Puppies Allegedly Abused in “House of Horror” Deserve Justice

Target: Mr. Garry Frank, District Attorney of Davidson County, North Carolina

Goal: Investigate and ensure strict penalties for the individual allegedly responsible for the abuse and neglect of dogs, and enforce stronger animal welfare regulations.

In Davidson County, North Carolina, a disturbing case of animal cruelty has come to light involving a house where two dead dogs were found on the porch and nine puppies were euthanized, according to reports. The situation was discovered thanks to Nugget, a dachshund mix puppy, who reportedly escaped and led a neighbor to find the dead dogs. The Davidson County Animal Alliance and Sheriff’s Office rescued Nugget and three adult dogs. All four are now in care and doing well, with adoption opportunities coming soon.

This incident underscores the urgent need for strict enforcement of animal welfare laws to prevent such cruelty and ensure justice for the animals involved. Take stringent measures to hold individuals accountable for alleged animal abuse and ensure the well-being of the dogs.


Dear Mr. Garry Frank,

A recent case in Davidson County, North Carolina, has brought to light a deeply troubling instance of alleged animal cruelty. A house described as a “house of horror” was discovered, where two dogs were reportedly found dead on the porch and nine puppies were euthanized. The situation was uncovered thanks to a dachshund mix puppy named Nugget, who apparently escaped and led a neighbor to the tragic scene.

This case underscores the urgent need for strict enforcement of animal welfare laws. We urge you to ensure a thorough investigation and hold those allegedly responsible accountable. Immediate action is necessary to prevent such cruelty and protect the welfare of animals in our community.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Vyacheslav Bukharov


  1. Nothing is ever done and North Carolina is getting a very bad reputation for abuse. Thank goodness for Nugget. A brave little guy! However we are dealing with exfessive abuse. The people causing the abuse were not mentioned yet the house was called a house of horrors. There is no animal welfare in America especially not in PA or NC. These people need to face death in the same way they killed the two adult dogs and 9 puppies. There is no excuse for what they did. None! If they are mental, put them in the hospital, for life, or prison. But get them out of society. We have jails and prisons why should we regular folks carry the burden of people like these?

  2. These petitions need to give the names of the POS abusers:

    Investigators say that CHRISTOPHER MULLINS, 38, of Lexington, killed the two dogs that lived at the home. There were 12 more dogs living at the home that were seized “due to exigent circumstances.”

    Davidson County Sheriff Richie Simmons says that Mullins “mutilated and beheaded the 2 adult dogs.”


  3. Death penalty for bastard killer/killers,burn in hell motherfucker,SOB,POS,coward.
    Justice for dogs and puppies +RIP!

  4. Poor babies,both adults and pups that did not make it, may they RIP! Thankfully Nugget and the rest are safe and hopefully adopted to good forever homes!
    Charge the sick heartless perp/perps with a heavy fine and throw them in jail as long as possible… permanent ban on pet ownership too as they have no respect for life and love for animals at all!

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