Articles written by: Leah Holleran

Ban Captive Breeding of Orcas for Human Entertainment

Future generations of orcas can be saved from suffering lives of captivity, where they are bred for and forced to perform in theme park shows, if a new bill passes in Florida. Demand that the Florida Orca Protection Act be signed into law.

Stop Zoo From Killing Healthy Animals

Nine healthy baby lions have been needlessly killed at a zoo in Sweden since 2012. Demand that this zoo change its cruel policy of putting animals down simply to reduce their numbers.

Ban Slaughter and Consumption of Dogs in Africa’s Evala Dog Eating Festival

Thousands of teenage boys gorge themselves on dog meat each year as part of a festival in Africa. Countless dogs are brutally slaughtered for this purpose, and thousands of people put at risk of rabies. Demand that this practice be banned from the Evala festival.

End the Torture of Live Animals for Military Trauma Training

Thousands of live animals are tortured, mutilated, and killed every year in obsolete military training drills. Demand that these animals be protected and a new bill passed to end these brutal practices in favor of more effective military trauma training.

Stop Illegal Smuggling of Apes Through Instagram

Endangered apes are illegally captured, sold, and even killed in the ape trafficking industry, and traffickers are using Instagram posts to conduct their business. Demand that Instagram protect innocent apes by banning these users.

Abandoned Dog Who ‘Died of a Broken Heart’ Deserves Justice

A dog starved herself and died of depression, waiting at an airport for her owner who abandoned her. Demand justice for this poor, abused animal.

Prevent Animal Abuse: Demand Cameras in Pet Care Facilities

A sweet young pit bull named Leo was allegedly kicked and abused at the care center where he stayed while his family was away on vacation. Demand that cameras be required in all rooms at pet care facilities to combat this type of mistreatment.

Prohibit Dog and Cat Meat in the U.S.

The welfare of dogs and cats must be protected by prohibiting the trade of their meat for human consumption. Demand that the possession and trade of cat and dog meat be prohibited in the U.S.

Protect Marine Life: Ban Glitter

Scientists are advising a ban on glitter in order to protect marine life who often mistake it for food as it pollutes our oceans. Demand the preservation of ocean life by banning glitter.

Success: UK Law to Recognize that Animals Feel Pain

Animals’ ability to think and feel will be officially recognized by UK law, according to the environment secretary. Support this promise to acknowledge animal sentience and protect animal welfare.

Recognize Animals as Sentient Beings

Animals will no longer be regarded as sentient beings capable of feelings and emotions, including the ability to feel pain, after a vote by the U.K. government. Demand that this cruel and unacceptable decision be overturned.

Success: Trump Puts Hold on Importing Elephant Trophies

Following outrage about the announcement to lift the ban on elephant trophy imports, President Trump has announced a hold will be placed on allowing these imports. Support this step toward ensuring the protection of elephants, and demand that the vital ban on these cruel imports be maintained.

Don’t Drug Racing Greyhounds With Cocaine

Greyhound dogs who are already abused by the cruel racing industry could soon be forcibly given cocaine to increase their performance. Demand that this inhumane and ridiculous idea be stopped.

Forbid the Entrapment of Wild Monkeys as Pets

Wild monkeys can legally be captured from the wild and held captive as domestic pets in Mauritius, despite the severe psychological damage it causes them. Demand that this inhumane practice be made illegal.

Shame on Trump for Legalizing Trophy Hunting

Trump is legalizing “trophy hunting” of endangered African elephants. His administration has literally claimed that hunting elephants “can benefit the conservation” of the species. This is factually inaccurate, morally repugnant, and assumes that the public can’t tell the difference between “conservation” and “slaughter.” Sign this petition to condemn Trump’s legalization of trophy hunting.

Save Newly Discovered Species of Great Apes

A new species of orangutan, considered one of the “great apes,” has been discovered, and is also at risk of extinction. Demand that conservation measures be taken to save this species.

Protect and Conserve Rare Welsh Spider Species

Several rare and crucial spider species may face extinction if action is not taken, according to a new review. Demand that the habitats of these spiders be conserved and their survival ensured.

Punish Trophy Hunter Accused of Poaching Rare Snow Leopard

A trophy hunter reportedly killed a rare snow leopard and brought back his body as a prize illegally. Demand that he be brought to justice.

Stop GOP Attacks Against Animal Welfare Laws

Puppy mills, the sale of dog and horse meat, and other institutions of animal cruelty could be forcibly reinstated across the nation, even where state laws prohibit them. Demand that these bills attacking animal welfare be opposed.

Dog Killed by Being Thrown from Minivan Deserves Justice

A Seattle pit bull terrier was thrown to his death from a minivan, and the person responsible has yet to be found. Demand that this killer be located and prosecuted to the full extent of the law for this heinous case of animal cruelty.

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