of those cases result in jail time. Instead, the guilty party usually receives a slap on the wrist. Sign this petition to demand the UK punish animal abusers with lengthy prison sentences.

Thirty Dogs Poisoned to Death Deserve Justice

India has become ground zero for a rash of dog poisonings. The latest slaughter took the lives of 30 stray dogs. Urge involved police action in this disturbing mass execution.

Justice for Koalas Reportedly Crushed and Starved to Death

Close to 100 koalas reportedly faced injury, starvation, and death in Australia…and this time bushfires are not to blame. Rather, deliberate human actions may have caused this crisis. Demand that authorities prosecute and punish those responsible for this troubling act of apparent animal cruelty.

End Cruelty and Mass Death on Live Animal Export Ships

Untold numbers of animals perish every year on modern-day slave ships. Outdated, dangerous live export vessels continue wiping out living beings with nary a slap on the wrist from the shipping industry. Urge needed reform and a renewed commitment to animal welfare.

Save Endangered Hedgehogs From Habitat Loss

Hedgehogs have been pushed to the brink of extinction in the UK, and Brexit threatens to send this endangered species over the edge. Crucial wildlife habitats could lose their protection under new less rigorous laws. Urge enhanced protections for these at-risk animals.

Dog Reportedly Left Bleeding to Death Tied to Tree Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly left to die tied to a tree, bleeding profusely from a slashed neck wound. Ensure the man accused of this horrific act receives a just punishment, if found guilty.

Ban Disease-Causing and Animal-Eradicating Wet Markets

Live animal markets have increased wildlife trafficking, threatened countless species and habitats, and are now spreading deadly diseases. Urge the government at the center of the latest wet market crisis to ban these breeding grounds for animal exploitation and human endangerment.

Terrified Pig Forced to Bungee Jump Deserves Justice

A pig was thrown off a platform on a bungee rope in a sick act of animal cruelty. The animal fell hundreds of feet and was left in a semi-conscious state. Urge stronger protections for living beings vulnerable to such cruel exploitation and abuse.

Success: Innocent Victims of Animal Cruelty Protected

Ontario, once the site of urgent animal welfare lapses, has now become a benchmark in the fight against animal cruelty. New laws will bolster the apprehension and punishment of cruel offenders. Applaud this important win for animal welfare.

Puppy Dropped 30 Feet From Overpass Deserves Justice

A puppy nearly died after someone threw her from a highway overpass. Her extensive injuries merit the maximum possible penalty. Demand that this person, once apprehended, faces the harshest charges and punishment possible.

Tigers Allegedly Abandoned to Starve in Squalor Deserve Justice

Six tigers allegedly almost starved to death in Ukraine. The animals’ primary caretaker reportedly abandoned them to horrid conditions and certain death. Demand this man receive the maximum penalty if found guilty.

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