Animal Welfare

Praise Travel Company for Ending Support of Elephant Rides

A popular travel company has decided to end its support of elephant rides. Elephants used for rides are typically taken away from their mothers at very early ages and are then forced to go through a painful and cruel training period. Sign this petition and praise the company for making the compassionate choice.

Justice for Dog Reportedly Shot with Crossbow

A dog suffered tremendously after it was reportedly shot with a crossbow. The suspects reportedly took multiple shots at the dog with the intent to harm. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Success: Cruel Tiger Swims Will End at Private Zoo

Tiger cubs were forced to swim with tourists at a private Florida zoo despite concerns for the animals’ welfare. Thanks to community efforts by ForceChange and from PETA, these cruel and dangerous tiger swims have been brought to an end. Sign this petition to applaud the efforts, which pushed the USDA to order an end to this inhumane attraction.

Demand Government Stop Funding Cruel Animal Experiments

The federal government has been funding a university’s barbaric experiments for years. Footage from behind the scenes shows animals being drowned, denied water and proper veterinary care, and countless other forms of cruelty. Sign this petition and demand that the government stop funding and supporting this inhumane research.

Cancel Cruel Circus Whose Bear Urinated on Herself

A circus is traveling with bears and forcing them into loud, crowded arenas to perform ridiculous tricks in front of large audiences. The situation is incredibly stressful and nerve-wracking for these wild animals. Sign this petition to stop using animals for human entertainment.

Demand Venue Cancel Plans With Cruel Circus

A traveling circus with an extensive history of animal abuse has booked a tour at many venues across the nation. This circus has over 100 violations against the animal welfare act and has allegedly been caught on tape abusing its animals. Sign this petition and demand the venue cancel its plans with this cruel circus.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Abused, Leading to Her Death

A dog suffered horrific life-threatening injuries after she was allegedly abused by a hired workman. The dog had to be euthanized due to the extent of her injuries. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Success: Government Bans Captive Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises

After mother and daughter beluga whales passed away within two weeks of each other, the public and animal activists spoke up about their concerns for the animals trapped within the aquarium. Thankfully, the local board decided to ban cetacean captivity at the aquarium. Sign this petition and praise the board for making the compassionate choice.

Justice for Livestock Allegedly Starved and Neglected

Six horses and nine cows were allegedly starved to death. Over 40 more horses and cows were reportedly found malnourished and in poor condition on the same property. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Justice For Dogs Abused Almost To Death

Five dogs had to be euthanized after they were discovered abused beyond rehabilitation. Too many animals have died to cruelty lately, and these dogs are a prime example. Sign this petition to demand the abuser face justice and that animal protection laws are strengthened.

Demand Feds Stop Funding Cruel Experiments

One of the largest breeders of mice used for experimentation allegedly severely neglects and abuses its animals. A whistle-blower claimed that this abuse and neglect has led to many preventable injuries and deaths. Sign this petition to demand the federal government stops supporting this cruel lab.

Innocent Dog Allegedly Shot by Neighbor–Demand Justice

A family’s harmless pet dog died needlessly and a neighbor admitted to shooting the innocent animal for wandering into his yard. Police have refused to do anything. Help bring this family and their innocent pet justice.

Ban Live Animals at NHL Games

Live penguins, provided by a local zoo, were marched out on the ice during a national hockey game. Animals held in captivity already face a number of physical and mental health problems. Parading these sensitive animals in front of a large, loud crowd only makes matters worse. Sign this petition and demand the NHL ban live animals at games and events.

Dog Crushed to Death in Trash Compactor Deserves Justice

A dog died after it was allegedly placed inside an active trash compactor. Video footage showed a man placing the dog inside and pushing the button to activate the machine. Demand that justice is served for this innocent dog.

Justice for Animals Found in Feces-Filled “House of Horrors”

Over two dozen animals were seized from a home where they were allegedly neglected and forced to live in pools of feces and urine, with the corpses of dead animals littering the home. Demand justice for these innocent creatures.

Punish Man Accused of Starving 12 Dogs

Twelve dogs were found tied to trees and cars in a man’s yard. They were all malnourished. Demand that the owner is punished severely and banned from owning animals.

Remove Horses From Custody of Alleged Animal Abuser

A man facing animal cruelty charges after police found dead and starving horses on his farm has been found to have more horses in his custody. These ones were allegedly left without food or water. Demand that the horses are removed from his property immediately.

Praise Government for Shutdown of Cruel Zoo

Almost 500 animals have died within the last four years at a zoo and in many instances, the deaths were preventable. Thankfully, local government decided not to renew this zoo’s license. Sign this petition and praise the council for making the compassionate choice to shut down this cruel zoo.

Justice for Dog Starved for Months and Left to Die

A dog was starved for two to three months and was hours away from death. She could barely walk or hold her head up. Demand that justice is served for this innocent dog.

Justice for Dog Bashed in Head and Buried Alive

A dog had a nail driven into its skull before it was buried alive and left to suffer for hours before it was found. Demand that animal welfare laws are bolstered so that offenders like the people responsible for this crime are properly punished.

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