Dog Allegedly Drowned by Caretaker Deserves Justice

Target: Flynn Broady, District Attorney for Cobb County, GA

Goal: Prosecute animal cruelty case involving dog’s reported drowning death to fullest extent.

A dog was allegedly found drowned in Georgia’s Chattahoochee River. The shocking discovery kickstarted an investigation that led to a suspect. Timorra Rogo has been jailed on suspicion of intentionally drowning the dog. More heartbreaking still, Rogo was this animal’s trusted caretaker. Authorities had apparently uncovered the identity of the dog through an implanted microchip.

Following the investigation, a theory has emerged that Rogo arrived at the river with her dog in a cage and with what investigators called “evil” intentions. Investigators also reported they had retrieved about eight pounds of rocks from inside the cage.

Justice has been delayed long enough. Sign the petition below to demand maximum charges be pursued in this disturbing case.


Dear DA Broady,

“Anybody that would do something like that is straight evil. This is torture to drown a dog.” The Cobb County Animal Services Director had these strong words for the case involving a dog reportedly caged (with eight pounds of rocks allegedly used as weights) and drowned in the Chattahoochee River. Timorra Rogo, the dog’s owner, has been jailed for the crime following an extensive investigation.

Please secure justice for this innocent animal and seek the strongest possible charges and penalties in the event of a conviction.


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  1. This woman doesn’t deserve to live. She killed her dog! Hey you have to be a Trump supporter in order to do that and get away with it. But this woman is not Noem. They both did the same horrible act and should be treated the same. But in America there is little justice. If it happens to be a Supreme Court case, then there is NO justice! I wish society could do to these mentally deranged people what they did to the ones who loved them, but we can’t do that. I wish for the legal system to come forth and serve justice for the dog. This type of crime never gets punished and is done over and over. Creeps.

  2. The woman sounds foreign. They probably eat dogs in her country. She is a sick individual and doesn’t deserve an animal. How could she willingly drown a dog. The dog did not deserve to die like that. Couldn’t she give the dog away?????? Sick Sick

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