Call for Justice After Kitten Allegedly Thrown from Fifth Floor

Target: Eknath Shinde, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, India

Goal: Demand swift identification and prosecution of the accused, and enforcement of stricter animal cruelty laws to prevent future incidents.

In a shocking incident in Dombivali, Thane, an unidentified woman allegedly killed a kitten by throwing it from the fifth floor of a housing society. This allegedly heinous act led a social worker to file a complaint, prompting the police to register a case under section 325 of the Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. The investigation is ongoing, aiming to bring the alleged perpetrator to justice and ensure the enforcement of animal cruelty laws.

The housing society, situated on Deendayal Road, became the center of this tragic event on Friday. The social worker who filed the complaint discovered the kitten’s lifeless body and reported the incident to the authorities. The police have begun their investigation, seeking to identify the woman reportedly responsible for this cruel act. Prevent such acts of cruelty and ensure the protection of animals.


Dear CM Shinde,

I am writing to express my deep concern and outrage regarding the recent incident of reported animal cruelty in Dombivali, Thane. An unidentified woman allegedly threw a kitten from the fifth floor of a housing society, resulting in the kitten’s death. This apparent act of cruelty has shocked the community and highlights significant gaps in the enforcement of animal welfare laws.

A social worker reported the incident on Deendayal Road. The worker found the lifeless kitten and immediately lodged a complaint. The police have registered a case under section 325 of the Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, and an investigation is underway.

Despite the prompt action taken by the authorities in registering a case, it is evident that more stringent measures are necessary to prevent such incidents in the future. The apparent neglect and abuse of this animal must be addressed with the utmost urgency to ensure the safety and well-being of all animals. I urge you to take immediate and decisive action to identify and prosecute the woman reportedly responsible for this cruel act. Furthermore, enforcing stricter regulations and monitoring mechanisms is crucial to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

Your intervention in this matter is essential to safeguarding the welfare of these animals and upholding the principles of justice and compassion in our society. The authorities must act swiftly and decisively to ensure that those responsible for such cruelty are held accountable and that no animal has to endure such suffering again.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Nicolas Suzor


  1. Irene Leggett says:

    INDIA again. When will the gutless, heartless government and officials start protecting the lives of innocent dogs, cats and other animals in this vile, cruel, brutal country. Shame on them and the psychotic masses that are nothing but glorified animal murderers. This country is at the bottom of the cess-pit for brutality, depravity and sadism.

  2. Do any animals live peaceful lives in India?
    It seems as if no animal is welcomed in India. India is Madde up of many intelligent and wise people yet India is becoming hated due to the way they allow citizens to treat animals. The way we treat others, human or animals, is the way we will treat all things and all people. India needs to do better.

  3. Joyce O'Malley says:

    India is a HELL HOLE AND THIS WOMAN SHOULD BE PROSECUTED FOR KILLING A CAT!! No one should get away with this abuse towards animals!! It sounds like this is common place in India because it is such a SHIT HOLE COUNTRY TO BEGIN WITH!!

  4. India is a shit country should shoot some of those sicko’s

  5. I’m sorry, but I can’t believe that you commenters can speak of ALL the people of one country as being evil. This just Isn’t right! Have you noticed that more than 75% of the abuse cases on this site are from the United States!? Where does anyone get off condemning an entire country of people based on the evil of a few? What do people in other countries think of us?! There are good and bad everywhere. Case in point – some people in China, Korea, etc torture and eat dogs and cats. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other compassionate people trying their damndest to change this. Please think before you judge.

  6. More depravity from satans waiting room, what a surprise, not! An eye for an eye, throw the worthless dirty whore off the roof

  7. Sherry Akridge says:

    The devil that murdered this kitten deserves to die. Pure evil.

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