Articles written by: Leah Holleran

Stop Exploiting Baby Wild Animals in Storefront Petting Zoo

The owner of a petting zoo that exploits baby wild animals for profit is planning to re-open his business in Las Vegas. Demand that the new location not be opened and that these innocent animals be protected.

Stop Illegal Sale of Animals at Swap Meet

Almost 1,000 animals were taken from a swap meet vendor’s home because of alleged inhumane treatment, but he is still vending at the meet despite the illegal nature of his sales. Demand that Cherry Auction stop allowing this illegal practice at their swap meet.

Justice for Terrified Dog Transported in Open Trailer on Highway

Video shows a dog chained on top of a crate being pulled behind a vehicle on the highway. This treatment of animals is legal in Flagler County, FL, where the video was taken. Demand that the law be altered to protect defenseless animals from this cruel and dangerous treatment.

Demand Stricter Punishments for Animal Cruelty

kittens-by-abcrumleyAnimals that have been abused, mistreated or otherwise recklessly endangered would have found justice thanks to an animal cruelty bill that was passed in the Senate, but let drop by the House of Representatives. Demand that the bill be reintroduced to ensure that the consequences fit the crime when innocent animals are harmed.

Justice for Puppy Found Starving and Severely Ill

chocolate-lab-by-jeff-klugiewiczAn innocent puppy was found malnourished and abandoned, suffering from mange and intestinal issues. The owners must be held accountable for their alleged neglect. Demand justice for this helpless puppy.

Protect Dogs From Allegedly Abusive Owner

german0shepherd-by-nicky-hannawayA man is charged with two counts of animal cruelty after being caught on video allegedly hitting his dogs. The dogs are being kept in a shelter pending the trial, at which point their fate will be decided, which may mean returning them to their alleged abuser. Protect the safety of these dogs and demand justice for them.

Do Not Return Dogs to Owners Charged With Animal Cruelty

dogs-by-karen-arnoldFifteen dogs have been returned to their owners, who are still facing 10 felony counts of animal cruelty for allegedly abusing and neglecting the dogs. The decision to return these dogs puts their safety at risk and does not comply with Oklahoma law. Demand that this decision be overturned and these innocent dogs protected.

Stop Forcing Azalea the Chimpanzee to Chain Smoke

smoking-chimp-by-justinA captive chimpanzee is made to chain smoke cigarettes for the entertainment of zoo-goers. Her health and life are being put in jeopardy as she is given an entire pack of cigarettes each day. Stop this cruel and exploitative practice.

Success: Endangered Yellow-Legged Frog Recovers

rana-sierrae-yosemite-by-devin-edmondsYosemite’s population of the endangered yellow-legged frog has shown astounding rates of recovery. The protection of this species under the Endangered Species Act gives very real hope for the safety and resilience of the frog and the ecosystem it is a part of. Thank the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for its efforts to preserve this species.

Save Endangered Whales From Slow Deaths Tangled in Fishing Gear

right-whale-by-Michael-CatanzaritiEndangered whales are drowning painfully after getting tangled in fishing gear, threatening the survival of their species. Demand a change in fishing methods to protect right whales from the imminent threat of extinction.

Stop Serving Frogs to Be Eaten Alive

green-tree-frog-by-bidgeeLive frogs are stabbed, skinned, and their organs eaten while their hearts are still beating in upscale Japanese restaurants. End the inhumane practice of eating animals alive.

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