Articles written by: Sara Ives

Applaud Ban on Elephants in Circuses

Circus performances involving elephants will no longer be welcome in the state of New York thanks to a new law. Sign this petition to express your thanks for this measure that will help put an end to the cruelty and abuse that circus elephants face.

Stop Forcing Elephants to Live in Cramped Conditions at Zoo

A bull elephant has tragically died as the result of his crippling arthritis, likely caused by years of endless pacing in his cramped zoo environment. This is yet another sign that zoos are no place for these intelligent and sensitive creatures. Sign this petition to call for the end of the inhumane exploitation of elephants in captivity.

Stop Silencing Animal Welfare Advocates With ‘Ag-Gag’ Law

Animal abusers are currently protected under a potentially unconstitutional law in Iowa that prohibits animal rights advocates and employees from filming or photographing unsafe or inhumane conditions on factory farms. Sign this petition to challenge the agricultural industry’s desire to keep potential abuse out of the public eye and demand that this law be overturned.

Wallabies Shot and Killed in Mass Slaughter Deserve Justice

Dozens of wallabies were found dead in a remote area of Australia, the apparent victims of a violent massacre at the hands of an unknown culprit. These animals appear to have been shot and bludgeoned and then allowed to rot. Sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent creatures.

Save Starving Penguins from Extinction

Adelie penguins are starving in East Antarctica due to climate change. Now their survival could be put at even greater risk if fisheries are allowed to exploit their remaining food resources. Sign this petition to demand that a marine reserve be put in place to protect Antarctic wildlife, such as the Adelie penguin.

Punish Men Who Allegedly Harassed Orcas for Selfies

Three men are suspected of having chased a group of orcas while on jet skis in the name of getting close-up photographs and video. Orcas are highly sensitive to this form of harassment, which is against rules intended to protect these majestic and intelligent creatures. Sign this petition to urge authorities to investigate and hold these men accountable if found responsible.

Neighbor Accused of Shooting Family Dog Five Times Must be Prosecuted

A golden retriever named Walle was allegedly shot dead by a neighbor for wandering out of his yard. Demand that police conduct a full investigation and punish the alleged attacker.

Punish Golfer Caught on Video Decapitating Goose

An injured goose was beheaded by a golfer with his club. Demand this man be charged with animal cruelty so that he will face justice for this senseless act of animal cruelty.

Success: United Kingdom Plans to Ban Ivory Exports and Sales

The environment minister for the United Kingdom has announced that he intends to call for a near-total ban of ivory sales and exports, including antique ivory that has been legal in the country up until now. This proposal is vital to help put an end to the global ivory trade, which has claimed the lives of thousands of innocent elephants. Sign this petition to show your thanks and support for this proposed ban.

Don’t Allow Fans to Throw Octopuses at Games

For the past 70 years, fans of the Detroit Red Wings have thrown octopuses onto the rink in a bizarre celebration of their team’s prowess. Urge the team’s owners to put an end to what has been a cruel and inhumane tradition and prohibit all fans from participating.

Stop Tearing Elephants From Their Mothers and Shipping Them to Chinese Zoos

Baby elephants are torn from their mothers, beaten and imprisoned in Zimbabwe, just to be then sold to Chinese zoos. Demand that officials put an end to the disgusting and inhumane elephant trade once and for all.

Support Stronger Animal Welfare Laws

Perpetrators of the most horrendous animal cruelty face a maximum of only six months in jail in the United Kingdom. This injustice against animals must be addressed. Sign this petition to show your support for raising the maximum penalties to five years in jail to help ensure that justice is served for those who cause harm to innocent creatures.

Don’t Allow Dogs to Be Left Chained in Extreme Heat

A dog was found dead after it was left tethered in a back yard during a heatwave, and the owners got off with a paltry fine. Sign this petition to demand that tougher laws be put in place to prevent owners from leaving their dogs tied up during extreme weather.

Don’t Allow Hunters to Shoot Bears Using Silencers

Grizzly bears could soon be hunted to the brink of extinction using silencers if Republican lawmakers have their way. Allowing the use of silencers on public lands to hunt these magnificent and threatened creatures is unacceptable. Sign this petition to demand that current restrictions remain in place.

Stop Allowing Whales to be Killed for ‘Research’

Nearly 200 whales were killed by Japanese whalers this year, including many endangered Sei whales. Sign this petition to call for the end of this cruel and barbaric practice that puts these majestic cetaceans at risk.

Justice for Giant Crocodile Found Shot in the Head

A massive crocodile measuring over 17 feet in length was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head. This animal’s death was completely unjustified and it may result in other crocodiles in the area behaving more aggressively. Sign this petition to demand that whoever is responsible be found and brought to justice.

Mutilated Shelter Cat Found With ‘Every Bone Broken’ Deserves Justice

A rescue cat named Quixote was found dead and mutilated in a dumpster. “Every bone in his body was broken,” his eyes were pulled out and his skull was crushed in. A bloodied blanket and a yellow poncho were found in his enclosure, indicating that Quixote had struggled with his attacker before he was killed. Demand that Quixote’s sadistic killer be found and brought to justice.

Protect Elephants from Electrocution on Power Lines

Nine elephants in Botswana were electrocuted after they knocked an overhead power line into a pool of water. Due to the variety of large, vulnerable animal species found in this arid nation, more must be done to ensure that elephants and other wildlife are not harmed by power lines. Sign the petition to demand that new regulations be put in place.

Stop Hunters From Cruelly Killing Deer With Bow and Arrows

A young deer was allegedly shot and killed using a bow and arrow within yards of suburban homes. This act was both cruel and needlessly reckless, putting both the deer and those living in the neighborhood at risk. Sign this petition to demand that the accused hunter be punished for killing this innocent animal.

Justice for Badger Allegedly Left to Bleed to Death in Trap

Thousands of badgers are targeted in an ongoing cull in the United Kingdom, where badgers are shot or left to suffer in traps for hours on end. In a recent case, a badger reportedly bled to death in one such trap. Sign this petition to demand that this inhumane trapping be brought to an immediate end.

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