Animal Welfare

Don’t Send Ringling Bros.’ Tigers to Yet Another Cruel Circus

The notorious Ringling Bros. Circus plans to sell its tigers to an overseas show instead of sending them to a sanctuary. Demand that these abused animals, who have endured years of cruelty, finally be allowed a peaceful retirement.

26 Puppies Reportedly Covered in Feces and Imprisoned in Hot Van Without Water Deserve Justice

Animal-traffickers confined twenty-six puppies to small feces-filled cages without water while locked inside a scorching hot van, according to reports. Demand justice for these poor innocent puppy dogs.

Success: Guggenheim Museum Pulls Cruel Animal ‘Art’ from Exhibit

‘Art’ works depicting animal cruelty will be removed from the Guggenheim Museum’s exhibit following much controversy and outrage. Support the decision to remove the exploitative pieces.

Kitten and Guinea Pig Who Died Due to Alleged Neglect Deserve Justice

A kitten and a guinea pig died and more animals suffered after their owners allegedly neglected and abandoned them. According to reports, a dog was dangerously malnourished and a mother cat and three kittens were in poor condition. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Thank Ohio For Prosecuting Under New Anti-Bestiality Law

A man who committed bestiality has finally been prosecuted under a law passed months ago outlawing this specific form of animal cruelty. For years, bestiality has been difficult to prosecute. Sign this petition to thank Ohio for finally outlawing the act specifically.

Puppy Reportedly Burned With Hot Oil and Denied Care Deserves Justice

A puppy named Phoenix was reportedly burned with hot oil and allowed to suffer for days before being taken to a veterinarian. Now police are refusing to press charges. Demand justice for this poor suffering puppy.

Dog Allegedly Beaten by Woman Deserves Justice

A small dog allegedly suffered a vicious beating at the hands of a meth addict. The dog reportedly screamed as the poor animal was dangled in the air by a back leg. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

End Displays of Live Animal Cruelty at Museum

A museum in New York is set to open displays depicting animal cruelty for attendees to view live. Sign this petition demanding the museum close these displays immediately.

Dog Allegedly Stabbed by City Employee Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly stabbed by a city employee in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The employee allegedly argued with the dog’s owner before revealing a sharp object and stabbing the innocent dog. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Director of Humane Society Who Reportedly Instructed Employee to Break Cat’s Neck Must be Punished

The director of a humane shelter allegedly had employees break a cat’s neck, claiming it as a form of euthanasia. This cruel and barbaric practice must not be tolerated. Please sign this petition to demand that the director be severely punished and permanently barred from working with animals in the future.

Police Must Stop Protecting the Illegal Killing of Animals in Ritual Ceremonies

Two police departments allegedly allow the illegal killing of chickens to take place for an annual religious ritual. The ceremony involves live chickens being swung around before they’re slaughtered. Sign this petition to demand that police not turn a blind eye to the illegal killing of innocent animals.

Therapy Dog Killed by Hunter Deserves Justice

A therapy dog was reportedly shot and killed by a hunter during a hike in the woods surrounding Lake Lucille. Her devastated trainer is seeking to extend the no-hunting zone near the area to the area itself, in memory of her partner. Sign this petition to help prevent future tragedies like this.

Mutilated Shelter Cat Found With ‘Every Bone Broken’ Deserves Justice

A rescue cat named Quixote was found dead and mutilated in a dumpster. “Every bone in his body was broken,” his eyes were pulled out and his skull was crushed in. A bloodied blanket and a yellow poncho were found in his enclosure, indicating that Quixote had struggled with his attacker before he was killed. Demand that Quixote’s sadistic killer be found and brought to justice.

Greyhounds Facing Vicious Abuse by Trainers Must be Protected

Greyhounds in Spain are dragged behind trucks, burned with cigarettes, and in one case, tethered so tightly that the rope had to be surgically removed from the dog’s neck. These dogs do not deserve to be treated so roughly, only to be thrown away once they are no longer deemed ‘useful.’ Sign this petition to demand protections for greyhounds.

Dog Tied Up and Abandoned in Carrier Deserves Justice

A dog suffered when she was abandoned inside of a dog carrier. The dog was malnourished, dirty, and her legs were bound with a leash. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Justice for Horse Reportedly Kicked by Angry Rider

A wealthy heiress was reportedly seen kicking her horse during a show after falling off during an event. Sign this petition to demand the rider face consequences for her alleged treatment of her horse if found responsible for animal cruelty.

Neglected Dog with Severely Matted Fur and Rotting Teeth Deserves Justice

A dog named Treasure suffered and nearly died when she was horribly neglected and denied necessary veterinary care. Treasure was covered in hair mats and tumors, and her teeth were so rotten that they fell out of her mouth as veterinarians tried to save her life. Demand justice for poor Treasure.

Dogs Allegedly Covered in Ticks, Starved and Fed Maggot Water Deserve Justice

Three dogs were allegedly neglected and denied clean water, leading to the death of one dog. The dogs were reportedly covered in ticks and dangerously malnourished. Demand justice for these poor dogs.

Address Major Welfare Concerns in European Live Animal Exports

Widespread neglect has been revealed in the live animal export industry, including animals being left for days in extreme weather without food or water. Demand a crackdown on this rampant abuse.

Punish Prison Guard Accused of Kicking Kitten Just for Fun

Just for fun, a prison guard kicked a feral kitten high up into the air, breaking its leg, according to reports. Demand that the guard is identified and brought to justice if found guilty of this sadistic act.

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