Punish Man Accused of Brutally Killing 76 Cats

Target: Lee One-seok, Prosecutor General of South Korea

Goal: Ensure severe penalties for the alleged serial cat killer in South Korea.

A man in his 20s reportedly conducted a harrowing spree of violence against cats in South Korea from December 2022 through September 2023. The accused allegedly utilized methods such as strangulation and cutting with scissors, highlighting a disturbing case of animal cruelty. Authorities have attributed these alleged actions to a deep-seated animosity the man harbored against cats after some purportedly scratched his vehicle. Such details underscore the severity and premeditated nature of the alleged offenses.

Further investigations into the case reportedly revealed that the man acquired cats through adoption or by capturing strays only to end their lives in horrifying manners. The Changwon District Court in southeastern South Korea took note of these alleged acts, branding them “indescribably cruel” despite the accused’s purported repentance and unclear mental health status. While the court has responded with a conviction, the alleged perpetrator is appealing the sentence.

The urgency to address this matter extends beyond a single case; it calls for a broader societal and legal reckoning. The allegations detailed in the court documents and reported by the media reveal a chilling disregard for life and dignity. This petition seeks to affirm that such acts of alleged cruelty cannot be lightly punished. Urge for a reassessment of the penalties to reflect the gravity of the allegations.


Dear Prosecutor General Lee One-seok,

We write to you concerning a profoundly disturbing issue of alleged animal cruelty involving a young man accused of killing 76 cats in South Korea. This case has reportedly been marked by acts of unthinkable brutality. The accused allegedly employed methods such as strangulation and mutilation to kill these animals, acts that were premeditated and repeated over an extensive period.

It is reported that the individual harbored animosity towards cats, which seemingly motivated these alleged heinous acts. While the court recognized the severity of the crimes and the accused’s prior clean record, the lighter sentence of 14 months in light of the reported premeditation and cruelty has left many feeling that justice has not been adequately served.

Given the details that have emerged, we urge you to advocate for the imposition of stricter penalties. This case not only impacts the direct victims but also reflects on our society’s stance against cruelty and abuse. The public’s trust in the justice system rests on the assurance that such disturbing acts are met with corresponding seriousness.


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  1. Andrew Lewis says:


  2. YEAH👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😡

  3. How ireedemably stupid does someone have to e to think a cat can scratch vehicle paintwork? The utter imbecility out there truly blows my mind. He is a stupid man who took stupid revenge on something small and vulnerable and found out he enjoyed the perversion of that torture. He is vile sick and evil, an utter coward and total scum who has a place in hell waiting. No hiding behind “mental health issues” here, nor that other tiresome excuse for depravity: “substance abuse issues” . Its tiresome it boring and its a lie. They are sick perverts and must own what they do, end of!

  4. SO here is another case of a mentally disturbed person. This man will injure others. Get him off the streets. I don’t think he can be helped but I am not a mental expert. He is not stable if he killed all these cats due to seeing a cat scratch his interior. I do not think it wise to allow this man to room the streets and live in normal society. I’m sure you have standards as we all know harm may begin in animals but goes on to children, women, and then everyone. Don’t allow this man to kill and then continue to kill. Thank you

  5. NO appeal! A reconsideration of the judge’s sentence to a prison cell, a 24/7 psychiatric counselor, and a lost cell key. This man is dangerous and WILL escalate to children and humans if not segregated from society.
    My heart is both infinitely sad and horrified about what he has done to 76 cats.

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