Husky Apparently Filmed Trying to Futilely Catch-up to Owners Who Abandoned Him Deserves Justice

Target: Yvonne Rosales, District Attorney of El Paso County, TX

Goal: Punish man and possible accomplice who allegedly abandoned pet husky to the fullest extent.

A viral video from near El Paso captured a heart-wrenching scene. As a husky is seemingly abandoned on a roadside, he chases after the car leaving him behind. In the video, a younger man apparently unleashes the dog, who lies beside the car. A second man reportedly drives away after the first reenters the car. At this point, the husky begins running down the road but cannot ultimately catch the vehicle. The alleged driver of the car has been arrested, with more charges potentially pending against the other suspect.

Unlike so many instances of pet abandonment, this sad tale did have a happy ending for the husky. Pawsitive Rescuers of El Paso and Huckleberry Hound Dog Rescue teamed up to find him a new forever home. Soon thereafter, a family adopted the ten-month-old pup, whom they named Nanook.

Despite the positive outcome, the young animal still likely suffered tremendously. Sign the petition below to urge punishment for anyone who abandoned and neglected this resilient husky.


Dear DA Rosales,

The viral video of a husky running after the caretakers who allegedly abandoned him on the road has put a renewed spotlight on animal cruelty and the many forms this horrific practice can take. At least one suspect, Luis Antonio Campos, is facing charges of animal cruelty. If he committed this act, he and any other involved parties should be punished for the sake of both the animal in the case and the deterrence of future offenders.

Too many pets are abandoned on a yearly basis, and the guardians of these vulnerable animals need to understand they are committing a crime. Please seek a maximum penalty in this troubling case.


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Photo Credit: Tranmautritam


  1. How could anybody leave such a beautiful dog alone on the street and drive away???? Give that person the highest punction that excists for such a crime. Or better leave him also i the desert of Palm Springs with nothing. NO MERCY!

  2. Raymond Stevens says:

    The scum that did this should be given jail time and prohibited from owning pets.

    • I am sure trash like this will be put on dna list.Stands for DO NOT ADOPT. People like me warn rescue groups not to give cat or dog if i find out anything. Example. We have rules not to let cat outside in front or back. One of our adopters did that and cat was killed.

  3. Only depraved, cruel IDIOTS would abandon an Animal in this way — we have many options — Our treatment of Animals is a reflection of our SOULS — the extremely indifferent treatment of Dog-Husky is beyond sanity, decency, conscience, morality — throw the IMBECILES in prison — Ensure this IDIOT-pair NEVER AGAIN adopts nor come anywhere near Animals —— the PSYCHOS will REPEAT unless STOPPED — Thank God, Savior with Camera rescued sweet Husky — thank you to all Rescuers who helped Nanook find a loving home.

  4. I heartily agree with Rita. The perpetrators should be abandoned in the desert! With no water or anything else.

  5. This dog is GORGEOUS!!! Wtf is wrong with people! I hate humanity! 😡

  6. Cheryl Miller says:

    Justice for Nanook!! Please!!

  7. For God’s sake can they not at least drop the dog at the Humane Society or somewhere it is not helpless out in the middle of nowhere? No because they are psychopaths and we must be rid of human Psychopaths at all cost. They are ruining this Earth with their abuse of animals and children

  8. It’s very sad for that pup & all animals abandaned in such a way. Poor thing must have loved his human to want to follow. You can almost wonder what goes thru these animals minds. So so sad!

  9. Rosemary Ferguson says:

    Fucking heartbreaking…that poor sweet pup…get those evil bastards and just let them rot in fucking jail…I’m just happy Nanook got a happy ending ❤️😘

  10. Lets let them rot in jail
    Poor dog

  11. Let them rot in jail

  12. Absolutely appalled! That trash doesn’t deserve that beautiful dog. Put the trash in prison.

  13. Samina Araf says:

    I’d love to drop them in the middle of a desert and watch them try to find their way home chasing mirages and seeing water that’s not there. These kind of people don’t deserve the loyalty of faithful four legged friends who would stick by them come what may. They deserve to fight each other over a drop of water in a desert and see how they would kill each other unlike a dog that would give it’s all in the name of love! Scum of the earth!!!

  14. Renata Kuchinsky says:

    No mercy for this human waste.
    This is animal cruelty.

  15. Beth Frank says:

    Absolutely heartbreaking. So glad that whoever video taped the dog running after the car and owner did so! Put them in jail with no food or water!!!

  16. 10 months old old. Just the age when people realize that a husky is more than can deal with. These a-holes could have done the right thing and taken him to shelter. I hope some judge has the balls to punish then as much as possible.

  17. Elease M. Bradford says:

    Luis Campos and his passenger are slimy snakes for abandoning this beautiful,innocent puppy. What they did was despicable. If they no longer wanted the dog, they could have given him to somebody who could provide a loving home or brought him to an animal shelter. I hope these two scumbags are severely punished. I’m glad Nanook has a loving family and I hope he gets justice.

  18. This is sick and twisted behavior and these humans will be just as cruel or worse as they move on to defenseless humans!! JAIL THEM FOR A MINIMUM OF 5 years and then do not let them EVER be alone with any animal of child/senior humans!

  19. Adrienne Kaiser says:

    Until the courts start prosecuting dog abuse/neglect cases to the fullest extent of the law, scenes like THIS will continue to occur!! You, the law and the court system, only enable criminals that abuse/neglect animals when you don’t follow through and take action!!! Please, be their voice!!!

  20. Awful people, they should not only be prosecuted, but banned for life from ever owning or having an animal in their possession. We need a National (Federal) registry for animal abusers (and this is absolutely abuse). These people do not deserve the love of an animal.

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