Articles written by: Taylor McCarthy

Praise Fashion Brand ASOS for No Longer Using Mohair, Cashmere, Silk, or Feathers

Starting January 2019, the fashion brand ASOS will no longer sell clothing made from mohair, cashmere, silk or feathers. Applaud ASOS for no longer contributing to the suffering of animals in these industries.

Justice for Puppy Allegedly Used as Bait Dog

Two dogs escaped from their home, but only one returned. The puppy that didn’t return was six-month-old Snoop. He was reportedly taken and used as a bait dog. Sign this petition and demand justice for Snoop’s death.

Success: Teacher Who Fed Puppy to Snapping Turtle Charged With Animal Cruelty

The teacher who fed a dog to a snapping turtle was charged with animal cruelty. Sign this petition to praise the attorney general’s office for charging him with a crime in the cruel death of this innocent dog.

Dog Buried Alive in Hot Tar Deserves Justice

A dog was buried alive under hot tar while sleeping, dying in agonizing pain. Demand the workers responsible be found and prosecuted for this cruel and disgusting act of animal abuse.

Starbucks: Stop Encouraging Cruel Shark Fin Trade

Starbucks conducts business with a company that allegedly sells shark fin on a secret menu, despite claiming they stopped selling it. Selling shark fins is illegal and cruel. Demand that Starbucks cuts their ties with this company.

Stop Russia’s Mass Slaughter of Stray Dogs for World Cup

Stray dogs in Russia are being slaughtered right now, in preparation for the World Cup. The dogs are being shot with poisoned darts and fed poisoned food, causing the poor animals to suffer slow and painful deaths. Sign this petition to demand Russia put an immediate end to this slaughter.

Justice for Dog Found with Mouth Bound Shut by Rubber Band

Sugar was abandoned with her mouth bound by a rubber band. She was left not being able to eat or drink and in severe pain. Demand that Sugar’s abuser be found and prosecuted.

Justice for Dolphins That Died While in Captivity at Dolphinaris

In the past 8 months, two dolphins have died in the care of Dolphinaris. Demand that the six remaining dolphins be sent to a sanctuary to live freely, instead of serving as human entertainment.

Find Killer Who Left Cat’s Severed Head on Sidewalk

A cat’s head was found severed from the body with eyes still open on the sidewalk. The head was cut with a sharp instrument and displayed like a trophy. Demand the cruel murderer of this innocent animal be found.

Hold Soccer Player Responsible for Allegedly Mutilating Dogs

A famous soccer player is allegedly selling dogs that have had their ears mutilated. This act of “ear-cropping” is inhumane and needs to be stopped. Demand that this soccer player is held responsible for these reported actions.

Send 132 Animals Rescued from a Zoo to a Sanctuary

132 animals were recently rescued from the Nicolas Bravo Zoo in Mexico. The animals were reportedly kept in horrendous conditions and are now being sent to different zoos. Demand that these animals be sent to a sanctuary instead.

Find Person Who Cut Paw Off and Broke Jaws of Puppies

Two puppies were found with broken jaws, and a third had her paw cut off by an unknown sadistic torturer. Demand the police find this cruel person and prosecute them for their crimes.

Justice for Three Lions and a Tiger Poisoned by Poachers

Three lions and a tiger were poisoned and killed by poachers trying to cut off their heads and paws for money. Not only were these cats killed, they suffered tremendously and deserve justice. Demand the people responsible be found and prosecuted.

Justice for Dog Left to Die in a Backpack

A small dog was found zipped into a backpack and left to die on the roadside. Demand that the person responsible for this is found and prosecuted.

Punish Zoo for Allegedly Poaching Animals from the Wild

Animals at the New Delhi Zoo are dying at alarming rates, reportedly due to neglect. In an apparent attempt to cover this up, the zoo has allegedly been poaching animals from the wild and forcing them into captivity. Demand that those responsible are punished.

Demand Justice for Eleven Lions Poisoned and Killed in National Park

Eleven lions, including eight cubs, were poisoned and killed for revenge. Demand that the people involved in killing these lions be found and prosecuted.

Justice for 20,000 Chicks Neglected and Killed at Airport

20,000 baby chicks were kept in a hot container, many of them dying from no food or water. The chicks that did not die were then gassed. Demand those responsible for the death of these chicks be prosecuted.

Save Suffering Elephant From Lifetime of Beatings and Abuse

Suman the elephant has been exploited for entertainment her whole life, never knowing freedom. Demand that she be taken away from her owners and sent to a sanctuary.

Stop Carnival Cruises from Using Dolphins as Entertainment

Carnival Cruise Line still uses captive dolphins for tourists to swim with. Demand that this practice be put to an end and these dolphins allowed to live freely.

Put an End to Cruel Tiger Farms in Laos

Although Laos has banned tiger farms, many are still operating. Demand the Laotian government take further steps to stop tiger farms once and for all.

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