Animal Welfare

Justice for Horse Reportedly Neglected to Death by Owner

A Florida deputy was arrested and charged with severe animal neglect after a horse in his care was reportedly found in dire conditions. The animal was reportedly severely malnourished, suffering from infected wounds, and ultimately had to be put down; allegedly, other animals in this man’s care have suffered the same fate. Sign this petition to ensure this man faces justice.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Starved 56 Animals to Death

Over 50 animals suffered and died when they were allegedly starved and kept in deplorable conditions. Deceased chickens, rabbits, and ducks were all reportedly stuffed into garbage bags or left to rot in cages. Demand justice for these poor animals.

Hold Retailer Accountable for Recent Pet Fatalities

Taking a beloved pet to a grooming appointment is a sign of care, love, and trust. PetSmart has allegedly breached this trust time and again by returning to pet owners not a vibrant, clean animal but a dead body instead. Urge more stringent polices that might prevent future such tragedies.

Stop Alleged Inhumane, Illegal Experiments on Lab Animals

University researchers are accused of causing deaths and injury to animals due to burning, dehydration, and other cruel practices. Demand that administrators take responsibility for these abusive actions.

Dog So Hungry He Apparently Ate Plastic Before Starving to Death Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly neglected and starved so long, the poor animal ate plastic from a dog house in a desperate attempt at staving off hunger. Tragically, the dog died before help came. Demand justice for this horrifically abused animal.

Reverse Unfair Ban on ‘Aggressive’ Dog Breeds

A Kentucky town has banned ownership of ‘aggressive’ dog breeds, including but not limited to the already much-maligned pit bull. This ban is cruel and unreasonable, as it could force owners to say goodbye to their beloved pets. Sign this petition to demand the ban be reversed.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Punched and Slapped a Puppy

A puppy was allegedly slapped and punched in a gruesome display of animal cruelty. The shocking abuse was reportedly caught on video. Demand justice for this poor puppy.

Nearly 150 Animals Allegedly Denied Food and Care Deserve Justice

A zebra died and many more animals suffered when they were allegedly starved and neglected at a multi-species breeding operation. The animals reportedly had no access to food or water, and they were diagnosed with various untreated ailments. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Justice for Thousands of Sheep Killed in Reported Barbaric Conditions

At least 2,400 sheep were reportedly killed during export from Australia to the Middle East. These innocent animals were allegedly forced to endure suffocating heat with little food or water. Sign this petition to urge Australia to ban cruel live animal exports.

Punish Man Accused of Leaving Dogs to Starve and Freeze in Abandoned Apartment

Two dogs, one nearly starved to death, were reportedly found severely malnourished and ill from neglect in an unheated flea-ridden apartment. A man is accused of abandoning the animals after being tasked with caring for them following a breakup. Demand he face justice if found guilty.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Abandoned 70 Horses to Die in the Snow

Seventy horses were allegedly abandoned and left to die on a snow-covered mountaintop for months, without food or shelter. Demand justice for these innocent animals and maximum punishment for the one responsible for this cruelty.

Punish Woman Who Allegedly Abused and Neglected Dogs and a Cat

Seven dogs and one cat allegedly endured physical abuse and neglect in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The suspect reportedly beat one of the dogs in the middle of a parking lot. Demand justice for these poor animals.

Punish PetSmart Store for Alleged Animal Cruelty

Authorities raided a PetSmart store in Tennessee, seizing six suffering animals desperately in need of medical attention. Reportedly, the animals were being left to die a slow and wretched death. Sign the petition to admonish a pet store that has allegedly allowed its animals to suffer.

Man Accused of Cockfighting and Animal Abuse Must Face Justice

A Denver man was arrested for cockfighting when 47 roosters were reportedly found on his property, one injured and wearing the gear associated with the practice. Cockfighting is illegal in Colorado, and this man reportedly subjected many animals to pain and suffering. Sign this petition to demand he face justice.

Punish Student Accused of Biting Live Chicken’s Head Off

A terrified live chicken’s head was reportedly bitten off by a teenager. The chicken’s body was reportedly left in the parking lot, and the head found in the high school’s chicken coop. Demand justice for this bird who suffered so horrifically.

A Dozen Dogs Who Allegedly Died in Back of Stolen Truck Deserve Justice

Twelve dogs suffered and died when they were allegedly locked in the back of a stolen truck. The suspect reportedly pleaded guilty in a previous animal cruelty case and had been banned from owning or caring for animals. Demand justice for these poor dogs.

Bring Back Animal Welfare Rules for Organic Products

Animals whose meat can be sold as organic can continue to be kept in unacceptable conditions of overcrowded confinement, as the Trump administration announced it will get rid of rules ensuring that these animals won’t be mistreated. Demand that these protections for animals be put back in place.

Require Mental Health Treatment for All Animal Abusers

California may soon require animal abusers to undergo mental health treatment and rehabilitation. If this bill becomes law, it may help prevent future acts of abuse or violence against both animals and people. Sign this petition to lend your support.

Applaud England for Banning Electric Shock Pet Training Collars

England is proposing a ban on shock collars, which are used to train cats and dogs inhumanely. This method creates more problems than solutions, and ministers acknowledge that this ban would help improve animal welfare overall. Sign the petition below to praise England for helping improve pet health.

Kittens Found With Ruptured Eyes Deserve Justice

Three kittens suffered ruptured eyeballs when they were allegedly denied necessary veterinary care. The suspect was already on probation due to his alleged involvement in another animal cruelty case. Demand justice for these poor kittens.

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