Articles written by: Leah Holleran

Stop Slaughter of Buffalo in Grand Canyon National Park

Hundreds of buffalo are at risk of cruel ‘selective slaughter’ by groups of volunteers to cull the population, even though safe and humane methods of population control are available. Demand the use of cruelty-free methods and stop the senseless killing of innocent animals.

Success: Anti-Puppy Mill Bill Passed

In a critical victory for innocent pets, the California Senate has passed a bill to put a stop to mass breeding and deplorable puppy mills. Support this important and humane decision.

Stop Killing Pigs in Medical Training Labs

Pigs are killed in medical training labs in a program at the University of Missouri. Demand that these labs be shut down before the start of the next session, sparing the lives of innocent animals.

Stand Against the Slaughter of Wild Horses

America’s wild horse population is at risk of mass slaughter, as the House Rules Committee rejected amendments that would protect them. Demand that the Senate stand strong against horse slaughter and prevent wild horses and burros from being sold and killed.

Animal Circus Must Leave Guangzhou Zoo

A zoo in China has made the admirable decision to end wild animal circus shows, but the animal circus whose lease was terminated is refusing to leave and continues to force animals to perform. Demand that this circus stop performances and close its doors.

End Commercial Breeding and ‘Puppy Mills’: Showcase Rescue Animals in Pet Stores

Rescue animals can have a better chance at a loving home, pet overpopulation in shelters can be combated, and California’s doors can be closed to cruel puppy mills if a new bill passes in the Senate. Demand that the Pet Rescue and Adoption Act be passed into law.

Reverse Discriminatory Ban on Pit Bulls

A ban on pit bulls and similar breeds is forcing owners to ‘dispose of their dogs’ or leave their homes. Demand that this cruel ban be lifted.

Cancel Inhumane Sheep Race at Llandovery Sheep Festival

Sheep will be forced into extremely distressing circumstances as they are made to race each other for the entertainment of festival goers. Demand that the sheep race at the Llandovery Sheep Festival be cancelled.

Shut Down Roadside Zoo Suspected of Mistreating Animals

Video footage shows what appear to be many instances of animal cruelty and abuse taking place at a roadside zoo. Demand that this zoo be shut down and the animals moved to humane conditions.

Ban Extreme, Abusive Rodeo from Fair

A traveling rodeo has taken abuse to a new level, exposing animals and men to fire during the show. Demand that the Orange County Fair stop hosting this rodeo, and others like it, as an attraction.

Expand Ban on Non-Rescue Animals at Pet Shops

Cambridge, Massachusetts has adopted a ban on non-rescue animals sold at pet stores. Demand that this important ban be expanded and emulated state-wide.

Release Elephant from Horrific Conditions in Zoo

An elephant continues to live in a zoo that refuses to release him, despite accusations of severe neglect and a 2016 decision to relocate him to a sanctuary. Demand that Kaavan the elephant be set free and allowed to live at the Cambodian sanctuary that is ready to take him.

Success: Harming Bulls for Bullfighting Prohibited in Spain’s Balearic Islands

Spain’s Balearic Islands have passed a law that prohibits harming or killing bulls during a bullfight. Support this push in the right direction toward ending this inhumane practice.

Success: Anti-Horse Slaughter Amendment Passed

Horses in America will be protected from inhumane export and brutal slaughter for human consumption with the passing of new legislation. Sign below to support this move to protect these innocent animals.

Stop Exploiting Baby Wild Animals in Storefront Petting Zoo

The owner of a petting zoo that exploits baby wild animals for profit is planning to re-open his business in Las Vegas. Demand that the new location not be opened and that these innocent animals be protected.

Stop Illegal Sale of Animals at Swap Meet

Almost 1,000 animals were taken from a swap meet vendor’s home because of alleged inhumane treatment, but he is still vending at the meet despite the illegal nature of his sales. Demand that Cherry Auction stop allowing this illegal practice at their swap meet.

Justice for Terrified Dog Transported in Open Trailer on Highway

Video shows a dog chained on top of a crate being pulled behind a vehicle on the highway. This treatment of animals is legal in Flagler County, FL, where the video was taken. Demand that the law be altered to protect defenseless animals from this cruel and dangerous treatment.

Demand Stricter Punishments for Animal Cruelty

kittens-by-abcrumleyAnimals that have been abused, mistreated or otherwise recklessly endangered would have found justice thanks to an animal cruelty bill that was passed in the Senate, but let drop by the House of Representatives. Demand that the bill be reintroduced to ensure that the consequences fit the crime when innocent animals are harmed.

Justice for Puppy Found Starving and Severely Ill

chocolate-lab-by-jeff-klugiewiczAn innocent puppy was found malnourished and abandoned, suffering from mange and intestinal issues. The owners must be held accountable for their alleged neglect. Demand justice for this helpless puppy.

Protect Dogs From Allegedly Abusive Owner

german0shepherd-by-nicky-hannawayA man is charged with two counts of animal cruelty after being caught on video allegedly hitting his dogs. The dogs are being kept in a shelter pending the trial, at which point their fate will be decided, which may mean returning them to their alleged abuser. Protect the safety of these dogs and demand justice for them.

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