Articles written by: Leah Holleran

Success: Trump Puts Hold on Importing Elephant Trophies

Following outrage about the announcement to lift the ban on elephant trophy imports, President Trump has announced a hold will be placed on allowing these imports. Support this step toward ensuring the protection of elephants, and demand that the vital ban on these cruel imports be maintained.

Don’t Drug Racing Greyhounds With Cocaine

Greyhound dogs who are already abused by the cruel racing industry could soon be forcibly given cocaine to increase their performance. Demand that this inhumane and ridiculous idea be stopped.

Forbid the Entrapment of Wild Monkeys as Pets

Wild monkeys can legally be captured from the wild and held captive as domestic pets in Mauritius, despite the severe psychological damage it causes them. Demand that this inhumane practice be made illegal.

Shame on Trump for Legalizing Trophy Hunting

Trump is legalizing “trophy hunting” of endangered African elephants. His administration has literally claimed that hunting elephants “can benefit the conservation” of the species. This is factually inaccurate, morally repugnant, and assumes that the public can’t tell the difference between “conservation” and “slaughter.” Sign this petition to condemn Trump’s legalization of trophy hunting.

Save Newly Discovered Species of Great Apes

A new species of orangutan, considered one of the “great apes,” has been discovered, and is also at risk of extinction. Demand that conservation measures be taken to save this species.

Protect and Conserve Rare Welsh Spider Species

Several rare and crucial spider species may face extinction if action is not taken, according to a new review. Demand that the habitats of these spiders be conserved and their survival ensured.

Punish Trophy Hunter Accused of Poaching Rare Snow Leopard

A trophy hunter reportedly killed a rare snow leopard and brought back his body as a prize illegally. Demand that he be brought to justice.

Stop GOP Attacks Against Animal Welfare Laws

Puppy mills, the sale of dog and horse meat, and other institutions of animal cruelty could be forcibly reinstated across the nation, even where state laws prohibit them. Demand that these bills attacking animal welfare be opposed.

Dog Killed by Being Thrown from Minivan Deserves Justice

A Seattle pit bull terrier was thrown to his death from a minivan, and the person responsible has yet to be found. Demand that this killer be located and prosecuted to the full extent of the law for this heinous case of animal cruelty.

Don’t Let Shelters Kill Pets Without a Waiting Period

A South Carolina animal shelter’s policies on euthanasia allow it to be an immediate option for certain animals who arrive there, resulting in the needless deaths of many healthy and innocent animals. Demand that this shelter change its policies to require a waiting period for all shelter animals before they can be euthanized.

Shut Down Fur Farm Accused of Killing Protected Wolves

A business in Minnesota allegedly kills animals protected under the Endangered Species Act to sell their fur once they become too big to be featured in the petting zoo. Demand that this cruel and illegal practice be stopped.

Ban Cruel Coyote Killing Contests

An upcoming coyote killing contest in Nevada is a gruesome example of wildlife killing competitions that are inhumane and extremely ecologically dangerous. Demand that these competitions be banned.

Success: Gucci Promises to Go Fur-Free

Luxury brand Gucci has promised to stop using animal fur in its products in a huge victory for animal welfare. Support this decision to stop supporting the fur industry and to instead stand for animal rights and human compassion.

Shut Down Allegedly Inhumane, Law-Breaking Slaughterhouse

A slaughterhouse in Vermont has racked up multiple humane slaughter law citations and has reportedly caused animals to suffer horribly. Demand that this slaughterhouse be immediately shut down.

Japan: Ban Wild Animal Cafes and ‘Petting Bars’

Animal cafes in Japan exploit wild animals such as otters for profit, keeping them in completely inadequate living conditions so that tourists can play with them like pets. Demand that these ‘petting bars’ be banned.

Stop Hosting Cruel Animal Circus Acts

Two tigers died within a month of each other while being exploited as part of a traveling circus. Demand that the Shrine Circus, which uses tigers from the cruel company responsible for this abuse, stop hosting animal acts as part of their performances.

Stop Electrocuting and Skinning Foxes for Luxury Fur

Heart-wrenching footage appears to show foxes dangling in the air from one leg as they are electrocuted to death at a fur farm in Poland. Demand that these innocent animals be protected and fur farms banned.

Success: Guggenheim Museum Pulls Cruel Animal ‘Art’ from Exhibit

‘Art’ works depicting animal cruelty will be removed from the Guggenheim Museum’s exhibit following much controversy and outrage. Support the decision to remove the exploitative pieces.

Stop Slaughter of Buffalo in Grand Canyon National Park

Hundreds of buffalo are at risk of cruel ‘selective slaughter’ by groups of volunteers to cull the population, even though safe and humane methods of population control are available. Demand the use of cruelty-free methods and stop the senseless killing of innocent animals.

Success: Anti-Puppy Mill Bill Passed

In a critical victory for innocent pets, the California Senate has passed a bill to put a stop to mass breeding and deplorable puppy mills. Support this important and humane decision.

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