Articles written by: Tiffany White

Save Wildlife From Climate Change-Induced Wildfires

Half a billion animals have burned or suffocated to death in Australia’s climate change-induced wildfires. This has quickly become one of the world’s worst environmental crises and the effects of climate change can no longer be ignored. Urge Australia’s leaders to throw water on the flames in the form of desperately needed policy changes.

Save Horses’ Lives With National Tracking System

Thousands of Australian horses have died prematurely from disease, displacement, and violent mistreatment. A national horse database could mitigate these tragedies. Demand Australia’s government support this life-saving measure.

End Cruel Live Exports After Thousands of Sheep Drowned

Over 12,000 sheep drowned because of one country’s cruel live export trade. A blatant disregard for humane animal welfare standards created this crisis. Urge Romania to stop more tragedies like this from happening.

Save Manatees From Slaughter by Boat

Over 100 Florida manatees died from boating collisions in the past year. The boat speeding laws that could save these marine animals suffer from strong opposition and inadequate enforcement. Demand Florida’s primary conservation service offer equally strong protections for at-risk manatees.

Stop Mass Die-Off of Endangered Mussels

An extinction of freshwater mussels could be underway. If this troubling event comes to pass, entire freshwater habitats will collapse next. Urge one of America’s leading conservation agencies to act urgently in preventing this imminent crisis.

Stop Crushing Turkeys’ Necks With Pliers

Several turkeys allegedly died from either quick, horrific neck crushing practices or agonizing long-term neglect. The farm reportedly responsible for these shameful acts is still supplying turkeys to millions of consumers. Urge one of England’s most renowned supermarkets to stop doing business with alleged chronic animal abusers.

Stop Fishing Tuna and Sharks to Extinction

The world’s demand for tuna may soon wipe out these endangered fish. Life-saving efforts can and should be broadened. Demand stronger protections for all at-risk marine life.

Stop Donald Trump, Jr. From Slaughtering More Endangered Animals

Donald Trump, Jr. shot an endangered argali sheep in Mongolia to add to his collection of slaughtered big game “trophies.” Donald killed this protected animal without a permit, so the Mongolian president granted him a permit retroactively after meeting with Trump. Sign this petition to demand an end to corrupt Trump family “exotic” hunting.

Stop Breeding Pigs to Death

Pigs are literally being bred to death by the hundreds of thousands in Denmark. A destructive rapid replacement approach that prioritizes production over welfare sends over half a million sows to slaughter every year. Demand better from a country that prides itself on fair and humane treatment.

Cats Reportedly Mutilated, Bound, and Thrown in Garbage Deserve Justice

Four cats were apparently cruelly slaughtered and thrown out with the trash. The man accused of this sick crime may have taken other innocent animals’ lives as well. Urge a severe punishment for this vicious felony.

Stop Fraudulent Use of “Humanely Raised” Labels

Countless turkeys are being mistreated this Thanksgiving season, all under the cover of “humane” practices. This mislabeling by the poultry industry misinforms consumers and brings more money to producers that harm animals. Urge the USDA to fix the misleading poultry labeling system.

Punish Men Accused of Poisoning 400 Eagles

Hundreds of majestic eagles were poisoned in Australia. One of the men allegedly responsible for this mass slaughter could escape justice. Urge accountability in this travesty before it is too late.

Man Accused of Slashing Throat of Girlfriend’s Cat Must be Punished

A man reportedly slashed a cat’s throat as part of a domestic dispute following a disturbing text message threatening decapitation. This is just one of many recent animal cruelty cases in a region that has become ground-zero for animal abuse. Demand that justice be served for this cat and all animals suffering from mistreatment.

Save South Africa’s Great White Sharks

The magnificent great white sharks of South Africa are disappearing, and their plight is linked to human activity. Help keep the waters off South Africa brimming with their most famous inhabitants.

Success: Animal Cruelty To Become Federal Crime

Victims of animal cruelty will soon receive real justice following the passing of national safeguards for animal victims. In the process, the worst acts of animal cruelty will receive federal condemnation. Applaud an important cause that united all political leaders and will bring justice to these innocent victims.

Animals Found Reportedly With ‘Hair Loss, Fleas, Tumors and Ear Infections’ Deserve Justice

A farm reportedly was the location of over 100 acts of horrific animal cruelty. Dogs, miniature horses, and a donkey suffered from skin tumors, fleas, ear infections, malnourishment, and hair loss due to alleged neglect. Demand a fitting penalty for and a decisive stand against this reported pervasive abuse.

Save Racehorses from Horrific Fate

Thousands of once-prized racehorses allegedly suffer an inhumane, humiliating death at the hands of abusive handlers. A criminal probe is currently holding one alleged offender accountable. Demand government leaders provide long-term safeguards for future victims of unrestrained animal cruelty.

Punish Laboratory Allegedly Brimming With Blood, Poison, and Pain-Filled Screams

Widespread squalor and torture allegedly became standard operating procedure for a German laboratory. Lacking animal welfare and animal cruelty standards may have enabled the suffering of countless dogs, cats, rabbits, and monkeys. Demand stronger protections for Germany’s abused and exploited animals.

Success: California Bans Wild Animal Circuses and Fur Industries

Animal rights took two monumental steps forward in California. Now, the living beings most victimized by circuses and by the blood-money fur trade have new hope. Applaud these encouraging wins for abused and exploited animals.

Dogs Nearly Starved and Suffocated in Storage Facility Deserve Justice

Seven dogs were stuffed into a storage unit in a shocking case of animal cruelty. These dogs lacked access to water, food, and even breathable air. Demand identification and punishment for the cruel perpetrator who left these innocent animals to a potentially deadly fate.

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