Articles written by: Leah Holleran

Success: America’s Pets to be Protected with Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition

Dogs and cats will finally be nationally protected from cruel slaughter for their meat by the U.S. House Agriculture Committee. Support this important step for animal welfare and combatting the inhumane dog and cat meat trade.

Do Not Resume Hunting Endangered Fin Whale

The endangered fin whale will once again be exposed to the cruelty of hunting for profit as an Iceland company resumes the commercial hunt. Demand that this inhumane and irresponsible decision be stopped.

President Trump: Do Not End Protections for Hundreds of Threatened Species

Nearly 300 species may face extinction if the Trump administration enacts a proposed rule to eliminate their protections. Demand that this rule be rejected and the vital protections for our wildlife kept in place.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Abandoned 70 Horses to Die in the Snow

Seventy horses were allegedly abandoned and left to die on a snow-covered mountaintop for months, without food or shelter. Demand justice for these innocent animals and maximum punishment for the one responsible for this cruelty.

Bring Back Animal Welfare Rules for Organic Products

Animals whose meat can be sold as organic can continue to be kept in unacceptable conditions of overcrowded confinement, as the Trump administration announced it will get rid of rules ensuring that these animals won’t be mistreated. Demand that these protections for animals be put back in place.

Shut Down Zoo Accused of Euthanizing Healthy Animal

A beloved and perfectly healthy senior wolf was killed, allegedly so that the zoo would have room for younger animals who were considered “cuter” and potentially more profitable. Demand that this type of cruelty be stopped and the zoo be closed down.

Tell Airport to Stop Shipping Live Horses for Slaughter

The live export and horse slaughter industries have found an unexpected ally in Canadian airports, where horses are allegedly cruelly neglected before being sent to Japan to be killed for their meat. Demand that the Edmonton International Airport stop allowing airlines to export live horses for slaughter.

Success: Washington State Protects Wild Salmon and Orcas from Extinction

Endangered salmon and orcas in the Puget Sound will be given a better chance at survival after the governor of Washington signed an executive order requiring their protection. Support this vital move for compassion and conservation.

Stop the Suffering of Traveling Circus Animals Nationwide

Wild and exotic animals are condemned to lives of intense suffering as part of traveling circuses, and there is currently no federal law in America preventing this. Demand that a new piece of legislation, the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act, be passed into law to prevent this unacceptable mistreatment of innocent animals.

Stop Pet Store from Renting Chicks

Using a loophole in state law, a pet store rents chicks to customers, endangering the lives of the chicks as well as putting children and families at risk. Demand that this irresponsible ‘tradition’ be stopped.

Shut Down Allegedly Neglectful Roadside Zoo

Concerned visitors have taken pictures of apparent neglect at a roadside zoo, which also has multiple inspection violations. Demand that this zoo’s pending license renewal be denied and the zoo shut down.

Don’t Let Hunters Slaughter Grizzly Bears

After the Trump administration stripped Yellowstone grizzlies of their endangered species protections, the state of Wyoming is moving to allow grizzly hunting, threatening an iconic species that is already deeply at risk. Demand that Wyoming disallow grizzly bear hunts.

Protect the Pacific Walrus Under the Endangered Species Act

The Pacific walrus may face extinction in the near future as climate change destroys its habitat, and yet the Trump Administration has reversed the decision to grant it endangered species protections. Demand that the Pacific walrus be protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Trump Tricked Us – Oppose His Quiet Plan to Allow Trophy Hunting

A ban on the import of elephant trophies has been quietly lifted by the Trump administration. This is a huge blow to elephant conservation and makes the U.S. complicit in the cruel killing of innocent animals for profit. Demand that the ban on importing elephant trophies be preserved.

Release Bengal Tiger Cub to Sanctuary

A tiger cub illegally smuggled into the U.S. by a teenager has been rescued, but is now being kept in a zoo instead of living the life of freedom he deserves. Demand that the zoo release the tiger cub to a sanctuary, where he can live a full life.

Applaud Protection of Wild Horses’ Lives

The lives of 60 wild horses have been spared as a scheduled horse hunt was cancelled on National Horse Protection Day. Support this stand of compassion for and the protection of these innocent animals.

Success: Justice for Murdered Elephant Conservationist

Eight people have been arrested and charged with the murder of an important elephant conservationist. Sign below to support that these killers are being brought to justice.

Protect Marine Life from Dangerous and Potentially Lethal Oil Explorations

Trump’s plans to open the Atlantic Coast to companies searching for oil and gas could have extremely damaging and long-lasting effects on marine animals. Demand that these dangerous surveys be canceled.

Success: Wales to Ban Wild Animals in Circuses

In a victory for animal welfare, Wales has announced plans to ban the practice of using wild animals in circuses. Support this stand for animal rights.

Save Our Ocean Life from Plastic Waste: Ban Single-Use Plastics

The BBC has announced that it will eliminate single-use plastics, leading the charge in protecting marine life from the tons of deadly plastic waste that humans dump into the oceans. Demand that the U.S. follow this example and enact regulations to cut down on plastic waste.

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