Animal Welfare

Seek Justice for Animals Reportedly Found Dead in Hotel Room

Reported animal hoarding has apparently led to the death of multiple animals. Seek stringent legal action for the suffering inflicted.

Animals Allegedly Found Starving and Neglected in House Deserve Justice

Numerous animals were reportedly discovered malnourished and in a state of severe neglect at a residence. Demand immediate legal action against those allegedly responsible.

Demand Justice for Allegedly Tortured Monkeys in Online Abuse Ring

Monkeys were reportedly subjected to horrific torture methods in an online abuse ring. Call for legal action.

Seek Justice for Two Dogs Allegedly Left to Starve to Death

In a harrowing case, two dogs were allegedly left to die of starvation. Call for accountability and legal action against the responsible party.

Dog Allegedly Abused, Killed, and Dumped in Creek Deserves Justice

A dog was found dead in a creek, allegedly killed in a shocking act of cruelty. Call for justice for this innocent animal.

‘Panda Dogs’ Allegedly Mistreated For Entertainment Cry For Justice

Two Chow Chows were reportedly altered by zookeepers to mimic pandas, sparking cruelty concerns. Demand urgent legal inquiry to assess the situation.

Success: Convicted Serial Cat Killer Receives Prison Sentence

A man convicted of going on a serial cat killing spree will serve time in prison. Applaud legal action taken in a case that may help broaden protections for all the nation’s animals.

Seek Justice for Stray Dog Reportedly Painted as a Tiger in Cruel Prank

A stray dog was reportedly painted to mimic a tiger, causing public panic. Demand accountability and legal action for this apparent cruelty.

Demand Justice for Cat Allegedly Knocked to Ground, Killed and Stuffed into Sack

A cat was reportedly pummeled, killed, and stuffed into a sack in a distressing incident. Call for immediate legal action against the suspected perpetrators.

Diamond Needs Justice: Pit Bull Euthanized Due to Alleged Starvation

Diamond, a pit bull mix, was euthanized due to suspected neglect and starvation. Call for legal action against the responsible party.

Seek Justice for Hundreds of Animals Reportedly Dead or Injured Due to Neglect

Hundreds of animals were discovered living and deceased in seemingly distressing circumstances. Call for immediate legal accountability.

Punish Man Accused of Torturing Dog

A dog was reportedly maliciously tortured by a man on probation. Demand legal consequences.

Stop the Reported Trafficking of Leopards Under Deplorable Conditions

Two leopards reportedly suffered in illegal trafficking, subjected to unlivable conditions. Demand accountability and justice for their ordeal.

Take Action Against Alleged Misuse of Hormones in Dairy Farms

Alleged misuse of hormones in dairy colonies has raised severe concerns over animal cruelty and public health. Call for stringent legal action and regulatory oversight.

Animals Reportedly Found in Severe Neglect Deserve Justice

Nine animals were reportedly severely neglected and kept in inhumane conditions. Seek immediate legal action against those responsible.

Street Dogs Shot Dead With Air Gun Deserve Justice

Several street dogs are believed to have been sadistically killed by a man with an air gun. Demand justice.

Punish Man Charged With Over 100 Counts of Animal Sexual Abuse

A man has been charged with over 100 counts of sexual abuse of an animal. The charges include the filming of the alleged sexual acts. Demand prosecutors seek the maximum penalty if this man is found guilty.

Demand Justice for Animal Subjected to Alleged Sexual Abuse on Camera

A man was arrested for alleged repeated sexual abuse of animals. Seek immediate legal action and a thorough investigation.

Stand Up For Cat Allegedly Found Deceased With Bite Marks

A teenage suspect is reportedly connected to the violent death of a neighborhood cat. Demand swift and severe legal action.

Police Officer Who Allegedly Abused Dog Needs Prison Sentence

A police officer was charged with animal abuse after pictures reportedly showed her underweight dog standing inside a crate filled with waste. Demand she be fired and receive the longest prison sentence possible if it is found she is responsible for animal abuse.

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