Dehydrated Cats and Dogs Reportedly Trapped in Scorching Hot Truck Deserve Justice

Target: Al Hadeed, County Attorney of Flagler County, Florida

Goal: Punish suspects accused of entrapping 17 animals inside of blazing hot U-Haul without access to food or water.

U-Haul trucks usually signal new beginnings, but for 17 animals one of these trucks allegedly almost became the end. Four cats and over a dozen dogs were reportedly discovered in the back of one of these vehicles. Because of the sweltering conditions, authorities claim the animals may very well have died if they were not rescued. Their health conditions apparently included matted, feces-covered fur, and dehydration so severe the animals were panting.

Two suspects, Jason Donellan-Sparks and Shawna Doud, were arrested. In body cam footage, an officer who responded to the incident can seemingly be seen liberating the animals and telling the couple: “they’re dying, do you understand that? Do you understand that?” The couple apparently told the authorities that they were moving the pets and that they did not know where food or water for the animals was located.

If a good Samaritan had not allegedly heard the panicked pleas of these animals and reported the case, their fate could have been far worse. Sign the petition below to urge an appropriate penalty for these suspects if they are found guilty and appropriate medical treatment if they are deemed mentally unfit.


Dear Mr. Hadeed,

Jason Donellan-Sparks and Shawna Doud face charges that they nearly subjected 17 cats and dogs to possible heat-stroke, dehydration, and starvation. These animals were reportedly discovered in the back of a U-Haul by authorities with no food or water and in sauna-like conditions. If these accusations are true, the animals who could have lost their lives were the very reason the good Samaritan statute for animal cruelty was signed into law.

Whether the suspects were experiencing diminished mental capacity or whether this alleged act was intentional, proper repercussions need to happen. Please ensure this case is prosecuted to the fullest extent and that appropriate penalties or mental health treatments result.


[Your Name Here]

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  2. Absolute morons! I’d love to lock these idiots in a hot van and “not have any idea where food or water” is either.. Can’t stand reading story after story.. When does it ever stop?!! You need a license to drive a car, you should need a license to own a pet and child as well!!!

  3. Prosecute to the fullest…

  4. Shellie Ljungquist says:

    People who hurt animals deserve the same treatment they gave to innocent sweet animal!

  5. An “eye for an eye” is warranted here! Lock them in a concrete bunker (they would break out if locked in a van)with NO ACCESS to either food or water!

    • Agree with you 200%. I can’t believe poor helpless animals are at the mercy of these pathetic brainless lowlifes stupid fucking assholes.

  6. Solche Leute die Tiere auf so grausam Weise misshandeln haben weder Emphatie noch Mitgefühl für Tiere oder Menschen, dieses Paar muss in vollem Umfang hart bestraft werden, sie haben den Tod der hilflosen Tiere in Kauf genommen, ich bin wütend und entsetzt über so viel Leid was täglich zu lesen ist. Wenn es nach mir ginge gäbe es für Tierquäler und Kinderschänder nur eins ,die TODESSTRAFE!
    Von solchen leuten müssen wir befreit werden.

  7. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    HOARDERS!!! Seize ALL animals immediately, prosecute to the fullest extent of the law for multiple counts of animal abuse, make them PAY ALL VET BILLS to restore these animals to full health, and BAN them from ever purchasing, owning, caring for or working with ANY animals ever again.

  8. These people need to have the very same thing done back to them 500 times worse! THIS WILL END THE ABUSES!!

  9. Maria Bertrand says:

    What planet do these two morons Jason Donellan-Sparks and Shawna Doud live on!!!!! Have they no regard for animals in HOT CARS!!! NO BRAINER …PROSECUTE to the full extent of the law….and never let them near another sweet animals for life.

    Would be nice if they get their deserved turn at suffocation!!!!

  10. prosecute these shitheads and more importantly make sure they never are allowed to have any animals again. these animals were lucky this time. next time might not end so well, so stop it before it can start!

  11. Stephanie Geyser says:

    “…..they did not know where food or water for the animals was located…..”. But I bet they knew where to get food and drink for themselves.

  12. Maria Bertrand says:


    kind of throws their defence out of the water!!!

  13. Lock up Jason Donellan-Sparks and Shawna Doud and throw away the key. These are people with zero ethics and have no compassion for animals. They probably treat their children similarly. If you do nothing else…..PLEASE BAN THESE TWO FOR LIFE FROM EVER OWNING OR HAVING ANY ANIMALS IN THEIR CARE!!!

  14. Debra Humphries. says:

    These people should have considered this when planning to move. Have they ever heard of bottled water and bowls? They should also have considered the temperature in the back and known it would give them a heatstroke. I doubt they were mentally incapacitated. They probably just didn’t care. They should be prosecuted and have their animals rehomed.

  15. I suppose the useless prosecutors and judges will do nothing. Makes them just as guilty of abuse.


  17. Stupid fucking assholes. Stick them somewhere where they can’t get out of. Make sure they have no water or food. Improper ventilation in a hot vehicle. They say they have diminished mental capacity? I say BULL SHIT to that. They would have it if I was done with them .. because I’d be cracking their empty skulls with a baseball bat

  18. Michelle Stewart says:

    I don’t believe them at all. They both must be charged & each serve 15 years in prison with no early parole, each pay a $400,000 fine, and both be banned for life from owning or going near any animals ever again. All those animals must be seized, given medical help, and never given back to those people. Besides the $800,000 fine between the two of them, they must also pay ALL of the veterinarian bills. Lock those assholes up & throw away the keys

  19. What a shame that these 2 assholes will get off without more than a verbal warning (if that!!!). They should be locked in the back of a Uhaul -jail is too good for them!!! They get free food and water there – which is more than they gave these innocent and precious animals😡

  20. Rhonda M Hodgman says:

    Unbalanced, mentally challenged, retarded … DOES NOT MATTER! THEY SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO HAVE AN ANIMAL AGAIN!

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