Animal Welfare

No More ‘Slaps on the Wrist’ for Animal Abusers

Shocking cases of animal abuse and neglect go unpunished every day in America. Demand animal abusers face real and serious consequences for their actions.

Shut Down Shelter Accused of Letting Animals Languish in Sickness and Abuse

Animals in need of help are reportedly being put at risk in the very place that should be protecting them. Demand the shuttering of a “rescue” facility accused of abusing and neglecting pets in its care.

Don’t Steal Safe and Healthy Animals for Display in Zoos

Zoos are a resource to see and learn about live animals from around the world, but they may not always have the animals’ best interest at heart. Demand zoos stop stealing otherwise safe and healthy animals from the wild.

Dog Beaten and Choked by Man on Video Deserves Justice

Video footage appears to show a practicing veterinarian viciously beating and choking his pet dog in a horrific incident shared on YouTube. Demand justice for this animal.

Kitten Reportedly Thrown Into Burning Fire Pit Deserves Justice

Phoenix, a newborn kitten, was reportedly thrown into a fire by his caretaker and left to suffer in agony. Urge the vigilant pursuit of justice in this horrific tragedy.

Dog Reportedly Stabbed by Man in Fit of Rage Deserves Justice

A man apparently stabbed his husky nearly to death for acting on a dog’s natural instincts. Demand justice for this animal reportedly brutally assaulted by his own caretaker.

Stop Tearing Feathers Off Live Birds to Make Down Jackets

Ducks and geese endure agony as their feathers are ripped off to make “real down” for high-end winter wear. Tell global luxury brand Canada Goose to commit to using only recycled down.

Stop Confining Pregnant Pigs to Miserably Small Cages

Mother pigs on factory farms suffer in cages too small for them to even turn around. Help end the use of these cruel “gestation crates” forever.

Stop Imprisoning Wild Animals in Small, Filthy Cages at Roadside Zoos

Big cats, monkeys, and other animals at roadside zoos are kept in cramped, dirty cages, isolated from their friends and kin and fed inadequate food. Help abolish these cruel institutions.

Bird Whose Neck Was Reportedly Snapped in Act of Revenge Deserves Justice

A woman is accused of breaking a defenseless bird’s neck in a fit of anger after arguing with her roommate. Demand that she face consequences if found guilty.

Three Dolphins Who Died Imprisoned by Casino Deserve Justice

Three bottlenose dolphins died at a popular casino within six months. Captive dolphins suffer immensely in tiny enclosures where they are susceptible to depression, illness, and death. Demand the exhibit’s remaining dolphins be allowed to return to the wild.

Stop Pets From ‘Disappearing’ During Natural Disasters

In the wake of record-breaking floods and hurricanes, pets are being separated from their homes and left to battle the elements alone. Demand life-saving microchips for animals across the U.S.

Demand Shelter Stop Allegedly Letting Kittens Die Slow, Painful Deaths

An animal shelter in Vermont has been accused of letting dogs and cats suffer without life-saving veterinary care. One kitten reportedly died due to this alleged mistreatment. Demand this shelter be investigated for animal cruelty and shut down if found guilty.

Stop Drowning, Suffocating, and Burning Animals to Death

Millions of animals die needlessly from starvation, dehydration, over-heating, or drowning while being transported over land and sea by the meat industry. Demand an end to this slaughter.

Stop Exposing Rabbits and Other Animals to Convulsion-Inducing Products

The use of dogs and cats in painful toxicity tests has recently been banned in California. However, this leaves other animals like rabbits, mice, birds, rats, and fish to suffer the consequences of unnecessary chemical testing. Demand all animals be protected from research, not just those we deem worthy.

Success: Undercover Activists Encouraged to Expose Animal Abuse

Animal welfare activists have long sustained legal punishments for conducting undercover investigations of potentially abusive farms, breeding facilities, and more. Fortunately, one state has chosen to protect these investigators as they expose the truth. Thank Iowa for prioritizing animal, consumer, and worker welfare over the greed of large, abusive corporations.

Stop Gassing Chinchillas to Death for High Fashion

Chinchillas are reportedly imprisoned in filthy, barbed wire cages and left to languish in the dark at fur farms. Later, they are killed in the name of fashion. Demand a ban on this cruel practice.

Don’t Make Overcrowded Shelters Kill Adoptable Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats are being surrendered to shelters at extremely high rates due to a series of economic factors. Most shelters simply do not have the resources to care for all these animals and have had to euthanize many highly adoptable pets. Demand increased funding to help cover the expenses of increased intake.

Save Victims of Domestic Abuse by Protecting Their Pets

Pets are targeted by domestic abusers and victims often return to their abusers out of concern for the safety of their animals, putting themselves at risk. Demand pets be better protected from acts of domestic violence and prioritize the physical and psychological welfare of animals and victims.

Dog Reportedly Hanged and Set on Fire by 12-Year-Old Deserves Justice

Buddy the dog was found with an extension cord tied around his neck and covered in burns. A 12-year-old child was apparently responsible for this cruel act, but couldn’t be charged. Demand all children who commit violence towards animals receive psychological treatment.

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