Articles written by: Sara Ives

Don’t Allow Oil Companies to Assault Marine Life

Five oil and gas companies has asked the Trump administration to allow them to conduct offshore seismic testing which could separate young whales from their mothers or prevent dolphins from feeding. Tell officials handling this proposal that this is a bad deal for wildlife and America’s eastern seaboard.

Mail Carrier Accused of Feeding Dogs Nail-Laced Meatballs Must be Punished

At least two dogs are believed to have ingested nail-filled meatballs fed to them by a mail carrier. Demand that the woman allegedly responsible for this act of cruelty be severely punished if she is found guilty, so no more pets are harmed.

Punish Reckless Behavior That Endangered Sea Lion And Child

Wildlife such as sea lions are put at risk when they are fed or harassed by humans. As a recent video showing a sea lion dragging a girl into the water in British Columbia shows, reckless behavior can threaten human safety as well. Sign this petition to demand that existing laws be enforced for both the protection of wildlife and people.

Don’t Bring Back Fox Hunting

The Prime Minister of Britain has said she supports lifting the current ban on fox hunting. This cruel sport involves using riders and hounds to relentlessly chase down foxes and then subject them to a slow and torturous death. Urge Prime Minister May to side in favor of animal welfare and not allow this barbaric practice to return.

Demand Justice for Dog Found Dead in Police Cruiser

A police dog was found dead inside a police car in central Florida. This poor dog had been left unattended for hours inside the sweltering hot car while outside temperatures peaked at near 90 degrees. Please sign this petition to bring justice for this animal and to make sure that no further dogs are subjected to this cruel and unnecessary torture.

Suspend License of Veterinarian Accused of Abusing Dogs

An Edmonton vet accused of confining two dogs in a cramped kennel for over half a year with little food or water is still practicing in the clinic he owns. Sign this petition to demand that this vet’s license be suspended while criminal charges are pending.

Protect Newly Discovered Wolves From Hunting

Scientists have discovered a small pack of wolves in Denmark for the first time in over 200 years. While environmentalists are cheering the animal’s return as a positive sign for Denmark’s biodiversity, sheep farmers have called for culling. Sign this petition to tell the Danish prime minister that these wolves must be protected.

Applaud Ban on Wild Animals in Circus Performances

The City of Los Angeles has voted unanimously to ban the use of wild animals in circuses and other public venues, where animals have frequently been neglected and harmed due to human greed. Sign this petition to thank the city for this important measure made on behalf of these creatures.

Success: Mexico Funds Plan to Protect Endangered Vaquitas

In order to protect the world’s smallest and rarest porpoise, Mexico has secured funds to create sea pen refuges to allow the vaquita to breed in safety. Sign this petition to thank the Mexican government for their intervention, while pushing for a complete ban of gill net fishing in the Gulf of California.

Stop the War on Endangered Wolves

Endangered wolves are at risk of losing their protections, leaving them open to being killed by hunters and livestock owners. Demand that these animals are allowed to keep their protections.

Justice for Dog Found Nearly Dead From Starvation

An emaciated dog was surrendered at an animal clinic after claims that he had been too sick to eat for weeks. This dog was near death and has miraculously been saved through the efforts of vets and rescuers. Sign this petition to seek the maximum penalty if the owner is found guilty of neglect.

Stop Cruel Rabbit Farm From Opening

Factory-farmed rabbits are subjected to unthinkable cruelty. They are unable to turn in their cages and suffer from disease due to overcrowding. Sign this petition to demand that a new farm not be allowed to open in England.

Do Not Allow Accused Albatross Killer to Go Unpunished

A teen who allegedly killed 15 endangered Laysan albatrosses could escape conviction and go free. Urge the prosecutor to ensure that this egregious case of animal abuse does not go unpunished.

Don’t Remove Wolves from Endangered Species Act Protections

Endangered gray wolves may lose their protections under the Endangered Species Act if California’s agricultural industry has its way. Sign this petition to help ensure that their recovery can continue.

Dog Found Bound and Stomped to Death–Demand Justice

The remains of a Shih Tzu mix were found along a roadside after the animal was apparently bound and beaten to death. Urge officials to do more to find those responsible for this heinous crime.

Don’t Punish Whistleblowers For Reporting Abuse on Farms

Whistleblowers and undercover investigators could soon be prosecuted in Arkansas for revealing instances of abuse on factory farms or other businesses. Sign this petition to urge Governor Hutchinson to stop this unconstitutional bill which would punish citizens for simply doing the right thing.

Stop Funding Animal Testing Facility Accused of Neglect and Cruelty

A government-funded University of Pittsburgh lab is accused of neglecting its animals and subjecting them to cruel experiments, such as mutilating their limbs and breeding them for severe deformities. Tell the government that this sort of funding is unacceptable, and that our taxpayer dollars should support testing alternatives instead.

Stop the Slaughter of Africa’s Last Rhinos

Rhinos have already been decimated by poachers, and now South Africa is moving to legalize the trade in their horns. This will likely encourage poachers even more. Help save the last rhinos from extermination at the hands of hunters.

Cat Tortured to Death With Hot Glue Deserves Justice

Someone senselessly burned a cat with hot glue, sealing his eyes shut and crushing his paws. Despite veterinarians’ best efforts, this family pet died of his horrific, traumatic injuries. Demand that the cat torturer is found and brought to justice.

Success: Cruel Tiger Swims Will End at Private Zoo

Tiger cubs were forced to swim with tourists at a private Florida zoo despite concerns for the animals’ welfare. Thanks to community efforts by ForceChange and from PETA, these cruel and dangerous tiger swims have been brought to an end. Sign this petition to applaud the efforts, which pushed the USDA to order an end to this inhumane attraction.

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