Articles written by: Leah Holleran

Success: No More Permits Issued for Cruel Black Bear Killings

Permits will no longer be issued in Washington authorizing the inhumane killing of black bears. Support this victory and encourage the discontinuance of any such permits in the future.

Save America’s Wolves: Do Not Remove Their Endangered Species Protections

All of America’s wolves will be threatened if the Trump Administration goes through with plans to remove their Endangered Species protections. Demand that wolves remain protected and this cruel and corrupt proposal rejected.

Stop Sanctioning Cruel Wildlife Hunts on Nature Reserves

Land that is supposedly meant for “conservation” is allowing the hunting of wild animals for sport, including a male lion that may have been the leader of his pride, which would set off a chain reaction of still more deaths within the pride. Demand that these hunts be banned.

Save Marine Life and Reduce Plastic Waste

Tragically, a pilot whale died in Thailand after having 17 pounds of plastic removed from its stomach. Demand that Thailand take action to reduce plastic waste and save the lives of marine animals.

Success: Volkswagen to End Cruel Exhaust Tests on Monkeys

Horrific experiments that forced monkeys to breathe diesel exhaust will no longer be conducted by Volkswagen, nor will any other animal testing unless required by law, according to an announcement by the company. Support this victory for compassion and animal welfare.

Stop Cruel, Illegal Killing of Black Bears

Hundreds of black bears have been allowed to be brutally killed using methods that are otherwise banned in the state under a Washington Fish and Wildlife Department program. Demand that this inhumane and illegal cruelty be stopped.

Release Animals From Allegedly Abusive Sunrise Farms

Activists successfully rescued 37 chickens from Sunrise Farms, a supplier of cage-free eggs that allegedly brutally mistreats the birds, but many more animals still remain trapped there in reportedly inhumane conditions. Demand that these birds be given veterinary care and brought to a shelter.

Relocate Former Research Chimpanzees to Sanctuaries

Chimpanzees formerly used for medical research will have a better future if they are relocated to sanctuaries, according to a new report. Demand that the National Institutes of Health comply with this advice.

Forbid Cruel Wildlife Killing Contests

An undercover investigation has revealed the cruel blood sport taking place in New York, at wildlife killing contests where animals are massacred simply because it is “enjoyable.” Demand that this brutality be made illegal.

Success: Indiana Will Not Force Slaughter of Wild Animals

Thousands of animals will be spared a needless death as Indiana withdraws proposals for new rules, including one that would have forced animal control workers to kill wildlife. Support this move toward humanity and compassion.

Pass California’s Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act

Animals may be protected from the cruelty of cosmetic testing if a California bill passes and paves the way for the rest of the nation. Demand the passage of the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act.

Support Harsher Sentences for Wildlife Poachers

After the tragic death of the last remaining male white rhino, Kenya has stated its intention to strengthen anti-poaching laws by making poaching a capital offense. Support this momentous step for wildlife conservation and welfare.

Prevent Animal Abusers From Working With Animals

New York’s Senate has approved a measure forbidding known animal abusers from working with animals again, making it the only state with these kinds of protections. Demand that the rest of the country follow suit and make it illegal for abusers to continue working with animals.

Justice for Elephant Allegedly Starved to Death as “Punishment”

An elephant starved to death after his owner allegedly withheld his food for a month as punishment for “bad behavior.” Demand justice for this cruel and inhumane abuse.

Success: TripAdvisor Increases Animal Welfare Requirements

TripAdvisor has updated its policies and tightened its standards of animal welfare so that it will no longer promote exploitative attractions that force animals to perform for human entertainment. Support this important stand for the well-being of animals around the world.

Support Maryland’s Stance Against Puppy Mills

Pets in Maryland will now be protected from the cruelty of puppy mills and other forms of mistreatment, as new bills were signed into law banning the sale of kittens and puppies at retail pet stores and preventing convicted animal abusers from owning pets. Support this stand for humanity and compassion.

Save Our Ocean Environments: Ban Deep-Sea Trawling

Deep-water trawling is a fishing practice that threatens ocean ecosystems and sea life, results in millions of tons of unwanted and unreported catch, and contributes very little to the success of the fishing industry overall. Demand that this irresponsible and dangerous practice be internationally banned.

Success: America’s Pets to be Protected with Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition

Dogs and cats will finally be nationally protected from cruel slaughter for their meat by the U.S. House Agriculture Committee. Support this important step for animal welfare and combatting the inhumane dog and cat meat trade.

Do Not Resume Hunting Endangered Fin Whale

The endangered fin whale will once again be exposed to the cruelty of hunting for profit as an Iceland company resumes the commercial hunt. Demand that this inhumane and irresponsible decision be stopped.

President Trump: Do Not End Protections for Hundreds of Threatened Species

Nearly 300 species may face extinction if the Trump administration enacts a proposed rule to eliminate their protections. Demand that this rule be rejected and the vital protections for our wildlife kept in place.

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