Animal Welfare

Dead Dogs Apparently Forced to Cannibalize Each Other Deserve Justice

Sixteen dogs died horrifically when they were allegedly abandoned and starved for over eight months. Some were reportedly so hungry they ate each other in an attempt to survive. Demand justice for these poor dogs.

Save Puerto Rico’s Homeless Pets

Puerto Rico’s animal shelters are dangerously overcrowded due to the mass abandonment of pets following Hurricane Maria. We must do more to aid the shelters in keeping these animals safe and healthy, and encourage adoptions. Sign this petition to ensure these animals will survive.

Dogs Found Starving in Garbage and Feces-Filled Apartment Deserve Justice

Two dogs named Hiro and Famous were found in an apartment full of garbage and feces, and had apparently been left there to starve for weeks. The dogs are in critical condition and may not survive. Demand justice for these poor abused animals.

Stop Greece’s ‘Ghost Dog’ Epidemic

Millions of innocent dogs in Greece are being left by their owners to die in a dangerous rural area due to the country’s financial difficulties. While the financial situation is pitiable, the actions of these owners are inexcusable. Sign this petition to stem the widespread dog abandonment epidemic now.

Dog Allegedly Starved and Neglected Deserves Justice

A dog suffered when he was allegedly starved and denied veterinary care. Open sores reportedly covered the dog’s body, and he was severely emaciated. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Praise Ban on Using Cruel Bullhooks on Elephants

Elephants in Pittsburgh will no longer be beaten with the bullhooks, or cruel weapons that use pain to force elephants in the entertainment industry to perform tricks. Sign this petition to praise Pittsburgh for protecting elephants from these barbaric tools.

Man Accused of Punching Dog in Ribs, Tying Him Outside in Snowstorm Must be Punished

Slater the dog was allegedly punched and choked for refusing to get in a car, then was left tied to a tree outside during a snowstorm. Demand justice for this poor dog.

American Express: Stop Using Exotic Animal Skins as Rewards

American Express is offering exotic skins as a reward to its customers. Animals on exotic skin farms live a life full of misery and are prematurely killed. Sigh this petition and demand this credit card company stop supporting this cruel industry.

Cows Allegedly Tortured and Abused at Dairy Farm Deserve Justice

Cows were allegedly stabbed, beaten, and burned alive at a dairy farm in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Video footage reportedly showed three men stabbing the cows with sharpened PVC pipe and holding torches to a cow’s udder. Demand justice for these poor cows.

Dogs Infected With Fleas, Lyme Disease and Tape Worms With No Access to Water Deserve Justice

Fifteen dogs and five smaller animals were allegedly kept in tiny crates without water and denied necessary medical care. Per witnesses, some dogs couldn’t even stand up and one had a neck wound due to an embedded collar. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Success: Michael Kors Stops Using Fur

Famous designer Michael Kors has announced it will no longer use fur on its products. Countless animals are trapped within fur farms and face unimaginable horrors daily. Sign this petition and praise Michael Kors for no longer supporting this cruel industry.

Ban Cruel Puppy Mills Throughout Australia

Puppy mills are notorious for abuse and neglect of animals, and Australia has an opportunity to ban these cruel operations. Urge the Australian government to ban puppy mills nationwide.

Punish Man Accused of Assassinating Dogs in Their Own Yard

Two dogs were allegedly shot to death in their own yard in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Demand justice for these poor animals and their grieving owner.

Demand Zoo Accused of Abuse and Neglect Retire Animals to Sanctuary

A zoo with a long history of Animal Welfare Act violations allegedly continues to have problems with its animals’ mental and physical well-being. With no signs of improvement at the zoo, it is time these animals are moved to a sanctuary. Sign this petition to demand these animals are retired to an accredited sanctuary.

Success: Men Charged With Dragging Shark Behind Speedboat

A shark suffered when the poor animal was allegedly tethered to a speedboat and dragged at high speed. Now, three suspects have finally been arrested. Demand that they be punished to the full extent of the law.

Stop Forcing Terrified Sheep to Run Carrying Children at Festival

At the “Mutton Bustin” event, small children are put on the backs of terrified sheep who are forced to run around trying to throw them off. Demand an end to this cruel spectacle that places both animals and kids at risk.

Dog Body Slammed and Beaten Deserves Justice

A dog was beaten and thrown to the ground in a shocking case of animal cruelty, according to reports. Shocking video footage captured a man apparently beating his helpless dog. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Success: Montreal to End Pit Bull Ban

Montreal is ending its ban on pit bulls roughly a year after it was put into place. This is wonderful news for pit bulls and their owners, who would have been charged a fee and subjected to a criminal background check should the ban have remained. Sign this petition to thank Montreal for rolling back this unfair law.

Punish Star Athlete Accused of Beating and Starving His Dog

A dog was allegedly beaten, choked, starved, and denied veterinary care in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The dog reportedly suffered from emaciation and a flea infestation so severe that his hair fell out in chunks. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Stop Museum from Senselessly Killing Chicks

A museum is killing chicks just a few days after they hatch so a new batch of eggs can be put in the incubator. This museum claims this cruel practice teaches the public about life cycles. Sign this petition and demand the museum put a stop to the senseless killing of baby chicks.

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