Animal Welfare

Justice for Cattle Starved to Death

A Missouri dairy farmer has been charged with severe animal neglect and abuse after many of his cattle were reportedly found dead from starvation. According to his neighbors, he was ‘not the type’ to run a dairy farm, yet refused to ask for assistance when he began to struggle, and simply let his animals die. Sign this petition to demand this man face justice.

Applaud Punishment of Hollywood Animal Handler

A Hollywood animal exhibitor lost his license after racking up too many Animal Welfare Act violations. The handler allegedly beat animals regularly while they were under his care. Sign this petition and praise the USDA for revoking this man’s license.

Save Fish and Reptiles From Unrestrained Cruelty and Abuse

Cruelty to lizards, snakes, fish, and other cold-blooded animals is not prevented by any federal law. This means these sensitive animals can be mistreated and even killed for profit without consequence. Help correct this grave injustice.

Pregnant Dog Abandoned in Parking Lot Deserves Justice

A pregnant dog was dumped in a parking lot by an unidentified man who ignored her while he went to get coffee and then drove off. Demand this man be found and prosecuted.

Dog Found Frozen to Death and Chained Outside Deserves Justice

A dog was found frozen to death in a doghouse after being chained outside for a month, according to reports. Demand stronger punishments for neglectful pet owners who leave their animals outside in freezing weather to die.

End the Torture of Live Animals for Military Trauma Training

Thousands of live animals are tortured, mutilated, and killed every year in obsolete military training drills. Demand that these animals be protected and a new bill passed to end these brutal practices in favor of more effective military trauma training.

Justice for Dogs Forced to Live in Freezing Barn

A New Hampshire woman has been charged with leaving 22 German shepherds to freeze to death in her barn, sometime after being charged with allowing 36 dogs to die in a fire. The German shepherds thankfully survived and were rescued, but this woman has been accused of a serious crime on multiple counts and is due to appear in court for each. Sign this petition to ensure that justice is done for these poor dogs.

Ban All Pet Mills in Iowa

Over 250 puppy and kitten mills are still in business in Iowa, forcing mother dogs and cats to produce over 100,000 babies per year for the sake of profit. One town has banned these mills, but that is only the first step. Sign this petition to get pet mills banned all across the state.

Stop Illegal Smuggling of Apes Through Instagram

Endangered apes are illegally captured, sold, and even killed in the ape trafficking industry, and traffickers are using Instagram posts to conduct their business. Demand that Instagram protect innocent apes by banning these users.

Rescue Rapper’s Pet Monkey From Captivity and Release to Sanctuary

Famous rapper Chris Brown bought a capuchin monkey as a pet for his daughter. Monkeys are wild animals and living in a home causes them serious mental trauma. Demand Chris Brown release his captive monkey to an accredited sanctuary.

Man Accused of Shooting Family Dog Execution Style at Mall Must be Jailed

Blood stains remain in the snow at the mall where a family’s dog was shot between the eyes, execution style, reportedly by a man who objected to the dog being off leash. The man accused of this horrific execution is free on bail and must not be allowed to escape punishment.

Praise Tyson Foods For Dropping Abusive Supplier

After a video showed workers apparently stomping on and crushing live chickens, Tyson Foods dropped its poultry supplier to protest such cruel behavior. This is not only a step forward for the well-being of livestock, but will uphold Tyson’s claim of responsibility toward consumers. Sign this petition to thank Tyson for doing the right thing.

Stop Christian Singer from Performing at SeaWorld

SeaWorld is hosting a Christian music festival to increase park attendance. SeaWorld is known for exploiting animals for profit and forcing them to live in small, concrete tanks. Sign this petition and demand singer Steven Curtis Chapman cancel his performance at this cruel amusement park.

Abandoned Dog Who ‘Died of a Broken Heart’ Deserves Justice

A dog starved herself and died of depression, waiting at an airport for her owner who abandoned her. Demand justice for this poor, abused animal.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Killed Two Dogs in Act of Revenge

Two dogs were reportedly killed in a horrifying act of cruelty. Per police, the suspect snapped one dog’s neck and threw another dog into oncoming traffic as an act of revenge. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Prevent Animal Abuse: Demand Cameras in Pet Care Facilities

A sweet young pit bull named Leo was allegedly kicked and abused at the care center where he stayed while his family was away on vacation. Demand that cameras be required in all rooms at pet care facilities to combat this type of mistreatment.

Punish Vet Accused of Animal Abuse

A Baltimore veterinarian has been charged with animal cruelty, but his attorney is attempting to reverse the charges on the grounds that the man was ‘stressed.’ This is not a valid excuse for violating the trust and compassion associated with the profession. Sign this petition to demand the veterinarian face the consequences for his alleged crime.

Dog Reportedly Forced to Live with Painful Skin Condition Deserves Justice

A dog suffered and nearly died when he was allegedly starved and neglected. The dog reportedly suffered from a painful skin condition and was so emaciated that his organs would have shut down within days. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Praise Nepal for Rescue of Dancing Bears

The last two sloth bears held captive and forced to dance for spectators in Nepal have finally been rescued from a lifetime of exploitation. Additionally, the practice is now illegal, following the lead of other countries that have outlawed bear dancing. Sign this petition to thank Nepal’s police for aiding in the rescue of these animals.

Mother and Puppies Found Starving Outside in Freezing Temperatures Deserve Justice

A mother dog and her four puppies were abandoned outside in freezing temperatures, according to reports. One puppy died, and the mother was apparently chained underneath a porch without access to food. Demand justice for these poor dogs.

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