Dog Apparently Choked, Punched, and Slammed in Parking Lot Beating Deserves Justice

Target: Stephen A. Zappala, District Attorney for Allegheny County, PA

Goal: Prosecute suspect accused of assaulting girlfriend’s pet dog to the fullest extent.

“This person…grabs the dog in a chokehold and slams it into the side of the GMC Yukon, then throws the dog into the car.” A detective sergeant with the Ross Township, Pennsylvania Police Department reported the above information in regards to a heartbreaking case of alleged animal cruelty. The official’s words, however, cannot truly convey the seeming brutality apparently displayed on a video that captured this alleged attack. Suspect Esai Mohamed-Jones now faces charges of animal cruelty for the reported incident.

The events began after the suspect, his girlfriend, and another person were apparently kicked out of a motel. Upon leaving, the suspect allegedly took his anger out on his girlfriend’s dog. He reportedly even admitted that he “lightly slapped” the dog, but the video seemingly portrays far worse actions.  After the initial incident is finished, the suspect appears to throw the defenseless pet into the car, strike him further, and eventually drive off. When authorities took the dog to a vet, a subsequent report allegedly confirmed signs of a serious assault.

Sign the petition below to help ensure this alleged “light” attacker does not get off with a light sentence.


Dear Mr. Zappala,

Video evidence seemingly confirms that a heinous act of animal cruelty took place in a motel parking lot. Witnesses who attempted to protest were even allegedly attacked by suspect Esai Mohamed-Jones. The most compelling and disturbing evidence came from the reported victim, whose apparent injuries were painstakingly detailed in a disturbing veterinary report.

Please do not join the many other prosecutors nationwide who fail to take crimes against animals seriously. Do not settle for plea deals and slaps on the wrist. Prosecute this case with vigilance and seek maximum punishment in the event of a conviction.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Ross Township Police Department


  1. Why say “allegedly” when this scum bag was SEEN to beat this poor dog!! Nothing “allegedly” about it!! String all animal abusers up and just get rid of them.

    • I hate that word. in todays politically correct world where people are afraid of their own shadow you can have video and the guys knife dripping with blood and it is still alleged. what a bunch of morons. absolutely true statement!

    • It’s a good job for this cowardly bastard that I was not there at the time.
      I would have kicked his bollocks right up to the back of his neck then stamped on them when they came back down! And if I was prosecuted for it then so be it!
      These fuckers are all big and hard when they are abusing an animal that cannot fight back.
      Wankers all of them. A waste of good air space. I really hope someone or an animal activist group can find this tosser on a dark night and maim the shitbag for life!
      We do not need these cretins in our world.
      Jonny W.

    • Amy Weichmann says:

      He should be killed

    • Kathryne Newberry says:

      So agree, put scumbags like this behind bars. If he’s doing this to a poor defenseless dog, can you imagine if he gets mad around his girlfriend or a child! Hope his girlfriend leaves him after this!

    • Andrea Chisari says:

      The reason is because this is the USA, where even if you were caught on camera and were witnessed by every person in a packed sport’s stadium, you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

      Having said that, when he is convicted, he should be buried underneath the prison – after he is slammed against an SUV…

  2. Essie Mohamed-Jones should be in prison for torture, cruelty, & abuse on this poor innocent dog. He obviously has anger issues and must be taken out of your community for the protection of your society. Please do your job and prosecute this animal abuser to the fullest extent. Please never allow him to be near animals again.

  3. Johanna Longden says:

    vile evil sick individual!!!!!!!

  4. This scumbag must have the death penalty impl;emented and nothing less!

  5. This scumbag must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less!

  6. Tammy M Lundy says:

    Scum! He needs th same and then some done exactly to him. His gf is just as guilty

  7. So sad! But even more sad that this can happen to a defenseless child and not get as much attention as this dog. (I love all animals) Where are the petitions for the death penalty for all the children beaten and abused?

    • These prosecutors and judges need to man up and do their jobs. They are just as guilty of abuse. If or when this sick individual does this to a human then they should be charged as accessories to the crime for doing nothing when they should have. Sick of them having no compassion for animals and the abuse they go thru.

  8. He needs to be euthanized. His mother needs to be euthanized.

  9. Raymond Stevens says:

    This filth should be beaten to death.

  10. Our justice system is a laughing stock ! We have no one to protect innocent people or animals! No one enforces the law. Someone punish the person!

  11. Esai Mohamed-Jones needs his *itch *ss beat!

  12. Cheryl Margulies says:

    He needs to be punished for this violent crime.
    He also needs mandatory anger management.

  13. Esai Mohamed-Jones should be eliminated from the face of this earth.. Subhuman scum liken Esai Mohamed-Jones has noreason to live and breath amongst us..
    I hope someone does to him what he truly deserves because the judicial system is a joke when it comes to animal abuse!

  14. Renata Kuchinsky says:

    What is allegedly means?? This is an absolute disgusting case of animal abuse. Persecute this criminal to the full extent of law.

  15. Veronique Peere says:


  16. Make this f–ing POS pay for all the care of this dog until it gets a new home then take him out choke him and throw him upside a car with a wrecking ball. Throw him in a car and send it over a cliff. This will be justice

  17. There is nothing “alleged” about what happened if there is video of him doing it! This sick bastard needs to be beaten within an inch of his life for what he did to his girlfriend’s dog–and she’s just as guilty for letting it happen! I think you should charge them both–him for the obvious crime of animal abuse, and her for being an accessory to the crime and not doing anything to stop it–and possibly for being dumb enough to be his girlfriend in the first place!

  18. Kill the POS. People like this don’t deserve fines. They deserve to die!!! Treat them like the disgusting scum they are!

  19. All animal abusers need life without parole or the death sentence. These are the only fair choices.

  20. Go vegan to stop paying for the murder of animals.

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