Animal Welfare

Demand Allegedly Neglectful Zoo Retire Animals to a Sanctuary

A roadside zoo with a history of reported neglect and Animal Welfare Act violations refuses to shut down despite apparently not being able to properly care for its animals. Sign the petition and demand the zoo surrender its animals to an accredited sanctuary.

Dogs, Chickens, and Pig Allegedly Kept in Squalor Deserve Justice

Dozens of animals were allegedly neglected and kept in squalor in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Dogs, chickens, and a pig reportedly lived in their own excrement and many died. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Stop Allowing Chickens to Be Slaughtered While Conscious

California may finally outlaw allowing conscious chickens to be slaughtered while shackled. If a new law passes, it will make it illegal to kill chickens that can still feel and process pain. Sign this petition to demand that slaughtering facilities be held to this minimum standard of decency.

Ban Pet Meat Consumption in All 50 States

The consumption of cat and dog meat is still legal in 43 of the 50 states of America, thanks to a loophole that only disallows people to obtain the meat via slaughterhouses or businesses. While not as widespread as it is in Asia, the consumption of pet meat in the United States is a disturbing trend nonetheless. Sign this petition to demand a full, non-exploitable ban on killing and eating cats and dogs in the United States.

Praise Happy Ending to Five-Year-Old ‘Puppy Doe’ Case

The five-year-long ‘Puppy Doe’ case has finally been resolved, with the culprit getting ten years of jail time plus deportation. Any victory against an animal abuser is a victory for animal rights, and this must be celebrated. Sign this petition to thank the courts for finally obtaining justice for the innocent dog.

Praise Popular Fashion Designer for Joining the Fight Against Fur

Popular designer, Donna Karan, has finally made the pledge to go fur-free. Animals trapped within the fur industry suffer mentally and physically daily. Sign this petition to praise the designer for no longer supporting this cruel industry.

Ban Cruel, Painful, and Unnecessary Castrations of Piglets

Undercover investigations in Italy have revealed that pigs used to make parma ham have their tails routinely docked, while all male piglets are painfully castrated. These unnecessary procedures must be banned.

Decomposed Dog Found Tied to Doghouse Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly tied in the yard of a foreclosed home and abandoned to starve in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Workers found the decomposed body hidden within overgrown trees. Demand justice now.

Punish Minors Accused of Injecting Dog with Cocaine

A defenseless dog was injected with harmful drugs by a group of neighborhood kids. She was found barely moving and near death. Sign the petition to ensure that whoever is responsible for this unconscionable act of animal cruelty be fully punished.

Shut Down Zoo Accused of Euthanizing Healthy Animal

A beloved and perfectly healthy senior wolf was killed, allegedly so that the zoo would have room for younger animals who were considered “cuter” and potentially more profitable. Demand that this type of cruelty be stopped and the zoo be closed down.

Eight Dogs Allegedly Neglected in Illegal Kennel Deserve Justice

Eight dogs were allegedly starved and neglected in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The dogs reportedly resided at an illegal kennel and training center, where they were forced to eat their own feces to survive. Demand justice for these poor dogs.

Dog Reportedly Drowned With 13-Pound Weight Deserves Justice

A dog drowned desperately trying to swim, while allegedly being forced to wear a 13-pound diving weight in deep water. The owner reportedly fled the scene after searching for his dog for only five minutes. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Ban the Torture of Animals at Rodeo Events

Cattle, horses and other animals are forced to participate in cruel rodeos where they are beaten and shocked using electric prods in the name of entertainment. Stop this widespread torture and demand the New Zealand government ban rodeo sports once and for all.

Punish Person Who Shot and Killed 10-Month-Old Kitten

A 10-month-old kitten was shot twice and later died from his injuries. The person responsible is still at large. Demand justice for this innocent kitten.

Praise City for Banning Retail Pet Adoption

A city in Iowa has prohibited the adoption of pet store animals, which often come from mills. This move is a response to Iowa’s ranking as the country’s second largest producer of puppies from puppy mills. Sign the petition below to thank the mayor for protecting animal welfare.

Dogs Allegedly Starved to Death and Stuffed into Trashcans Deserve Justice

Over 20 dogs were allegedly starved and neglected, leading to the death of at least half of them, in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Eight deceased dogs were reportedly found stuffed into trashcans. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Dog Shot and Left to Die Deserves Justice

A dog endured horrific pain after she was maliciously shot with a gun. The dog was left by the side of the road and later died from her injuries. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Cat Gruesomely Cut in Half Deserves Justice

A cat was found brutally mutilated, cut in half with a large, sharp instrument. No one has been arrested for this ruthless crime and the killer remains at large. Demand police solve this case so justice may be served.

Punish Men Who Allegedly Poisoned Retired Police Dog

A police dog became ill and could have died after he was allegedly poisoned. The suspects reportedly fed the dog a combination of marijuana and a sedative during the burglary of a police officer’s home. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Tell Airport to Stop Shipping Live Horses for Slaughter

The live export and horse slaughter industries have found an unexpected ally in Canadian airports, where horses are allegedly cruelly neglected before being sent to Japan to be killed for their meat. Demand that the Edmonton International Airport stop allowing airlines to export live horses for slaughter.

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