Animal Welfare

Justice for Steer Allegedly Slaughtered and Hoisted Into the Air While Still Alive

In a shocking incident, a steer reportedly suffered prolonged, inhumane treatment. Call for justice for this alleged cruelty.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Yanked With Choke Collar

A series of alleged arson and animal cruelty incidents calls for immediate legal action. Ensure accountability for these shocking events.

Justice for Diesel: Alleged Brutal End to Innocent Life

In a harrowing incident, a beloved pet met an alleged brutal demise. Seek stringent legal repercussions for those responsible.

Punish Owner of Shelter Apparently Found With Feces-Caked Walls, Raw Sores, No Water, and Puppy Carcasses

Special needs dogs were reportedly found with exposed ribs, raw sores, and immobile limbs, living in filth among the dead bodies of other victims. Demand justice.

Video of Apparent Decaying Pigs and Stillborn Piglets at Farm Demands Actions

Secretly recorded footage reveals alleged gruesome cruelty at an animal farm. Urgent action is needed to address these allegations.

Puppy Reportedly Grabbed by Neck and Thrown to Ground Deserves Justice

A defenseless puppy was brutally attacked multiple times, as per reports. Call for legal action against the alleged perpetrator.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Shot With Crossbow

A dog was reportedly shot with a crossbow in a heinous act of cruelty. Call for stringent legal action against the perpetrator.

Cats Allegedly Abused by Serial Offender Deserve Justice

A TikTok video allegedly exposes a serial animal abuser. Take immediate legal action.

Justice for Pet Dog Allegedly Tortured to Death by Owner

A pet dog was allegedly neglected and tortured so much that it succumbed to death. Time to take strict action.

Dog Reportedly Nailed to Board and Used as Warning Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly nailed to a board and displayed on the road in a horrific scene. Demand action against anyone found responsible.

Justice for Carriage Horse Allegedly Collapsed Due to Overwork

Ryder, a carriage horse, reportedly collapsed after being overworked in high heat, with claims of being whipped and mistreated by the driver. Demand stringent legal action against the alleged cruelty and uphold animal welfare standards.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Lifted by Its Collar, Dragged and Thrown Away

A man allegedly assaulted a dog, an act caught by CCTV, leading to his arrest and legal charges. Advocate for stringent penalties to prevent such cruelty and protect animal welfare.

Justice For Dog Allegedly Killed After Being Hung by Its Collar

A man allegedly committed a disturbing act of animal cruelty by hanging a dog and storing its body in a freezer. Demand stringent legal action.

Justice For Animals Who Allegedly Suffered and Died Under Care

Several deceased dogs and chickens have reportedly been discovered at a home. Ensure justice for these seemingly neglected animals.

Don’t Give Hunters Free Passes for Alleged Animal Cruelty

A Vermont man allegedly killed a deer in a fit of anger and then let the animal suffer in agony for more than an hour. The legal system and lax state laws are currently protecting him. Demand justice in this horrific case.

Domestic Animals Reportedly Killed Under Mysterious Circumstances Deserve Justice

Domestic animals have been reportedly found grievously harmed and even killed. Ensure a thorough investigation into these alleged atrocities.

Bulls Apparently Shocked in Face With Cattle Prod at Illegal Rodeo Deserve Justice

Bulls were reportedly shocked in the face with an electric cattle prod at an unlicensed rodeo. Demand the people accused of this cruelty are swiftly prosecuted.

Dog Allegedly Threatened by Woman With Cane Deserves Justice

An elderly woman was reportedly seen threatening a dog with a cane, sparking widespread concern. Ensure a comprehensive investigation.

Justice for Animals Allegedly Abused With Electric Cattle Prod at Rodeo

Two men allegedly committed acts of animal cruelty at a rodeo, as shown in shocking drone footage. Demand justice and strict legal action.

Justice for Animals Brutally Decapitated and Tortured in Graveyards

Chickens and doves were tortured and beheaded, their bodies discovered in a cemetery alongside fruits and vegetables. Investigators suspect a ritualistic animal sacrifice, but those responsible are still at large. Ensure justice for these innocent victims.

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