Demand Justice for Cow Reportedly Cruelly Branded with Cigarette

Target: Advocate Robin Singh Prajapati, Public prosecutor of Dehradun, India

Goal: Ensure strict legal consequences for the alleged cruel treatment of a cow in Doiwala.

A troubling incident surfaced in India’s Dehradun, where a minor allegedly branded a cow with a cigarette. The local police apprehended him after a disturbing video circulated on social media, allegedly showing the egregious act. Such alleged actions not only inflict immense suffering on innocent animals but also violate legal standards against animal cruelty.

Further investigation by the police uncovered that this was seemingly not a solitary act of cruelty but part of an apparent pattern of behavior by the minor. The sub-inspector reported that during questioning, it was revealed that the boy had pressed a lit cigarette against the cow’s skin, causing it pain and distress. This revelation points to a seemingly severe lack of empathy and disregard for life.

This case highlights a crucial need for stringent enforcement of animal protection laws and penalties that reflect the seriousness of such acts. Demand immediate legal action against the alleged perpetrator to serve as a deterrent against future instances of animal cruelty.


Dear Advocate Robin Singh Prajapati,

We write to you distressed by a recent incident involving a minor who allegedly engaged in the cruel treatment of a cow by branding it with a cigarette. This alleged act, reportedly captured in a widely circulated video, has caused considerable public outrage and concern. This case must be treated with the severity it warrants.

It is reported that the minor was apprehended by local authorities and, upon interrogation, allegedly admitted to the act. Such behavior cannot be overlooked or minimally penalized. We urge your office to pursue the strictest possible charges against the minor to reflect the heinous nature of this reported act and to reinforce the message that our society does not tolerate cruelty towards animals.

We respectfully demand that you take immediate and decisive action in this case. The community looks to your leadership to uphold justice and ensure that appropriate legal consequences are enforced. Such actions are crucial in maintaining public trust in our legal system and in preventing future cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: ReSurge International


  1. Beat the “minor” until he gets an idea of what it feels like to be ruthlessly hurt and unable to defend yourself – maybe this will teach consequences of actions – maybe not, prison is probably the future for this piece of crap

  2. Hope somebody beats him to a pulp

  3. put out a cigarette in his eyeball. worthless scum.

  4. Jaime Perez says:

    Beat this little creep with a bat, see what pain feels like!!

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