Dog Apparently Beaten With Hammer and Buried in Snow by Owner Deserves Justice

Target: Prosecuting Attorney Kenneth P. Cotter, St. Joseph County, Indiana
Goal: Investigate and prosecute man accused of beating dog with hammer and burying her in the snow.

A man reportedly beat his dog with a hammer and then buried her in the snow. Neighbors apparently witnessed the event and called South Bend police. When the police arrived, they reportedly saw the attack in progress and intervened on the dog’s behalf. The man was apparently pulled off his dog and the dog was dug out of the snow by the responding officers.

The man accused of the crime, John Hill, was arrested for Cruelty to an Animal and the dog was rushed to the local veterinarian, where sadly they were forced to euthanize her.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Kenneth P. Cotter,

An innocent dog was reportedly beaten with a hammer and buried in the snow by her owner. The man accused of this crime, John Hill, has been arrested and the case has been forwarded to your office.

Animal cruelty has no place in our society and I ask you to pursue this case to the fullest extent allowed under the law. We ask for justice on behalf of this poor innocent creature.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Ivan Bandura



  1. I am all for a “do unto others” law, particularly when it comes to animal abuse. The perpetrator needs to be beaten with a hammer and buried in the snow. Anyone that can do this to an animal could do it to a child.

    • Agree with you! If someone brutalizes an animal or kills it cruelly, he deserves to suffer the same. That’s what I’m calling “JUSTICE FOR ANIMALS”.

    • I agree with you! What a monster.. he deserves to suffer exactly the same !

    • Me too Judie. The problem is these innocent animals don’t get justice. We need to sign a petition to have these scums prosecuted like we do humans. Murder is murder! WORDS MEAN NOTHING ACTION SPEAKS!

    • Exactly. This bastard needs as the saying goes, ‘A taste of his own medicine’.
      I really would be first in the queue to show this subhuman the error of his ways.
      I am not a violent person except when it comes to ‘shitbags’ like these people.
      Cowards all of them. Would be great if a ‘vigilante’ group could find this twat and give him a slow and painful death.Tossers like these need exterminating so they have no chance of doing it again.

      Jonny W. U.K.

  2. Horrific! Do the same to the POS person who did this to the innocent pup!Only a monster could do such an of cruelty! Do not let this abuser go free, he needs to pay!

  3. Carly devivo says:

    Scum of the earth hope he gets cancer of the eyeballs and suffers beyond

  4. Sherry Mainquist Sherry Mainquist says:

    RIP sweet doggie, you in God’s house now and NO 1 will ever hurt you again…as for that worthless owner you had God will see it that he gets what’s coming to him!!!
    Mr.Cotter Please don’t let the suffering of this innocent dog be in vain do right by her…thank you

  5. This POS is a monster who deserves to be executed on sight! Anyone who abuses a innocent dog like this should be locked up for the rest of their miserable lives. This poor innocent dog deserves justice, I wish I coulda been there when this took place because I would of put that monster down and saved the poor dog! 😢

    • Not just executed, but beheaded, DEATH, He deservers the firing squad, shot in the head etc. DEATH should suffice me. This is a FPOS. And I hope he DIES.

  6. Marion Bennett says:

    I am beginning to think America is one of the worst countries for animal abuse, it seems to be getting worse, if they are not neglecting their pets they are killing them, and no wildlife is safe either.

  7. Barbara Madden says:

    As the police caught this sadist in the act it would have been appropriate for the police to smack this spineless creep about the head a few times with the hammer. Oh what the shit just shoot him for the benefit of us all.

  8. Lauren Rischel says:

    Subhumans that would do this to an animal need to be eliminated. It doesn’t matter what kind of sentence they may receive, they will pose a danger to animals (and maybe humans) upon their release. They are irredeemable and will need to be put down. Given the slap on the wrist generally meted out to these POS, they need terminal street justice. An ice pick to the base of the skull is doable.

  9. This heartless piece of garbage needs the maximum punishment. That poor dog probably trusted this nut only to be killed by him. No slap on the wrist! Maximum punishment!

  10. Owner???? You mean Crazy Murderer!!
    Too bad those neighbours didn’t throw hot water on him or take out one of their guns, that they have so many of in America, and shoot him in a place where he would die slowly in writhing pain!! Or an electric drill!

  11. Old geezer looks about 100! If Cove it doesn’t get them a hammer should!!

  12. Julia Edinger says:

    😡this “evil demon” deserves a beat down with his hammer‼️ WHAT A F***ING

  13. Susan Duplantis says:

    Take John Hill the Cowardly Bastard & torture him. Start by Rubber castrate him, pour fire ants on him, then gasoline & light him up & let him burn to death! Then justice would be served.
    There is no excuse for ANIMAL or CHILD ABUSE!!! DEATH TO ABUSERS!!

  14. Ahhhh will the USA do anything???? I wonder !!!

  15. Poor Baby, she deserves justice for what the lowlife ass-hat did to her!
    He couldn’t pick on someone his own size s0 he goes and beats his own innocent, defenseless dog! #COWARD
    Als0, please enforce that he is to Never own a pet ever again!

  16. What is happening in America? I am sickened by these constant animal cruelty stories.


    here we go: there is always an ugly, demented, absolutely dumb looking face to the ones hurting, abusing helpless creatures….
    this ugly piece of crap needs a hammer in his face….

  18. This sub human MONSTER should be executed. Period! These bastards need removing from society as they will ALWAYS be a danger to any living thing. Unforgivable. Get these twisted f**** off the planet!!

  19. If he can do this to an innocent animal then he could just as easily do this to a human, especially someone more vulnerable. It’s well documented in psychopathy. If animal abusers/killers received real and apt punishment for their despicable actions then we’d definitely have less serial abusers and murderers on our hands!

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