Animal Welfare

Justice for Deer Cruelly Stabbed and Suffocated by Poachers

starr-110715-7501-jasminum-mesnyi-habit-with-dead-deer-on-road-olinda-rd-makawao-maui-by-forest-and-starrA whitetail buck was stabbed multiple times and suffocated to death when poachers shoved the animal’s nose in the mud. The cruel people who did this can be seen celebrating after the killing. Please sign this petition to demand justice for this innocent animal.

End Cruel Greyhound Racing

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAHundreds of greyhounds have been injured or killed while racing. Many states have banned greyhound racing, but it is still legal in Florida. Sign this petition to urge Florida lawmakers to end the cruel greyhound races in their state.

Praise New Anti-Poaching Technology for Law Enforcement

starr-110715-7501-jasminum-mesnyi-habit-with-dead-deer-on-road-olinda-rd-makawao-maui-by-forest-and-starrHalf the wild animals killed by hunters in the United States are shot or trapped illegally. Support a new campaign to catch poachers and hold them accountable.

Praise Country for Banning Fur Farms

chinchilla-melissa-wolffA country has officially stopped all animal breeding for fur and is shutting down the last of the fur farms. Now countless animals will be spared from unnecessary pain and tortured. Sign this petition and thank the country for its compassion and dedication to making themselves fur-free.

Dog Allegedly Kicked to Death by Delivery Driver – Demand Justice

img-0841-by-paul-copelandMilo the dog is believed to have been brutally kicked to death by a delivery truck driver. Milo was loved by an entire community, and he deserves justice. Demand that the driver be punished and fired, if guilty.

Justice for Animals Reportedly Abused in Rescue Facility

dogs-by-houston-spcaOver 150 animals were found in deplorable conditions in an animal rescue facility. They lacked access to food and water and lived in flooded enclosures. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Praise Country for Banning Exotic Pets

lion-maggy-meyerExotic pets lead an unnatural, deeply unsatisfying life where their most basic needs such as proper food and stimulation are regularly denied. Thankfully, a popular hub for the exotic pet trade just made it illegal for citizens to own exotic pets. Sign this petition and thank the country for making this bold decision.

Demand Arm & Hammer Stop Testing on Animals

arm-hammer-mike-mozartArm & Hammer continues to test on animals despite knowing how cruel and unnecessary it is. Every day, lab animals have chemicals rubbed into their skin, eyes and mouth. Sign this petition and demand the company stop testing on animals.

Justice for Cat Shot With Bow and Arrow

cat-by-alexas_fotosA cat was shot with a bow and arrow. He suffered a broken leg and nearly had to have his leg amputated. Demand justice for this innocent cat.

Find Brutes Who Abandoned a Cat Covered in Caution Tape

tomcat-covered-in-caution-tape-by-rscpa-london-south-east-branchA cat was found with his eyes, nose, and mouth covered in caution tape, leaving him at risk of suffocation or being hit by a car. Sign this petition to find and bring to justice those responsible for this cruelty.

Punish Man Accused of Killing Donkey and Beating His Girlfriend

dead-donkey-by-goat-church-primeA man allegedly shot and killed a donkey after assaulting his girlfriend. Police say the poor animal was still alive, but died before help could arrive. Sign this petition to demand that this apparently violent, dangerous person be sentenced to the maximum extent for these senseless, violent crimes, if guilty.

Demand Luxury Designer Stop Using Fur

fur-farm-flavio-brandaniLuxury designer Valentino continues to support the cruel fur industry despite knowing how animals are exploited, tortured and killed. Fur is not a necessity and it is time to stop treating it as such. Sign this petition to demand the designer stop using fur.

Demand Acura Stop Using Leather

cow-via-bugs-bunyAcura continues to use leather for many of its vehicles despite knowing it comes from the bodies of tortured animals. Animals trapped within the leather industry are often beaten, branded and severely neglected. Sign this petition and demand Acura stop using leather.

Discipline Officer Accused of Abandoning Emaciated Dogs Left for Dead During Holiday

skinny-dog-by-push-play-productionsAn animal control officer is accused of refusing to help two dogs and an emaciated puppy who were left to die in an abandoned apartment during a holiday. According to reports, the officer had to be threatened with criminal charges before taking action. Demand that she be severely reprimanded if found responsible.

Punish Person Who Left Nail-Filled Dog Treats in a Park

Dog-Dallas-FloerPieces of meat embedded with nails and wooden spikes were left at a popular dog walking spot. Demand that the person responsible is found and punished.

Roy the Horse Starved to Death But No Charges Brought Yet

skinnyhorse_extensionhorseA horse named Roy is believed to have been starved to death by his owner, but the district attorney’s office refuses to make the case a priority. Make sure no more horses are put in danger by Roy’s alleged killer.

Justice for Horses Who Died Due to Alleged Neglect

horse-by-tuscaloosa-county-sheriffs-departmentTwo horses were found dead, allegedly due to the owner’s neglect. A young colt was severely emaciated and also reportedly neglected. Demand justice for these innocent horses.

Demand That Walmart Use Cage-Free Eggs

battery-cage-farm-by-compassion-over-killingWalmart has announced a cage-free egg policy for North America, but it is still planning on using eggs from battery-cage farms in Latin American stores. Sign this petition to urge Walmart to use cage-free eggs in all of its stores.

Demand American Apparel Stop Using Angora Fur

angora-clevernameAmerican Apparel continues to use angora fur on its products despite knowing the fur comes from the bodies of tortured rabbits. Sign this petition and demand the company stop using angora fur.

Demand High End Designer Stop Using Fur

mink-fur-oikeutta-elaimilleA high end designer continues to support the fur industry despite knowing the unimaginable horrors animals on fur farms face daily. Fur is not a necessity, and it is time to stop supporting this cruel industry. Sign this petition and demand that the designer stop using fur immediately.

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