Seek Justice for Alleged Shooting of Innocent Dog

Target: Poonam S. Bharne is the Director of Prosecution in Goa

Goal: Prosecute and punish the alleged shooter responsible for the dog’s death on the Varca-Talaulim bridge.

A shocking and heartbreaking event reportedly occurred on the Varca-Talaulim bridge in India’s Goa. An innocent dog was allegedly shot and killed, prompting urgent calls for justice. The Margao town police acted on a complaint by the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and registered an offence under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, highlighting the seriousness of this alleged crime.

Details of the alleged incident have stirred public outrage. The reported act of cruelty not only ended the life of an innocent animal but also violated ethical standards and legal statutes designed to protect animals from harm. This alleged act has been deeply distressing to the community and animal advocates alike, emphasizing the need for strict enforcement of animal cruelty laws.

Those responsible for such alleged acts must be held accountable under the law to deter future occurrences and maintain public trust in legal protections for animals. Seek justice for the victim and reinforce a societal standard that condemns such acts of brutality against animals.


Dear Director Poonam S. Bharne,

We urge you to take immediate and decisive action concerning the alleged shooting death of a dog on the Varca-Talaulim bridge. This act, reported to have been carried out by an unidentified individual, represents a blatant disregard for life and the laws designed to protect animals from such cruelty.

Further investigation and prosecution of the alleged perpetrator are crucial. The judicial system must send a clear message that animal cruelty is a serious crime that will not be tolerated. By prosecuting this case vigorously, you will uphold the integrity of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and demonstrate a commitment to justice and ethical treatment of all beings.

We demand that all possible resources be directed towards a thorough investigation and that the individual allegedly responsible is brought to justice. It is only through such actions that we can hope to prevent future atrocities and ensure a safer environment for all living creatures.


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Photo credit: Alexey Komarov


  1. Ravinder Singh says:

    I have been to this place. Things are very bad there infect whole Goa. You see stray dogs and cows.
    One dog was very critical outside their municipal office and i went and inform the person at front desk. Just outside Cafe Ceskaz madgao there was female dog with many puppies. i had put it on “X” so that they could be help.
    So much so one foreigner told me you see dogs everywhere.

  2. Ravinder Singh says:

    These people just don’t want to work then they will make a short cut to remove them instead of using humanly methods. I don’t expect anything from people to help them these animals.

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