Pregnant Cat Reportedly Burned to Death in Dryer Deserves Justice

Target: Tommy Thomas, Attorney General for Malaysia

Goal: Punish the men who allegedly put a pregnant cat into a dryer, leading to her painful death.

A pregnant cat died a horrific death after she was allegedly placed inside of a dryer. Video footage reportedly shows the suspects sealing the cat inside and then starting the machine. Demand justice for this poor cat.

A shocking video, recorded on CCTV and released on social media, shows two men trapping a cat inside of a public dryer and then turning the machine on. The men are seen putting the cat inside before casually gathering their laundry and leaving. They return a short time later, the footage shows, and put coins into the machine. The cat appears to struggle and fight against the door as she suffers in the intense heat. Another customer found the cat about ten hours later, dead and soaked in blood.

Police say they have identified the men in the video, who have been arrested on charges of animal cruelty. Sign below to demand that they receive the maximum penalty possible, if convicted.


Dear Attorney General Thomas,

A pregnant cat suffered and died when she was reportedly trapped inside of a public dryer. Per CCTV footage, two men intentionally put the cat inside and turned the machine on. We demand justice for this innocent cat.

Gombak district police have arrested two men on charges of animal cruelty after they allegedly put a pregnant cat into a public dryer and then turned the machine on. CCTV footage shows two men who appear to be the suspects place the cat inside. They then casually gather their laundry and leave, per the footage, only to return a short time later to insert coins into the machine. The cat is seen struggling and fighting against the closed door as the temperature becomes unbearable. Another customer found the poor animal ten hours later, dead and soaked in blood.

This disgusting act of cruelty must be punished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


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Photo Credit: wdietz

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  1. Kathryn Dobbs says:

    People who abuse animals for their own entertainment deserve to be tortured and given a long painful death..low life scumbags

  2. People that do that to animals is a sick person.that made me sad to see that put the sicko in a dryer and see how they feel

  3. Make these guys suffer and pay for what they did. This is sick and animal cruelty. Get justice for this poor cat. Even though it wont bring her back. But making them suffer for what they did will make them think about doing this again to another animal

  4. This is so sad to think this could’ve given anybody any pleasure! Humanity has really gone to the dumps! Let’s do something so they can feel her pain

  5. I just can’t imagine how this beautiful cat suffer a slow death in a dryer. My God these men need to suffer the same way.

  6. Those sick people should be in jail for a very long time

  7. Keriann sier says:

    Let me have these men and I do it twice as bad to where they will never see a light of day again rip kitty so sorry u and your babies went thru this God will punish these two I hope they get hurt in jail and never get out

  8. So help me dear God in heaven if I ever witness anything like this. I will have all my friends in the cat community bail me out for doing something these monsters which I can’t say in public.

  9. These 2 horrible lowlife evil humans need prison time for life , I hope they run across an animal lover and the same is done to them. These cowards don’t deserve to live . Hell has a place for them .

  10. Katherine Hoxsey says:

    I agree with several of you! A dryer ride would be the perfect punishment for them! Can’t believe no one in the laundry could hear the cat….. I’m also thinking the dryer would be ruined!
    An eye for an eye!

  11. In terms of the law, we should increase the counts for animal cruelty by five considering the fact that she was pregnant. Then throw the maximum penalty for cruelty to her and the kittens at her.

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