Articles written by: Sara Ives

Don’t Slowly and Painfully Poison Feral Hogs

Feral pigs could be killed in a barbaric manner by a deadly poison should a plan proposed by a Texas legislator come into effect. Sign this petition to denounce his “hog apocalypse” as both reckless and inhumane.

Ban Cruel Pig Scramble Event

A California town has for years featured a cruel annual “pig scramble” where children chase, wrestle and harass young piglets in the name of “good, clean fun.” This event is torturous for these intelligent creatures. Sign this petition to demand that it be banned.

Punish Cop Caught on Film Preparing to Shoot Friendly Family Dog

A cop was caught on film attempting to shoot a friendly leashed dog in its own yard, according to family members. Demand that the officer be disciplined for this shocking act.

Stop Air Force From Deafening Whales

The U.S. Air Force is seeking to increase missile testing in a sensitive habitat for many whale and dolphin species. The military admits that these tests will deafen whales. Sign this petition to deny the Air Force the permissions necessary to allow them to knowingly cause harm to marine mammals.

Stop Trump’s Attack on Animal Welfare

Animal welfare investigative reports have disappeared from the USDA website in the early days of the Trump administration. This could allow those who would abuse animals to continue their cruelty unchecked. Tell the administration the public has a right to know what happens behind closed doors at zoos, breeders, and labs.

Two Horses Dead in Rodeo–Demand Investigation

Two horses recently died in the same Texas rodeo. Both bucked head first into a wall, leading to their violent, painful deaths. Urge officials to make sure this never happens again.

End Cruel and Unfair Breed-Specific Legislation

Breed-specific bans on dogs are ineffective and result in the deaths of countless dogs where such laws exist. Washington State is considering a bill which would prevent cities from banning dogs based on breed. Sign this petition to voice your support.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Beaten to Death

A dog was allegedly beaten so severely that it died from its wounds. Sign this petition to demand that the suspect is punished for this act of cruelty.

Stop Beating Elephants With Nail-Studded Sticks at Festival

An abusive elephant festival, which has been going on for the past 40 years, involves the kidnapping and torture of these intelligent creatures. Elephants are forced to perform unnatural tricks and subjected to years of mistreatment. Sign this petition and demand this cruel spectacle be put to an end.

Demand Neutrogena Stop Testing on Animals

Countless animals endure suffering on an unimaginable scale in the name of beauty for Neutrogena’s many products. Sign this petition to demand a switch to cruelty-free practices for this major cosmetics company.

Protect Manatee Habitat From Dangerous Pipeline

A natural gas pipeline poses serious threats to a critical manatee habitat. Accident-prone Spectra Energy must be stopped from causing irreparable harm to the Crystal River preserve. Sign this petition to ensure that these wetlands are protected for future generations.

Fire Trainer Accused of Shoving Dog Into Raging Water for Movie

A frightened dog appears to have been forced into rapids while on set for the upcoming film, “A Dog’s Purpose.” Demand that the production company make a statement to condemn the handler’s actions and to acknowledge that force was used.

Stop Attack on the Endangered Species Act

The Endangered Species Act is in danger, as Congress considers passing limitations on legal recourse available under the act. Sign this petition to demand continuing support for the ESA and the animals under its protection.

Justice for Senior Dog Kidnapped and Brutally Kicked

An elderly dog was allegedly taken from her own yard and maliciously attacked by teenagers, who filmed the act and posted it to social media. Please sign this petition to ensure that the perpetrators of this heinous act will be duly punished.

Stop the Brutal Killing of Feral Cats

Cats are in the crossfire in a roundup in San Diego, which could result in the barbaric offsite shooting of feral cats and other predatory species. Sign this petition to demand an end to inhumane lethal control measures, and stand up for more humane Trap-Neuter-Return alternatives.

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