Animal Welfare

Justice for Horse Dead After Cop Reportedly Tied Him Up Without Food or Water

A horse died after a police officer allegedly tied him up and left him without food or water. The officer’s only punishment was not getting paid for one vacation day. Demand that this terrible injustice be reversed and the officer appropriately punished.

Applaud Airline’s Shark Fin Ban

Shark fins are now banned on all Air China flights. Air China is China’s largest airline, and it is the first major airline in the country to ban shark fins. Sign this petition to thank Air China for helping to put an end to the brutal shark fin industry.

Stop Giving Away Live Animals as Prizes

A carnival provider sells live animals as prizes. It is incredibly irresponsible and cruel to treat animals as objects and give them away to random winners. Sign this petition and demand the company stop providing live animals as prizes.

Stop the Brutal Killing of Feral Cats

Cats are in the crossfire in a roundup in San Diego, which could result in the barbaric offsite shooting of feral cats and other predatory species. Sign this petition to demand an end to inhumane lethal control measures, and stand up for more humane Trap-Neuter-Return alternatives.

Shut Down Company Accused of Beating and Kicking Pigs

Reports of pigs being brutally attacked by workers have surfaced out of a controversial facility. Sign this petition to shut the company down and hold the employees responsible.

Release Bears Cruelly Trapped in Concrete Pit

A roadside zoo currently holds two bears in a barren concrete pit allegedly with little to no stimulation. The bears are often seen pacing back and forth due to stress. Sign this petition and demand that the zoo retire its bears to an accredited sanctuary immediately.

Puppy Skinned, Shot and Left for Dead on Road Deserves Justice

A puppy was dumped on the side of the road after being partially skinned and shot to death in a horrific case of sadistic animal cruelty. Demand that the person who did this be found immediately and brought to justice.

Stop Torturing Bulls at Annual Festival

Bulls are allegedly forced to drink liquor and are then reportedly beaten with bats and stabbed with weapons at an annual festival. Sign this petition to demand an end to this horrifically cruel event.

Dog Found Abandoned and Starving in Her Own Feces Deserves Justice

Tanny the dog was found abandoned in a building, so weak from starvation that she could not even walk. Make sure the man accused of abusing this poor animal is held responsible.

Justice for Dog Frozen to Death in Doghouse

A dog was found frozen to death inside of a plastic doghouse. The doghouse was left outside of a vacant business in single-digit temperatures. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Dog Allegedly Lured Over Fence and Shot Deserves Justice

An innocent dog was reportedly lured over a fence and then brutally shot by a neighbor. A recording shows the man shooting the dog three times, according to police. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Justice for Tiger Allegedly Tied Down to Pose for Pictures

An endangered Siberian tiger is allegedly being tied down at a Chinese circus so that circus-goers can “ride” the restrained animal and pose for pictures. A degrading and miserable life in captivity is no life at all for a wild animal. Demand that the tiger be rescued and relocated to a sanctuary by signing this petition.

Remove Seal Meat From Menu at Food Festival

harborseals-abbeSeal meat obtained from Canada’s infamous seal hunt is set to be served at a Vancouver restaurant as part of a trendy food festival. Tell this business that the slaughter of innocent seals is unacceptable and that these animals should be removed from the menu immediately.

Urge Foundation to No Longer Release Captive-Bred Birds

dove-mali-maederAn organization released captive-bred doves into the wild during a ceremony, despite these birds never being exposed to the wild. The birds often frantically fly around looking for familiar surroundings while being exposed to all the threats the wild has to offer. Sign this petition to urge the organization to no longer release captive-bred birds.

Justice for Horses Allegedly Neglected and Abandoned

horse-by-shaun__palmerTwo horses were allegedly neglected and left in a trailer for 24 hours straight. The man accused of this crime denies the allegations. Demand that justice is served for these innocent horses.

Praise Ban on the Import of Reptile Skins and Furs

fox-john-leffmannIndia has banned the import of reptile skins and certain furs, a decision that will save millions of animals each year from torture and death. Sign this petition to thank the country for making the compassionate choice.

Success: Farm Owners Convicted for Allowing Cow Torture

cow-by-keith-wellerThe owners of a farm where employees allegedly beat, kicked, and hung cows from their necks have been found guilty of animal abuse. Sign this petition to applaud the judge for his decision to convict these men.

Justice for Dog Found Starving and Left to Die

lex-the-dog-via-richmond-animal-care-and-controlAn emaciated dog was found locked in a crate, her fur caked with urine and feces. Demand that the owner is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Justice for Dog and Cat Locked in Storage Locker

caged-by-jillibeanA dog and cat were found locked inside of a storage locker. Both of the animals were confined to cages and the cat had tape over its face and head. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Justice for Puppy Allegedly Beaten with Metal Rod

lara-by-marcos-lealA puppy was reportedly put in a cage and repeatedly beaten with a metal rod. This demented attack left the poor animal with a fractured skull and multiple other injuries. Please sign this petition to demand justice for this helpless puppy.

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