Horse Disfigured by Chemical Attack Deserves Justice

Target: Josh Joplin, Smith County Precinct 4 Constable
Goal: Find and capture the person responsible for burning horse with chemicals.

A horse named Bitsy was discovered with severe chemical burns on her face. The image alone is enough to break your heart. The poor creature was discovered in this condition in her stable. Bitsy’s face received terrible burns, which are suspected to be the result of an unknown chemical being thrown in her face.

The horse, which resides at the the Winona Lakes Ranch, was taken to a local veterinarian for medical treatment and is beginning the long and painful path to recovery.

Constable Josh Joplin has asked the public to “Help us get justice for this animal.”


Dear Constable Josh Joplin,

A horrific crime against an innocent horse named Bitsy appears to have occurred in your jurisdiction. Based on press reports, the horse was attacked by an unknown assailant who sprayed a corrosive chemical on the animal’s face.

This attack has caused great pain and harm to Bitsy. It is our hope that your office will dedicate all resources necessary to find and capture the person, or persons, responsible for this heinous attack.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Smith County Precinct 4 Constable’s office


  1. One of the most beautiful creatures on this planet. I am always appalled by by any animal cruelty but for some reason horses seem to hurt a little deeper. Find this POS and do the same to them. She’s in a stable. Someone knows. 😢😢

  2. Think the owners of this horse need to look closer to home this smacks of someone who is disgruntled at them and took it out on that poor horse!

  3. Michelle Barbour says:

    The fact that anyone that would do this is a future serial killer needs to be added to these letters

  4. Stephan Wieme says:

    We should do the same to the one who did this !

  5. I hope the maggot is found and punished severely. What did the horse do to deserve the acid on face. I belive he is mentally deranged and he deserves an ass whipping. The person that did this doesn’t need to be around children. U don’t mistreat animals cos u don’t like them. Need more severe laws for animal abuse. The maggot needs to pay the money out for treatment or meds. I hope he gets his.

  6. People who do these kinds of horrible things to animals are despicable low-life heartless scumbags. This is a callous, sickening act of violence and cruelty against an animal that needs to be dealt with swiftly and harshly. This poor helpless horse suffered so much pain and TRAUMA and the person who is responsible for dohng this must be identified and found and JAILED.

  7. D.G. Sifuentes says:

    Any one who would commit such a cruel and horrific act of torture must surely have mental health issues and is the kind of monster who needs to be Off the streets!

  8. person should be in prison

  9. This poor creature deserves justice.

  10. Tom Getsa says:

    The Pos that did this must be hunted down 🎯

  11. do the same right back to every crap human who is cruel to these innocent defenseless souls!!!!!

  12. Find the monster who did this and do the same thing to him – throw acid on them!!! God bless all animals and rid the earth of all animal abusers!

  13. Cecilia Johansson says:

    The poor little darling pony! Clearly a victim of a sick and twisted brain. It breaks my heart.

    The criminally insane person able to do a thing like this must be caught and punished.

  14. MICHAEL BAVARO says:


  15. Marilyn Roberts says:

    I just pray the person that did this horrible crime to Bitsy gets the same treatment in return.

  16. Another animal abuser! Catch this POS now and save some one in the future! Where is the humanity in this so called human? Prosecute prosecute prosecute!!!

  17. Raymond Stevens says:

    This scum needs to be thrown in jail and tell the other inmates what he did. He’ll get the real justice he deserves and not a slap on the wrist that the broken criminal justice system calls punishment.

  18. Tammy Rossetti says:

    What is wrong with people?

  19. I hope I am wrong in this but I feel it is the work of a teenager. Why? They can be the worst offenders. We all know a serial killer is first an animal abuser. Oftentimes their record gets expunged at 18. This is a time when they can buy an AR 15 and shoot everyone in sight. Signs surely are seen by those close to this type of person. Teachers, parents, friends, and online sources. Many horrific crimes could be ended by someone coming forward or parents getting help for this type of behavior early on. Doing so would mean the kid becomes able to care with compassion and many people live who might otherwise be killed.

  20. What the hell is wrong with people anymore? What is their excuse or so called reasoning for this act of cruelty? I’m sure our civilization will have one rather than the truth: there are Americans that are out of control.

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