Animal Welfare

Stop the Surgical Silencing of Dogs

Fifteen dogs reportedly had their vocal chords forcibly damaged by an unlicensed breeder in a practice known as ‘debarking.’ While an investigation of said breeder is pending, this is only one small step to solving a larger problem, as debarking is not only cruel and unnecessary, but creates many risks for the dogs involved. Sign this petition to outlaw the practice of debarking across the United States.

Release Animals From Allegedly Abusive Sunrise Farms

Activists successfully rescued 37 chickens from Sunrise Farms, a supplier of cage-free eggs that allegedly brutally mistreats the birds, but many more animals still remain trapped there in reportedly inhumane conditions. Demand that these birds be given veterinary care and brought to a shelter.

Put an End to Circus Animal Suffering in New Jersey

An effort to ban wild animals from travelling circus performances in New Jersey failed earlier this year when it was vetoed by then-governor Chris Christie. Lawmakers are now attempting once more to put an end to this cruelty, and if Nosey’s Law is passed, it will be up to the to the newly elected governor to decide. Sign this petition to demand that all circus animal suffering be put to an end.

Dog Buried Alive and Starved to Death Deserves Justice

A dog was buried in a cage with no food and left to starve in the woods. The poor animal had only a blanket for comfort. Demand justice for this horrifically abused dog.

Justice for Animals Found Dead in Pet Store

Over four dozen small animals were reportedly found dead in a pet store reeking of ammonia and decay, after the facility had been closed down two weeks prior due to the owner’s reported failure to pay the electric bill. The owner has been charged with animal cruelty and must face justice. Sign this petition to ensure that she is punished accordingly for her alleged actions.

Shelter Dog Shot in Head and Left to Die Deserves Justice

A shelter dog suffered a tragic death when he was shot in the head just a day after he was adopted. Investigators found the dog’s body lying on the side of a road. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Guinea Pigs Whose Slaughter was Posted on Social Media Deserve Justice

Imagine opening up your social media account and seeing beloved pets you had been cuddling the day before killed and mutilated before your eyes. This became the horrifying reality for one young girl who believed her guinea pigs had been adopted to a loving home. Demand justice in a horrific case that has garnered worldwide outrage.

Relocate Former Research Chimpanzees to Sanctuaries

Chimpanzees formerly used for medical research will have a better future if they are relocated to sanctuaries, according to a new report. Demand that the National Institutes of Health comply with this advice.

Punish Officers Who Allegedly Tried to Kill Stray Dogs

Two Delaware police officers allegedly ran down and shot two stray dogs, calling them ‘aggressive’ and claiming they were forced to attack them. This is an alleged ugly combination of animal cruelty and police brutality, and these officers must be punished for their alleged actions. Sign this petition to demand they be harshly disciplined.

Don’t Let Wild Birds Die From Lead Poisoning

Thousands of birds and many humans are at risk of lead poisoning due to the use of lead ammunition by game hunters. Not only do humans ingest lead-tainted meat, but the wild birds swallow the fallen pellets upon mistaking them for gravel, leading to the possibility of a slow and painful death. Sign this petition to ban lead ammunition and demand it be replaced with safer steel.

Punish Man Accused of Raping and Beating His Puppy

A five-month-old puppy named Frazier was beaten and sodomized by his owner, according to reports. Frazier is lucky to have survived and is slowly recovering. Demand justice for this innocent animal by insisting on the maximum punishment for the alleged attacker.

Two Dogs Dead Due to Alleged Starvation and Neglect Deserve Justice

Two dogs died and another suffered in a horrific case of alleged animal neglect. The surviving dog was reportedly severely emaciated and had no access to food or water. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Dog Allegedly Beaten and Blinded Deserves Justice

A dog went blind after he was allegedly beaten over the head by his owner’s friend. The suspect reportedly admitted to hitting the dog and then denying him life-saving veterinary care. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Justice for Dog Left to Die in a Backpack

A small dog was found zipped into a backpack and left to die on the roadside. Demand that the person responsible for this is found and prosecuted.

Punish Zoo for Allegedly Poaching Animals from the Wild

Animals at the New Delhi Zoo are dying at alarming rates, reportedly due to neglect. In an apparent attempt to cover this up, the zoo has allegedly been poaching animals from the wild and forcing them into captivity. Demand that those responsible are punished.

Psychopath Who Threw Burned Dog Off Cliff Must be Caught and Punished

A dog was wrapped in a tarp, burned, and fatally thrown from a cliff in a horrific case of animal cruelty. The person responsible is still at large. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Demand Justice for Eleven Lions Poisoned and Killed in National Park

Eleven lions, including eight cubs, were poisoned and killed for revenge. Demand that the people involved in killing these lions be found and prosecuted.

Justice for 20,000 Chicks Neglected and Killed at Airport

20,000 baby chicks were kept in a hot container, many of them dying from no food or water. The chicks that did not die were then gassed. Demand those responsible for the death of these chicks be prosecuted.

Stop Forcing Elephants to Swim Underwater for Tourists

A Thai zoo is cruelly exploiting elephants by forcing them to dive underwater for the amusement of tourists. The elephants are made to go fully underwater inside aquarium-style tanks, risking drowning and asphyxiation. Sign this petition to demand that this zoo stop forcing these elephants to risk their lives for tourists.

Dog Reportedly Covered in Maggots and Matted Hair Deserves Justice

A dog reportedly suffered a maggot infestation and severely matted hair in a shocking case of animal cruelty and neglet. Per veterinarians, her hair was so matted that she could not walk or stand. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

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