Articles written by: Tiffany White

Dogs Apparently Killed by Police Officer and Buried at Training Facility Deserve Justice

The bodies of ten deceased dogs were reportedly found buried at a training facility run by a police officer. Demand that he face real consequences if guilty of causing these deaths.

Dogs Reportedly Shot in Face and Beaten Until Their Bones Snapped Deserve Justice

At least three men accused of crimes like shooting a dog in the face and beating another until the animal’s ribs broke have gotten off with probation. Demand that this injustice be reversed.

Black Bear Mother Shot to Death Deserves Justice

Bobbi, a beloved black bear mother with two cubs, was fatally shot in a senseless act of violence. Demand justice for Bobbi.

Puppy Who Apparently Endured Bone-Breaking, Head-Busting Assault Deserves Justice

A puppy sustained broken bones and other serious injuries after reportedly being thrown forcefully across a room. Call for justice in this case.

Cat Reportedly Trapped in Cage and Shot in the Head Deserves Justice

Two people accused of killing a caged cat with a shot to the head have not faced any meaningful punishment. Demand that reported animal abusers be held fully accountable.

Stop Plastic Pollution From Killing Elephants

Elephants are dying tragically after eating toxic plastic from landfills. Call for action to combat this deadly crisis.

Dogs Reportedly Found Starving and Emaciated in Feces-Filled Pen Deserve Justice

Two dogs nearly died after they were reportedly found starved, dehydrated, and imprisoned in a tiny enclosure. Demand justice in this case of apparent sadistic cruelty.

Dolphins Impaled and Reportedly Fatally Harassed Deserve Justice

A pair of defenseless dolphins died in two unrelated acts of apparent animal cruelty. A stranded dolphin took her last breaths as bystanders seemingly harassed her, while an unknown assailant impaled a nursing mother dolphin. Urge the most severe punishment for all involved parties.

Millions of Chickens Reportedly Suffocated to Death on Billionaire’s Farm Deserve Justice

A farm owned by a billionaire magnate is accused of dooming five million chickens to slow deaths by suffocation. Demand justice and a thorough investigation.

Stop Tires From Poisoning Streams and Killing Fish

The tires on automobiles are killing fish and other wildlife on a massive scale. Demand action to combat this threat to aquatic animals.

Justice for Guinea Pig and Cat Killed and Sealed in Trash Bags

A cat and a guinea pig both died from likely acts of animal cruelty. These victims’ lives were then demeaned even further when they were disposed of in trash bags. Demand the perpetrator of these horrific crimes be held fully accountable when identified.

Success: Beagles Saved From Painful Experimentation

Dogs and cats at risk of inhumane experimentation have been granted legal protection in Virginia. Applaud a welcome win for animal welfare.

Dog Reportedly Beaten at Gas Station Deserves Justice

An man was reportedly caught on video beating his dog at a gas station. Demand authorities find and prosecute this person.

Stop Salmon Farmers From Hurting and Killing Seals

Seals are being harmed and killed so that humans can continue harvesting salmon. Urge Australia’s guardian of the environment to do her job and stop these needless and illegal deaths.

Stop Subsidizing Horrific Bull Fighting

European governments subsidize the slaughter of roughly 250,000 bulls annually. Urge them to stop their support of bull-breeding farms.

Stop Deliberately Killing Farm Animals With Heatstroke and Suffocation

Animals are being cooked and suffocated to death on America’s farms, and these heinous killings are justified as euthanasia. Urge an end to legal torture in the agriculture industry.

Save Ukrainian Animals From Putin’s Barbaric War of Aggression

Pets and other animals are the forgotten victims of Russia’s war on Ukraine. Ask European leaders to do more to rescue these creatures from slaughter and starvation.

Stop Renting Out Endangered Koalas for Parties

Endangered koalas are being rented out for parties and other entertainment, garnering profit for the organizations that should be caring for them. Urge an end to this exploitation that harms the health and well-being of these at-risk animals.

Don’t Punish Activists for Rescuing At-Risk Animals

Animals are dying on farms due to lack of care and inhumane living conditions. Yet instead of going after these abuses, the legal system punishes individuals who fight for animal welfare. Demand a reversal that empowers people seeking change and protects the nation’s most marginalized animals.

Stop Slaughtering Crocodiles for Handbags

Thousands of crocodiles and other wild animals are being farmed and slaughtered annually so humans can wear so-called fashionable accessories. Urge a prominent luxury goods company to stop its production and sale of exotic animal skin products.

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