Dehydrated Cats and Dogs Reportedly Trapped in Scorching Hot Truck Deserve Justice

Target: Al Hadeed, County Attorney of Flagler County, Florida

Goal: Punish suspects accused of entrapping 17 animals inside of blazing hot U-Haul without access to food or water.

U-Haul trucks usually signal new beginnings, but for 17 animals one of these trucks allegedly almost became the end. Four cats and over a dozen dogs were reportedly discovered in the back of one of these vehicles. Because of the sweltering conditions, authorities claim the animals may very well have died if they were not rescued. Their health conditions apparently included matted, feces-covered fur, and dehydration so severe the animals were panting.

Two suspects, Jason Donellan-Sparks and Shawna Doud, were arrested. In body cam footage, an officer who responded to the incident can seemingly be seen liberating the animals and telling the couple: “they’re dying, do you understand that? Do you understand that?” The couple apparently told the authorities that they were moving the pets and that they did not know where food or water for the animals was located.

If a good Samaritan had not allegedly heard the panicked pleas of these animals and reported the case, their fate could have been far worse. Sign the petition below to urge an appropriate penalty for these suspects if they are found guilty and appropriate medical treatment if they are deemed mentally unfit.


Dear Mr. Hadeed,

Jason Donellan-Sparks and Shawna Doud face charges that they nearly subjected 17 cats and dogs to possible heat-stroke, dehydration, and starvation. These animals were reportedly discovered in the back of a U-Haul by authorities with no food or water and in sauna-like conditions. If these accusations are true, the animals who could have lost their lives were the very reason the good Samaritan statute for animal cruelty was signed into law.

Whether the suspects were experiencing diminished mental capacity or whether this alleged act was intentional, proper repercussions need to happen. Please ensure this case is prosecuted to the fullest extent and that appropriate penalties or mental health treatments result.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Sainandini Mishra



  1. The faces of the brain dead at the end of the article. Simpleton’s should not be allowed to ever have children, or to have animals in their care.

  2. Jason Donellan-Sparks and Shawna Doud should suffer the same fate. Why are ignorant stupid subhumans allowed to have pets!

  3. Barbara Garrison says:

    This couple has absolutely no brain matter. They didn’t know where the food or water was? They thought they could transport live animals in a hot uhaul? My next question is, why were they hauling this many animals in the first place? I’m glad the officers arrested them, they deserved it. Now, I hope the judge throws the book at them. Who knows what else these black hearted knotheads have done in the past, and we don’t know about it?

  4. They didn’t know where food or water was located? Uhhhh how about a store you morons?


  6. What are they morons. Throw them in jail.

  7. Good grief??? ‘We did not know where water was’ I think it was easier to just do it and hope these innocents survived. Please do not allow these idiots to have any more animals. And preferably not children either.

  8. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Arrested them also for being stupid….wow!!!

  9. Put them in a hot truck with no water or food. Maybe people need to go threw hell as those poor dogs did.

  10. eleanor dunkavich says:

    should be locked up for good

  11. Disgrace letting sub species have little animals. J christ 8 despair every day.
    Tougher laws now. Animals need good people not half wit decisions and zero brain types.

  12. Monica Lee Koski says:

    These two are either just plain stupid or are mentally deficient! Either way they obviously lack the common sense to be responsible enough to own an animal, let alone 17+ dogs and cats! I question why anyone would have possession of that many animals to begin with?! Please ensure these two are prosecuted to the max, and that they will most definitely banned from ever being allowed to have another animal in their possession!

  13. Seek the max. I do not give a rip if their COMBINED IQ’s are under 100. Your state’s moron governor and idiot US Senators have IQ’s below 100, too.

    • Shelly Blazich says:


  14. We need tougher animal cruelty laws and have offenders experience the same things they do to animals.
    For example If they leave an animal chained without food and water outside then they ship have the same done to them.
    Lock these people in a hot uhaul in the same conditions they had the dogs and see how they like it.

  15. I bet these 2 assholes knew where to get food and water for themselves. Idiots that is the same place you get it for animals. Make them pay for all the care until rehomed, then put them in the back of a uhaul and take it to the desert and park it.

  16. Freaking monsters needs to be locked up in a hot truck and see how they like it. STUPID FLORIDA people yet again. When is this state going to start getting serious about animal abuse!!

  17. These two POS look like the products of incest.

  18. I’d like to stick them in a sauna and lock the door. See what they look like and how they cry out for help to no avail after a few nights in there. These kind of people need to be locked up and why were they transporting 17 animals in a uhaul? How many animals have suffered and not made it at their hands? They didn’t know where to source food and water? Pieces of shit must have passed countless supermarkets! Thank God for the Good Samaritan but these evil scum deserve the same fate but not to survive!

  19. Lock these 2 idiots up without food or water

  20. Heartbreaking! Hope these morons go to jail for a long time and should suffer the same peril.

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