Animal Welfare

Justice for Alligator Bound and Impaled by Arrows

A Florida alligator nearly died after being bound with rope and shot with arrows. The gator endured serious wounds, but ultimately survived. Encourage the prosecution of an animal abuser still on the loose.

Beagle Found Beaten and Drowned in Pond Needs Justice

A Beagle was found tragically drowned in a pond, beaten and with his snout zip-tied shut, allegedly at the hands of his owner. Demand justice for this poor animal.

Dog Reportedly Starved Nearly to Death and Abandoned Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly starved nearly to death in a horrific case of animal cruelty. Dog wardens apparently found her on a street corner so emaciated that all of her ribs were clearly visible. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Dog Allegedly Kidnapped and Choked Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly kidnapped from an apartment complex and savagely choked. Demand that the suspect in this sadistic act of abuse be given the toughest penalty under law if he is found guilty.

Sick Dogs Allegedly Not Provided With Adequate Shelter Deserve Justice

Twenty dogs were allegedly not provided with safe shelter, and six of those dogs were thought by authorities to be sick. However, authorities released the suspect shortly after his arrest, and they are allowing him to improve the situation and to be re-investigated at a later date. Demand the dogs be rescued and placed in a shelter if it is thought he neglected or abused them to ensure they are safe.

Rescue Service Dog From Home Where Two Dogs Reportedly Starved to Death

According to reports, two foster dogs were found dead, and another foster dog was allegedly found emaciated inside Nicole Hutcheon’s home. Despite this, Hutcheon is being allowed to keep her service dog. Demand her service dog be rescued and taken to a reputable shelter if it is thought she abused or neglected other dogs in her care.

Dog Allegedly Infested With Maggots, Feces, and Urine Deserves Justice

A dog named Diamond was allegedly found to be infested with maggots, and was also said by a veterinarian to have feces in her hair and to stink of waste. Demand this dog’s owner be punished to the fullest extent of the law if she is found guilty of having treated Diamond in this horrific manner.

Dog Allegedly Dragged and Beaten Deserves Justice

An innocent Shepherd mix named Maverick was allegedly dragged and beaten by his owner. Demand the person responsible for this alleged animal abuse spend the maximum time behind bars and that the dog be re-homed to better ensure his safety.

Dog Reportedly Shot in Head by Drug Dealer Deserves Justice

Ruby, an innocent dog, was brutally shot in the head and mouth by a drug dealer, according to reports. Demand the alleged perpetrator be given the toughest sentence under law if he is found guilty.

Don’t Bail Out Cruel Racing Industry With Public Money

New Zealand’s abusive, failing horse and dog racing industry has received a taxpayer-funded bailout, propping up a sport associated with the mass death of animals. Millions of dollars will be given, money that could be used for more ethical practices. Demand that this aid be withdrawn and put to better use.

Puppy Allegedly Beaten With Chain Leash Deserves Justice

A puppy was reportedly beaten with a chain leash in a horrific case of animal cruelty. This poor animal seemingly endured life-altering trauma those responsible must be brought to justice. Demand the harshest legal penalty possible in this case.

Dogs Reportedly Maliciously Beaten and Strangled on Video Deserve Justice

Dogs were allegedly tied up, beaten, strangled, and thrown to the ground in two separate cases of animal cruelty. Each of these reported crimes has gone unprosecuted, though suspects have been identified. Urge stringent legal action in these seemingly disturbing cases caught on tape.

Veteran’s Service Dog Shot in Head and Face Deserves Justice

Lucca, a service dog, was shot in the head, face, and shoulder after disappearing from his home. He survived, but the person behind this horrific cruelty is still at large. Demand justice for Lucca.

Provide Food and Medical Care for Starved Horses

Malnourished horses that were rescued from apparently neglectful conditions have been taken care of by a non-profit organization at a high price. Don’t let COVID-19 unnecessarily delay court proceedings to figure out who should pay to nurse these horses back to health.

Dogs Reportedly Starved to Death and Fed Rat Poison Deserve Justice

Three dogs were found dead, apparently from starvation or rat poison, and another was reportedly stuffed inside an old crate and forced to lie in urine, feces and blood. Demand the people accused of this heartless abuse be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Cat Reportedly Strangled, Beheaded, and Displayed on Stick Deserves Justice

A cat was reportedly strangled, suffocated in a plastic bag, and then beheaded in a horrific case of animal cruelty. The suspect then apparently displayed the animal’s head on a stick in his backyard as a show of dominance. Demand justice for this innocent cat.

Rescue German Shepherd Reportedly Hit Like Punching Bag

A video appearing to show a German Shepherd being punched over and over again was posted on Snapchat. At one point the dog was reportedly hit so hard, he could be heard crying out in pain. Demand the person responsible for this disgusting behavior be arrested and that this dog be rescued at once.

Shelter Animals Reportedly With Untreated Tumors, Infections and ‘Jaw Rotting Out Waiting to Die’ Deserve Justice

Animals were rescued from a “shelter” where they reportedly endured unimaginable neglect, such as untreated tumors, infections and one report of a dog whose jaw was “literally rotting out… laying there, waiting to die.” The owner of the shelter had previously been charged with abuse, was allowed to continue owning animals, and remains a free man even today. Sign this petition to demand authorities finally prosecute the accused abuser.

Hundreds of Birds Used in Apparent Cockfighting Ring Deserve Justice

Hundreds of birds were allegedly bred to fight to the death for sport at a private residence. Demand authorities find the person responsible for this apparent animal cruelty.

Puppy Brutally Beaten and Left to Die in Dumpster Deserves Justice

A puppy was viciously beaten and thrown away like trash. She died amongst piles of garbage and her abuser still walks free. Demand that justice is served for this innocent puppy.

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