Demand Justice for Elephants Allegedly Shackled and Forced to Race at New Year Festival

Target: Sanjay Rajaratnam, Attorney General of Sri Lanka

Goal: Enforce laws against animal abuse reportedly witnessed at the festival.

In an unsettling display during a New Year festival at Sri Lanka’s Kelaniya, participants reportedly engaged in acts of animal cruelty, capturing the attention and concern of onlookers and animal rights advocates. Disturbing footage emerged, showing bulls and elephants in apparent distress, being forced into races and other activities seemingly unsuitable for their well-being. The alleged abuse, occurring in a public and residential area, not only posed a risk to the animals but also to the community at large, sparking outrage among witnesses and activists alike.

Further details suggest a deeply troubling scenario: bulls, used in races, were reportedly driven to panic, leading to injuries and potentially fatal stress levels. Elephants, symbols of majesty and grace, were reportedly carrying shackles, an emblem of their suffering under such conditions. These allegations paint a grim picture of entertainment at the expense of animal welfare, raising questions about the oversight and regulation of public events involving animals.

The urgency for change is clear. Legal action against those allegedly responsible for these acts of cruelty is imperative to ensure the safety and humane treatment of animals in public events. Demand a thorough investigation into the reported incidents and the enforcement of existing laws against animal abuse, to prevent such occurrences in the future.


Dear AG Sanjay Rajaratnam,

Recent events at a New Year festival held in Kelaniya have brought to light alarming instances of alleged animal abuse that cannot be ignored. Eyewitness accounts and video evidence suggest animals, including bulls and elephants, were subjected to conditions and activities detrimental to their well-being. These creatures, integral to our world and deserving of respect and care, were instead reportedly exposed to harm and distress, sparking widespread condemnation and concern.

The alleged mistreatment of animals at a public festival not only compromises their safety but also endangers the community. Reports of animals running amok, potentially caused by excessive stress and fear, illustrate the immediate risks posed to both animals and humans. Such reported incidents betray a troubling lack of regard for life and safety, demanding prompt and decisive action to address these serious allegations.

We urge you to investigate these claims of animal abuse thoroughly and to take appropriate legal action against those found responsible. By enforcing laws designed to protect animals from cruelty and exploitation, you have the power to set a precedent that such behavior will not be tolerated. This is an opportunity to affirm our community’s commitment to compassion, justice, and the rule of law.


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Photo credit: Dinuka Kavinda

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