Dog Apparently Choked, Punched, and Slammed in Parking Lot Beating Deserves Justice

Target: Stephen A. Zappala, District Attorney for Allegheny County, PA

Goal: Prosecute suspect accused of assaulting girlfriend’s pet dog to the fullest extent.

“This person…grabs the dog in a chokehold and slams it into the side of the GMC Yukon, then throws the dog into the car.” A detective sergeant with the Ross Township, Pennsylvania Police Department reported the above information in regards to a heartbreaking case of alleged animal cruelty. The official’s words, however, cannot truly convey the seeming brutality apparently displayed on a video that captured this alleged attack. Suspect Esai Mohamed-Jones now faces charges of animal cruelty for the reported incident.

The events began after the suspect, his girlfriend, and another person were apparently kicked out of a motel. Upon leaving, the suspect allegedly took his anger out on his girlfriend’s dog. He reportedly even admitted that he “lightly slapped” the dog, but the video seemingly portrays far worse actions.  After the initial incident is finished, the suspect appears to throw the defenseless pet into the car, strike him further, and eventually drive off. When authorities took the dog to a vet, a subsequent report allegedly confirmed signs of a serious assault.

Sign the petition below to help ensure this alleged “light” attacker does not get off with a light sentence.


Dear Mr. Zappala,

Video evidence seemingly confirms that a heinous act of animal cruelty took place in a motel parking lot. Witnesses who attempted to protest were even allegedly attacked by suspect Esai Mohamed-Jones. The most compelling and disturbing evidence came from the reported victim, whose apparent injuries were painstakingly detailed in a disturbing veterinary report.

Please do not join the many other prosecutors nationwide who fail to take crimes against animals seriously. Do not settle for plea deals and slaps on the wrist. Prosecute this case with vigilance and seek maximum punishment in the event of a conviction.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Ross Township Police Department


  1. Punish the scrum to the full us extent of the law! What’s with him taking out his anger on a little dog?
    He can’t be near animals, hopefully the girlfriend while seated

  2. Steve – Will you please do the job you were hired to do and put this uneducated punk Esai Mohamed-Jones behind bars! There is video evidence in this case so there should be no reason why you don’t prosecute this POS to the fullest extent allowed under Pennsylvania law. He needs his ugly ass kicked by someone who is 10 times bigger than him so he can see how it feels. Fucking punk…

  3. Kathleen I Nagy-DeRosa says:

    This POS needs to be Bubba’s cell mate. Disgusting! If he can do this to an innocent animal, then lie about it, he deserves jail time and a huge fine. Despicable excuse for a human. Make an example or of him.


  5. Stephanie Woods says:

    I couldn’t tell from the article if the pup was taken away, but if this brutality was committed against a child, that POS would have been thrown UNDER the jail. Enough! All animal abuse should be felonies. Period.

  6. This wanker needs permanently terminating- very painfully.
    These bastards are not needed on our planet.
    Maybe the tosser has a problem ‘getting it up’ is why he has to take it out on innocent animals that will not fight back.
    Arseholes all of these people.
    I hope there are some animal activists out there who would enjoy beating seven barrels of shit out of him then someone stand on the bastards neck until he died short of breath!
    Am I a violent person?
    No, only to waste of space pricks like these!!
    Jonny W.

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