Horse Disfigured by Chemical Attack Deserves Justice

Target: Josh Joplin, Smith County Precinct 4 Constable
Goal: Find and capture the person responsible for burning horse with chemicals.

A horse named Bitsy was discovered with severe chemical burns on her face. The image alone is enough to break your heart. The poor creature was discovered in this condition in her stable. Bitsy’s face received terrible burns, which are suspected to be the result of an unknown chemical being thrown in her face.

The horse, which resides at the the Winona Lakes Ranch, was taken to a local veterinarian for medical treatment and is beginning the long and painful path to recovery.

Constable Josh Joplin has asked the public to “Help us get justice for this animal.”


Dear Constable Josh Joplin,

A horrific crime against an innocent horse named Bitsy appears to have occurred in your jurisdiction. Based on press reports, the horse was attacked by an unknown assailant who sprayed a corrosive chemical on the animal’s face.

This attack has caused great pain and harm to Bitsy. It is our hope that your office will dedicate all resources necessary to find and capture the person, or persons, responsible for this heinous attack.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Smith County Precinct 4 Constable’s office


  1. One sick sorry demented cruel individual that never should have been born.

  2. Elease M. Bradford says:

    I’m so sorry this happened to Bitsy. I hope the sadistic, deranged piece of slime who abused her is caught ASAP and severely punished. They are a danger to other animals and they need to be taken off the street. I wish Bitsy a speedy recovery and I hope she gets justice.

  3. I hope this vile person is found, prosecuted and sent to prison!

  4. We need to start doing to the individuals, when caught, the same thing they do to these poor innocent animals!!
    I bet it would STOP !!! Nothing else seems to be working !!!

  5. Torah Wolf says:

    I would definitely not leave this horse alone at any time because perpetrators usually like to return to the scene of the crime to see the damage that they did and it wouldn’t hurt to install cameras I don’t make a lot of money I live off disability and I got a dash cam put in my car I got a nanny cam put in my house and you can do it cheap you can turn an old phone into a camera do it watch your horse because I guarantee you they’ll come back again if not for your horse for someone else’s

  6. Samina+Araf says:

    Find the evil scum and send him to me! I’ll show him how it’s done by dipping him in a tank full of acid!!! These kind of evil deranged humans don’t deserve to live on this planet, he should be subjected to the same fate!!!

  7. Instant felony! Maximum prison time for the monster that did this horrific crime!

  8. Make hem pay for this evil action

  9. Make them pay for this evil action

  10. Sick cruiel people should get the same cruiel burns+.

  11. Catch them and put them under the jail!!!! Horrible

  12. DEATH PENALTY for this human lowlife scum!
    Before you euthanize this monster, spray a corrosive chemical on his face.

  13. I hope when not “IFl to catch the SOB you might use the same treatment on their face!!! I thin that would be totally appropriate!!!

  14. Joseph Kenosky says:

    Euthanize the people that did this!

  15. Anyone that does this to an animal is mentally unstable & will eventually do this to others. He needs to be found & have a caustic liquid poured on him to feel what kind of pain he has caused a defenseless animal.

  16. How much would that have stung and hurt, people who have had this happen to them describe excruciating pain. She would have been in agony and helplpless. Definately evil person, and they were deliberately evil, should be found and severely punished.


  18. Jilly+Idle says:

    I’m praying for quick equally painful Karma

  19. What twisted thoughts did this action stem from and if not caught, what next?

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