Articles written by: Sara Ives

Do Not Allow Yellowstone Bison to be Slaughtered

Yellowstone National Park’s Superintendent claims that he is being forced out of his job because of his disagreement with the Trump Administration over a plan to slaughter bison to appease nearby ranchers. Whoever takes his place will likely face similar pressure to kill these iconic animals. Sign this petition to tell the federal government that bison belong in this famous national park.

Don’t Kill Pregnant Cow For Crossing International Border

After a heavily pregnant cow wandered over the border between Bulgaria and Serbia, the animal was captured by European Union officials and ‘sentenced’ to death for violating livestock regulations. Urge the EU to spare this healthy cow’s life and allow her to remain at home.

Dog Who Died After Man Allegedly Shot into Home Deserves Justice

A Labrador Retriever was fatally injured after a man reportedly opened fire on a home where the dog was staying. This dog appears to have been an innocent victim of a senseless act of violence. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Put an End to Circus Animal Suffering in New Jersey

An effort to ban wild animals from travelling circus performances in New Jersey failed earlier this year when it was vetoed by then-governor Chris Christie. Lawmakers are now attempting once more to put an end to this cruelty, and if Nosey’s Law is passed, it will be up to the to the newly elected governor to decide. Sign this petition to demand that all circus animal suffering be put to an end.

Prohibit the Trade of the Fins of Endangered Sharks

Smugglers are taking advantage of Hong Kong’s lax shark fin import policy and are bringing in fins cruelly taken from a number of endangered shark species. This wasteful trade that kills thousands of sharks needlessly must be brought to an end. Sign this petition to demand that Hong Kong end all shark fin imports immediately.

Denounce the Slaughter of Over One Hundred Pregnant Whales

An estimated 120 pregnant whales were killed during Japan’s latest whale hunts in the Antarctic Southern Ocean. Demand that the international community put an end to this illegal and barbaric slaughter.

Punish Man Accused of Raping and Beating His Puppy

A five-month-old puppy named Frazier was beaten and sodomized by his owner, according to reports. Frazier is lucky to have survived and is slowly recovering. Demand justice for this innocent animal by insisting on the maximum punishment for the alleged attacker.

Stop Forcing Elephants to Swim Underwater for Tourists

A Thai zoo is cruelly exploiting elephants by forcing them to dive underwater for the amusement of tourists. The elephants are made to go fully underwater inside aquarium-style tanks, risking drowning and asphyxiation. Sign this petition to demand that this zoo stop forcing these elephants to risk their lives for tourists.

Man Accused of Beating Dog With Baseball Bat for Eating His Whopper Must be Punished

A dog was savagely beaten by his owner with a baseball bat, according to eyewitnesses of the horrifying scene. Demand justice for this innocent, brutalized victim.

Stop the Mass Slaughter of Thousands of Mountain Hares

Nearly 40 thousand mountain hares in Scotland have died in just one hunting season. Sign the petition to demand that this iconic species be protected against ruthless sport hunting.

Applaud Mexico City for Banning Dolphin and Sea Lion Captivity

Mexico City will end the cruel and inhumane practice of keeping dolphins and sea lions in captivity. This will effectively shut down any dolphinariums and other sea mammal tourist attractions within city limits. Sign this petition to thank city officials for this compassionate decision.

Shut Down Mega-Dairy Farm at Center of Animal Welfare and Environmental Scandal

Cows have allegedly been raised standing in their own filth at Oregon’s second-largest dairy farm. The controversial dairy has been charged with violation after violation yet still remains in operation. Demand that this cruel mega-farm finally be shut down for good.

Justice for Raccoons Allegedly Drowned in Cruel Classroom Activity

A teacher is accused of having drowned wild raccoons in a large garbage bin while students watched and assisted as part of an agriculture class activity. Animal suffering has no place in education. Sign this petition and demand justice for these innocent creatures.

Stop the Barbaric Slaughter of Thousands of Kangaroos

Australia has approved another annual kangaroo cull that will result in the planned killing of thousands of animals, including the cruel slaughter of both mothers and babies. Sign this petition to demand a nonlethal alternative to managing the kangaroo population.

Punish Teen for Allegedly Throwing Innocent Rabbit by the Ears

A Snapchat video appears to show a teenager sadistically tossing a rabbit by his ears, allegedly as a punishment for scratching her. Please add your signature to this petition demanding that this young suspect be punished for this abusive act.

Justice for Puppy Reportedly Kicked and Dragged in Apartment Elevator

A puppy was taken away from his owner after he was reportedly kicked and dragged inside an apartment elevator. The 10-month-old pit bull pup is lucky not to have sustained serious injuries from the vicious attack. Demand justice for this innocent young dog.

Stop Inhumane Government Experimentation on Innocent Animals

Taxpayer money was reportedly used to fund cruel experiments that allegedly left hundreds of cats and kittens dead. Now U.S. lawmakers are looking for answers from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Sign this petition to call for an end to these alleged inhumane government-funded animal research projects.

Stop the Cruel Mistreatment of Donkeys Used to Carry Tourists

Donkeys are forced to carry tourists and their luggage over 520 cobbled steps in blistering heat on the island of Santorini. On top of this, these animals are made to endure grueling 10-hour shifts, simply for the enjoyment of visitors. Sign this petition to demand that this inhumane practice be banned.

Vet Accused of Smuggling Heroin Inside Puppies’ Stomachs Must be Punished

Innocent puppies were reportedly used as drug carriers by a vet who surgically implanted liquid heroin inside their bellies. Demand that this man be severely punished if found guilty of this heinous crime.

Stop Hunters From Slaughtering Thousands of Baby Seals

The annual seal hunt in Canada is underway, with over 43,000 seal pups killed so far to make coats and other products that will largely go to waste. It is believed that at least 80,000 pups will die before the season is over. Sign this petition to demand that Canada put an end to this barbaric hunt.

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