Husky Apparently Filmed Trying to Futilely Catch-up to Owners Who Abandoned Him Deserves Justice

Target: Yvonne Rosales, District Attorney of El Paso County, TX

Goal: Punish man and possible accomplice who allegedly abandoned pet husky to the fullest extent.

A viral video from near El Paso captured a heart-wrenching scene. As a husky is seemingly abandoned on a roadside, he chases after the car leaving him behind. In the video, a younger man apparently unleashes the dog, who lies beside the car. A second man reportedly drives away after the first reenters the car. At this point, the husky begins running down the road but cannot ultimately catch the vehicle. The alleged driver of the car has been arrested, with more charges potentially pending against the other suspect.

Unlike so many instances of pet abandonment, this sad tale did have a happy ending for the husky. Pawsitive Rescuers of El Paso and Huckleberry Hound Dog Rescue teamed up to find him a new forever home. Soon thereafter, a family adopted the ten-month-old pup, whom they named Nanook.

Despite the positive outcome, the young animal still likely suffered tremendously. Sign the petition below to urge punishment for anyone who abandoned and neglected this resilient husky.


Dear DA Rosales,

The viral video of a husky running after the caretakers who allegedly abandoned him on the road has put a renewed spotlight on animal cruelty and the many forms this horrific practice can take. At least one suspect, Luis Antonio Campos, is facing charges of animal cruelty. If he committed this act, he and any other involved parties should be punished for the sake of both the animal in the case and the deterrence of future offenders.

Too many pets are abandoned on a yearly basis, and the guardians of these vulnerable animals need to understand they are committing a crime. Please seek a maximum penalty in this troubling case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Tranmautritam


  1. One day these guys’ conscious will kick in; what they tried to do will haunt them forever. Luckily, the dog is OK and I sure hope it finds a wonderful loving and forever home. As for the perpetrators, BEWARE: Karma is out there and will be coming for you.

    • Nah adults like this don’t just wake up one day as an adult and suddenly have a conscious no disrespect,unless this passenger was in an abusive situation and was made to leave the dog, but society is riddled with selfish people who lack empathy and compassion and they need to be held accountable, harsh punishments are the only way to get through to people. Thankfully someone was there to help though.

      • Completely agree….If they had a conscious they wouldn’t have done this in the first place…I also agree, Karma is a BITCH..and she’s coming for them!
        Whatever punishment they get under man’s law will not be enough!
        Post their pictures and names all over social media…let everyone know what scumbags these POS really are!

  2. Eda Garcia says:

    Why get a dog and then abandon them… why?
    Life is tough at the moment but dogs bring a lot of happiness to ur life..
    Really sad to hear about how we humans are with dogs.

  3. Melinda Maddox says:

    His bless the pup and the people that saved and adopted him.
    The men that abandoned him need serious jail time!!!🤬🤬🤬

  4. SO VERY SAD!!! For whatever reason there is no excuse for dumping this creature on the side of the road, there are shelters…





  7. Fucking disgusting worthless humans I wish them nothing but bad luck

  8. A to the J says:

    This cunt needs to be set on fire. I hope karma bites her on her ass.

  9. Nadine brundige says:

    So glad this young dog is now in a good home.people who dump their pets are the lowest form of life, these subhumans don’t deserve any animal. Texas has more animal abuse and euthanized animals then any state with California as a runner up. Does this tell you the kind of people who live there? Low life uncaring scum

  10. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    Feed these savage barbarians to the lions sharks or crocs please. They simply do not deserve to live or even own a God creation. They deserve hell.

  11. This is why I hate people.

    • Amen to that Debbie! I heard the scum bags in Texas abandon their dogs all the time like this. Disgusting sub humans!

  12. PIGS…

    Hope Karma kicks them in the ass.


  14. Michelle Stewart says:

    Each person involved must be given a $50,000 fine, each person be banned for life from owning or going near any animals ever again, and each person must spend 1 year in jail with no early parole. If punishments were made alot stricter, maybe animal abandonment, torture, killing, beastiality, would cease to exist. The wise the crime, the higher the fines and much longer jail time. Banned for life from owning animals must always happen

  15. Bless this lovely pup and the people who adopted him. May the two monsters who abandoned this beautiful pup rot in hell. Subhumans with no sense of humanity.

  16. Unless we impart punishments and consequences that reflect our understanding that animal neglect, abandonment, and cruelty are all serious unacceptable criminal abuses, those will continue to be commonplace. Unfortunately, it is human nature, that people do what they believe they will get away with (not face consequences). It is your duty to correct that presumption.

  17. People who can just abandon their animals like they’re trash need to be abandoned in a nursing home when they’re old and never get any visitors.

  18. They need to be abandoned in the middle of the Atlantic ocean

  19. Cindy Miller says:

    People who do this shit should just be hung, plain & done with it then we would have less of this shit happening!

  20. Lisa puchya says:

    Only scumbags abandon their pets. If you no longer want the pet it is YOUR responsibility to re-home the dog.may KARMA get these POSs

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