Articles written by: Sara Ives

Stop Causing Horses Pain to Create Unnatural Stepping Gait

The practice of horse soring inflicts tremendous amounts of pain on the legs and hooves of horses to create an unnatural high-stepping gait. While nearly all forms of soring have been made illegal, some methods continue to persist. Sign this petition to demand that all types of soring be made illegal.

Success: Award Recognition Removed for Destinations that Allegedly Abuse Animals

TripAdvisor has removed its Certificate of Excellence award from three allegedly abusive wildlife attractions. Sign this petition to thank the travel site for no longer rewarding these destinations for their reportedly cruel treatment of animals.

Save Endangered Green-Haired Turtle from Extinction

A rare turtle known for sporting green algae as ‘hair’ has been recognized by an international organization as one of the world’s most endangered reptiles. Sign the petition to demand stronger protections to save this unique creature.

Demand Facebook Stop the Sale of Illegal Animal Parts

Facebook has allegedly been allowing the marketing of illegal and threatened animal parts in both private and public groups. Demand that the social media giant stop allowing wildlife traffickers to use its platform as a place to stage illicit deals.

Stop Deadly Plastic Waste Killing Whales and Other Wildlife

A sperm whale was discovered dead on a Spanish beach after he had apparently ingested over 60 pounds of plastic waste. This is just one tragic example of how human-produced waste is harming wildlife. Sign this petition to demand stronger laws against plastic pollution.

Stop Allowing Hunters to Gun Down Wolves with Assault Rifles

Hunters are killing wolves near Denali National Park using assault rifles and other high powered weapons. Without intervention, these wolves may be driven to extinction. Sign this petition to demand stronger hunting limits and restrictions.

Justice for Thousands of Sheep Killed in Reported Barbaric Conditions

At least 2,400 sheep were reportedly killed during export from Australia to the Middle East. These innocent animals were allegedly forced to endure suffocating heat with little food or water. Sign this petition to urge Australia to ban cruel live animal exports.

Protect Foxes and Other Wildlife from Illegal Hunting

Hundreds of illegal hunts are allegedly taking place each year across the United Kingdom. According to animal rights groups, these represent just the tip of the iceberg. Sign this petition to demand that the British government crack down on illegal hunting.

Stop Trophy Hunters from Hunting Giraffes to Extinction

The number of giraffes living in the wild has fallen by almost 40 percent in the last three decades, in large part due to American trophy hunters. Sign this petition to demand that the United States ban the import of giraffe trophies, including bones and skins.

Require Mental Health Treatment for All Animal Abusers

California may soon require animal abusers to undergo mental health treatment and rehabilitation. If this bill becomes law, it may help prevent future acts of abuse or violence against both animals and people. Sign this petition to lend your support.

Stop Allowing Chickens to Be Slaughtered While Conscious

California may finally outlaw allowing conscious chickens to be slaughtered while shackled. If a new law passes, it will make it illegal to kill chickens that can still feel and process pain. Sign this petition to demand that slaughtering facilities be held to this minimum standard of decency.

Ban Cruel, Painful, and Unnecessary Castrations of Piglets

Undercover investigations in Italy have revealed that pigs used to make parma ham have their tails routinely docked, while all male piglets are painfully castrated. These unnecessary procedures must be banned.

Do Not Allow the Hunting and Slaughtering of Crows

After outrage on social media forced a hunting club to cancel its planned hunt of wild crows, many are calling into question Vermont’s open hunting season on crows. Sign this petition to demand that these native birds not be subjected to unnecessary slaughter.

Ban the Torture of Animals at Rodeo Events

Cattle, horses and other animals are forced to participate in cruel rodeos where they are beaten and shocked using electric prods in the name of entertainment. Stop this widespread torture and demand the New Zealand government ban rodeo sports once and for all.

Stop the Unnecessary Slaughter of Chickens Using Ineffective Stun Guns

In the United Kingdom, reports have revealed that millions of chickens have been killed using ineffective electric stunning methods, resulting in a slow and painful death for these birds. Sign this petition to urge the British government to investigate the overuse of a killing method usually reserved for religious exemptions.

Success: United Airlines to Stop Subjecting Animals to Cruel Deaths in Cargo Compartments

Motivated by public outrage over the death of a dog forced to spend a flight in an overhead bin and other senseless animal killings, United Airlines announced it will suspend reservations for transporting animals via cargo until it can review its processes. Sign this petition to express support for this much needed change.

Dozens of Horses Apparently Gruesomely Starved to Death Deserve Justice

The decomposing bodies of over two dozen horses were removed from a farm where the animals had apparently been allowed to starve to death. One surviving horse was reportedly so ill he had to be euthanized. Demand justice for these animals subjected to slow, cruel deaths.

End Barbaric Cat Meat Markets and “Death Cages”

Cats, some of them kidnapped pets, are being brutally and illegally slaughtered for consumption in Vietnam. Demand that this cruel practice be brought to an end.

Don’t Allow For-Profit Companies to Oversee Animal Inspections

The Trump administration is about to allow private companies to conduct important animal inspections. Sign the petition to oppose this conflict of interest.

Justice for Raccoon Allegedly Run Over by Police

A raccoon was reportedly run over numerous times by police officers in upstate New York. Though the animal was confirmed to have rabies, this is not a humane way to end an animal’s suffering due to illness. Sign this petition and demand that these officers be penalized if found responsible.

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