Trump Tricked Us – Oppose His Quiet Plan to Allow Trophy Hunting

A ban on the import of elephant trophies has been quietly lifted by the Trump administration. This is a huge blow to elephant conservation and makes the U.S. complicit in the cruel killing of innocent animals for profit. Demand that the ban on importing elephant trophies be preserved.

Don’t Kill Homeless Dogs and Cats Before World Cup Event in Russia

Russia is planning on slaughtering thousands of stray dogs before it hosts the World Cup. Time is running out for these poor animals. Sign this petition to stop the planned extermination.

Justice for Puppy Thrown Into Burning Fire Pit

An eight-month-old puppy named Polo was found with debilitating burns all over his body after being thrown into a fire. Demand that Polo’s attackers are found and punished.

Man Caught on Video Punching Dog Must be Punished

A man was caught on video punching his dog repeatedly in the head before slamming her to the ground. The vicious attack occurred in broad daylight on a public street. Demand that the poor dog be rescued and her violent attacker brought to justice.

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Success: Duck Strangling Festival Canceled

Duck Brandon WeeksFor years, a festival where revelers would fight to rip off a duck’s head has been allowed to continue. Thankfully, government officials have finally put an end to this savage event. Sign this petition and thank officials for sparing innocent ducks from unnecessary pain and death.

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