Articles written by: Sara Ives

Ban Cruel Puppy Mills Throughout Australia

Puppy mills are notorious for abuse and neglect of animals, and Australia has an opportunity to ban these cruel operations. Urge the Australian government to ban puppy mills nationwide.

Stop the Mass Slaughter of Reindeer Herds

Many of Norway’s reindeer are at risk due to ongoing culls intended to reduce their numbers out of concerns regarding overgrazing and disease. Demand that the country stop this inhumane practice that threatens these animals and the indigenous people who rely on them.

Stop Ski Resort From Destroying Bear Habitat

A national park and UNESCO heritage site is at risk due to a ski resort’s planned expansion. Sign this petition to stop this tourist destination from destroying this one-of-a-kind refuge that is home to endangered wolves and bears.

Save the Critically Endangered Sumatran Tiger

The Sumatran tiger is in imminent danger of extinction thanks to deforestation in Indonesia. Sign this petition to demand that more be done to protect their remaining habitat from destruction caused by the palm oil industry and road construction.

Punish Officers Who Forced Man to Behead His Own Dog

A sheriff’s officer is believed to have forced a man to behead his own dog after he was shot and killed for attacking a neighbor. No animal owner should have to endure this trauma. Sign this petition and demand that a full investigation take place into this dog’s death and the officer’s actions.

Punish Man Accused of Biting Dog’s Eye Out

A man is accused of biting out the eye of his parents’ dog named Chloe. Demand that the man receive the maximum penalty if found guilty of this sick and twisted act.

Save Elderly Lion From Slowly Starving to Death

Juboraj the lion appears to be starving to death at a zoo in his old age. Officials have responded to the public outcry by hiding him away from view. Demand this poor elderly lion be sent to an accredited sanctuary.

Stop Poachers from Killing Elephants for Their Skins

Fewer than 2,000 wild elephants remain in Myanmar, largely thanks to poachers targeting them for their skins as well as their ivory. These elephants will likely go extinct unless more is done to protect them. Sign this petition to demand that all illegal hunters and smugglers be harshly punished.

Shut Down Company Accused of Torturing and Drowning Live Animals

Live pigeons are held underwater and drowned and crayfish are injected with deadly latex at a company that supplies animals for dissection, according to a recently-released undercover video. Sign this petition to demand that the facility in question be permanently shut down.

Save the World’s Most Endangered Penguin

The world’s rarest penguin species is being driven toward extinction by dangerous trawling nets that are killing them in large numbers. Sign this petition to demand that the use of these nets be banned.

Mother Wolf Murdered by Poachers Deserves Justice

A mother wolf was found killed by poachers, leaving her pups behind to fend for themselves. Demand that local officials find and punish the person responsible for this tragic killing.

Puppy Reportedly Dragged Behind Car and Then Decapitated Deserves Justice

A puppy was dragged behind a car and then decapitated in a reported act of shocking violence. The dog’s owner claims her boyfriend choked her and then turned his anger on her puppy, ultimately killing the dog in a grisly act. Sign this petition to demand prosecutors pursue the maximum penalty in this case.

End Violent Bullfights Now

A bullfighter suffered a gruesome wound to his groin after an enraged bull charged at him. While many media reports have focused on his injury, almost no mention has been made of the fact that the abused bull who charged in defense will likely be slaughtered as an additional act of cruelty. Sign this petition to demand that bullfighting be brought to an end.

Stop Trump Administration From Killing Endangered Lions

U.S. trophy hunters will now be able to import lion parts from three African nations following a shameful decision made by the Trump administration to reverse the existing ban. Lions are endangered throughout Africa and need our help. Sign this petition to help ensure these majestic creatures do not go extinct.

Severely Punish Men Allegedly Involved in Cockfighting Ring

Nearly 30 roosters were allegedly being used as part of a cockfighting ring in Colorado. The birds were physically altered and bred for aggression by people who trained them to participate in a vicious blood sport. Demand that those accused be harshly punished if found guilty of this heinous crime.

Success: Nosey the Elephant Rescued From Owner

An elephant who has spent the past 25 years of her life confined in isolation and denied proper veterinary care was finally rescued and removed from her owner’s care. Sign this petition to thank the animal control officer responsible for intervening on behalf of Nosey the Elephant.

Dairy Cows Allegedly Beat With Metal Rods by Workers Deserve Justice

A chilling undercover video shot at a Florida dairy farm appears to show farm workers savagely beating cows with metal rods and kicking them in the head. Sign this petition to demand that this farm be shut down immediately if these allegations are proven to be true.

Justice for Baby Elephant Burned Alive

The back legs of a baby elephant are consumed in fire as she desperately runs to her mother, screaming in pain and fear. This was the scene captured by a photographer in India who witnessed an angry mob attacking a mother and child elephant with flaming tar balls and firecrackers. Demand authorities take immediate action to protect elephants.

Shut Down Inhumane Ape Attraction

A gorilla and an orangutan have allegedly been subjected to horrifying neglect and abuse at a Florida ape attraction. Sign this petition and demand that the owners address these issues immediately or shut down for good.

Cat Killed After Being Strapped to Exploding Fireworks Deserves Justice

A cat was discovered horribly mutilated after two rockets strapped to his or her back had exploded. This sickening act of abuse must not go unpunished. Demand that police find and severely punish whomever is responsible.

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