Caged Dog Allegedly Tortured With Shock Collar Deserves Justice

Target: Marian Ryan, District Attorney of Middlesex County, New Jersey

Goal: Enforce stringent penalties for animal cruelty to safeguard defenseless animals.

Recently surfaced videos from Billerica, Massachusetts, allegedly show a distressing scene of animal cruelty. It appears a woman used a shock collar to inflict pain on a caged dog and assaulted the animal with an object. The videos allegedly depict the dog confined and under duress, showcasing an urgent need for legal intervention.

This alleged abuse took place in a private home, under the watch of Amanda Cianciulli, who is now facing charges of animal cruelty. Reportedly, law enforcement acted promptly upon discovering the footage, resulting in the seizure and veterinary care of four dogs. These events underscore a disturbing abuse of power over vulnerable animals.

The necessity for stern legal repercussions is clear. The justice system must respond robustly to prevent such alleged abuses from occurring. Take immediate and decisive action against such alleged cruelty to ensure no other animal suffers similarly.


Dear DA Marian Ryan,

The deeply troubling incidents of animal cruelty allegedly committed in Billerica must not go unaddressed. Reports indicate a woman, using a shock collar, engaged in acts of torture against a defenseless caged dog. This alleged behavior not only violates ethical norms but also the trust placed in pet owners to care for their animals compassionately.

The evidence, as described, shows a clear and disturbing pattern of cruelty. The animals involved were reportedly subjected to unnecessary suffering, an act that we believe should meet with the full force of the law. It is imperative that these allegations are thoroughly investigated and, if found true, result in significant legal consequences.

We urge you to take swift action in this matter. By ensuring rigorous enforcement of animal cruelty laws, you will send a clear message that such alleged acts will not be tolerated. We call on you to protect these vulnerable animals and uphold the moral and legal standards our community cherishes.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Mary DeCraemer says:

    Do the same to this heartless bitch!

    • EYE FOR AN EYE !! Bitch needs to suffer and I want to make sure she does !! Justice system doesn’t give a shit or do shit, the only justice for these pieces of shit, is to do it ourselves!!

  2. Amanda deserves to be tortured to the point of death and then anandoned to see if she figure out how to stay alive

  3. John Quinn says:

    Let the punishment fit the crime !

  4. Catherine Scarbrough says:

    This pos deserves the same treatment

  5. Irene Leggett says:

    Use the shock collar on her and make her suffer like she did to the innocent dog. Heartless piece of human trash.

  6. they should do the same thing to this worthless bitch. thank god the dogs survived.

  7. Torture the useless piece of shit turd mole slag to death… ALL Animal Torturers & Murderers NEED CULLING NOW!.

  8. Jackie Jones says:

    If only there was a group of people who would be willing to eradicate these sickos since we cannot count on any country’s legal system to do the right thing. Our world would be a much better place for the innocent creatures that can’t defend themselves.

  9. Jaime Perez says:

    This stinking ho bag deserves the same treatment. I’m glad all the dogs were removed from the witch!

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