Animal Welfare

Fragile Chihuahua Apparently Beaten and Drowned to Death Deserves Justice

A tiny Chihuahua was reportedly almost beaten to death before being drowned in the ocean by his owner. Demand the woman thought to be responsible for this inexcusable abuse receive the harshest penalty the law will allow.

Puppy Allegedly Killed by Groomer Deserves Justice

A small puppy died after allegedly being abusively handled by the man who groomed him. Demand this individual receive the toughest legal penalty under the law and that he no longer be allowed to work in industries involving animals.

Stop Criminalizing Animal Rights Activists

Activists and journalists exposing animal cruelty are being targeted with laws that stifle free speech. Call for Ontario to stop criminalizing animal rights advocates and journalists.

Starving and Parasite Infested Puppy Sold by Breeder Deserves Justice

River, a starving puppy suffering from parasites, was abused by an unknown woman and sold to an unsuspecting family. Demand justice for River.

Make Spaying and Neutering Affordable for All

A dog endured tremendous injury and pain when he was allegedly subjected to a botched at-home neutering procedure. An affordable professional option may have spared him this trauma. Help protect other at-risk animals with a nationwide low-cost spaying and neutering program.

Close Zoo Accused of Keeping Animals in Filthy, Unsafe Cages

Photos appearing to show a captive seal covered in seaweed and living in filthy water have sparked outrage around the world. Demand the zoo accused of this mistreatment be closed if the allegations are true.

Success: Animal Abusers to Face Harsher Legal Standards and Consequences

Mississippi’s convicted animal abusers will now be treated with the condemnation and punishment they deserve. The state has toughened its standards and penalties for cruelty. Applaud this important reversal of fortune for vulnerable animals.

Make Cockfighting Illegal and Punishable in Rooster-Breeding Hot Spot

Tennessee is among the world’s top exporters of roosters used for cockfighting. Despite the existence of a barbaric breeding ring in the state, this horrific cruelty is still not fully criminalized or harshly punished. Urge lawmakers to take a stand against this abuse.

Don’t Let Polluters Recklessly Kill Wild Birds

Countless birds are under threat because the Trump administration wants to role back crucial protections. Don’t let industrial polluters kill birds with impunity.

Ban the Killing of Lab Animals at the University of New Mexico

University labs closing due to coronavirus are systematically killing off “experimental” animals in massive numbers. Sign this petition to demand a stop to the cruel mass killings of laboratory animals.

Stop Reportedly Using and Abusing Elephants for Tourism and Profit

Elephants at the Mason Elephant Park and Lodge are reportedly kept chained in confined spaces, often covered in their own urine and feces. They are then taken from these jail-like living circumstances only to allegedly be prodded along with a bull hook as tourists and visitors pay to ride them. Demand justice for these majestic elephants.

Stop Bludgeoning Foxes to Death for Their Fur

One man runs an operation that kills 300 foxes each year for the fur trade. This is made possible because of a legal loophole. Ban this sickening animal cruelty.

Justice for 500 Puppies Allegedly Overheated and Killed in Hot, Cramped Airplane

Hundreds of live transport puppies reportedly fell ill or died on Canada’s watch. In a singular horrific incident, an airplane apparently arrived in the country with around 500 sickened and 38 dead puppies on board. Tell Canadian leaders “no more” to live export mass slaughter.

Dog Reportedly Beaten With Bat and Stabbed to Death Deserves Justice

A dog named Mary Jane reportedly suffered a broken jaw and skull after being beaten over the head with a baseball bat. She was then apparently stabbed to death for defecating on the floor and nipping at a woman. Demand justice for Mary Jane.

Dog Killed With Pellet Gun Shot to the Head Deserves Justice

Max, a beloved family dog, was shot multiple times with a BB gun, dying from a pellet lodged in his head. The person responsible is still at large and a danger to other animals. Demand justice for Max.

Justice for Cat Allegedly Shot and Maimed With BB Gun in Drunken Assault

A cat lost a lost leg after allegedly being shot repeatedly with a BB gun. This trauma resulted after a drunken man reportedly decided to use the cat as target practice at a party. Demand justice in this horrendous case.

Stop Breeding Cats With Painful Genetic Mutation

Scottish Fold cats are bred with crippling genetic disorders that can cause arthritis and kidney disease. Stop making cats suffer just to produce attractive breeds.

Small Dogs Allegedly Locked Inside Scorching Hot Car Deserve Justice

Two dogs were reportedly left inside a hot car for over 30 minutes, while their owner was leisurely shopping. Demand the woman accused of this crime be punished, and that her dogs be rescued from possible further harm.

Senior Dog Reportedly Left to Die With Mouth Taped Shut Deserves Justice

A man is accused of taping a dog’s mouth shut, then dumping the animal out like trash to die. Demand justice for this horrifically abused pet.

Possum Reportedly Brutally Killed in Snapchat Video Deserves Justice

A possum was reportedly tortured and shot in the head in a shocking Snapchat video. The suspects spoke of a “powerful rifle” and allegedly expressed intent to kill as they held the helpless animal up by the tail. Demand justice for this innocent possum.

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