Articles written by: Taylor McCarthy

Stop Murder of Pets in St. Petersburg Neighborhood

Three pets in the same Florida neighborhood were found dead after their owners received letters that threatened the animals’ lives. Demand that the St. Petersburg Police Department finds those responsible for the murder of these pets before they kill again.

Justice for Pit Bull Used as Bait in Dog Fights

A pit bull named Liam was used as bait and forced to participate in dog fighting. He endured hundreds of bites all over his body and his abusers are still free. Demand that the Memphis Police Department steps up and finds these cruel abusers so Liam gets the justice he deserves.

Ensure Man Who Allegedly Shot, Hit and Abandoned Dog Faces Justice

A dog was reportedly shot in the neck, hit on the head with a hammer, and left to die. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Stop Alleged Inhumane, Illegal Experiments on Lab Animals

University researchers are accused of causing deaths and injury to animals due to burning, dehydration, and other cruel practices. Demand that administrators take responsibility for these abusive actions.

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