Call for Responsible Storytelling Over Distressing Portrayal of Dog on TV Show

Target: Kate Brooks, Series producer of “Coronation Street”

Goal: Review and adjust “Coronation Street” content guidelines to avoid depiction of animal cruelty.

In a recent episode of “Coronation Street,” the community was shocked by a storyline involving animal cruelty towards Freddie, Roy Cropper’s dog. As the storyline unfolded, Freddie was shown being taken hostage and trapped in a distressing situation. This portrayal has sparked significant outrage and concern among viewers, who found the depiction unnecessarily distressing and in poor taste.

The emotional impact of seeing a beloved animal character in such a scenario has led to a public outcry for more thoughtful content. The scene in question not only caused distress among viewers but also raised questions about the necessity and sensitivity of such storytelling methods. This incident highlights the need for content creators to be more mindful of the potential impact their narratives have on the audience, especially regarding themes of cruelty.

It is crucial that “Coronation Street,” as a beloved and influential show, leads by example in how it handles sensitive topics, including those involving animals. We, the undersigned, urge the production team to review and adjust their content guidelines to ensure that future episodes do not include animal cruelty, whether implied or explicit. Respect the welfare of animals and cater to the concerns of the viewing audience.


Dear Kate Brooks,

We, the dedicated viewers of “Coronation Street,” write to express our concern over the recent episode where Freddie the dog was portrayed as being cruelly taken hostage. This storyline, particularly the visuals of Freddie trapped and the implications of such an act, has led to widespread viewer distress and disappointment.

The depiction of animal cruelty, even within a fictional context, can be deeply upsetting and may have unintended consequences on the audience’s emotional well-being. We believe that it is possible to craft compelling drama without resorting to such scenarios that may alienate or harm viewers. Therefore, we respectfully request a thorough review and revision of the current content guidelines used by the show to ensure they more effectively safeguard against content that might cause unnecessary distress to your audience.

We appreciate the creative efforts that go into producing “Coronation Street” and urge you to consider this crucial aspect of storytelling responsibility. By aligning your content with best practices for sensitive content portrayal, you will not only enhance viewer experience but also uphold the integrity and reputation of the show.


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