Articles written by: Tiffany White

Dogs Allegedly Victimized By Serial Abuser Deserve Justice

Dozens of dogs were reportedly bred for fighting, abused, and woefully neglected over a two-year period, all while authorities seemingly looked on. Help ensure justice is finally delivered for these ailing animals.

Chihuahua Killed in Hellish Fire Chamber Deserves Justice

A defenseless chihuahua was found burned alive in a cage. The perpetrator remains at large. Demand justice for this animal who endured an agonizing death.

Influencer Accused of Threatening to Kill Defenseless Dog Must be Taken Off Instagram

An attention-seeking influencer apparently grabbed her dog by the neck and threatened to kill him on Instagram, but the site has taken no steps to punish her. Urge Instagram to stop broadcasting animal cruelty.

Save Yellowfin Tuna From Entrapment and Extinction

Overfishing is putting another prized marine species at imminent risk. The Indian Ocean’s Yellowfin tuna population remains in crisis due to human devices that trap and kill them by the thousands. Demand an end to this unchecked plunder.

Ban Brutal Pregnancy Prisons for Pigs

Sows are among the most mistreated farmed animals in the world. When bred for profit, they spend their whole lives laying in their own waste and immobilized in small prisons. Demand an end to the use of torturous gestation crates.

Save Gray Wolves From Relentless Slaughter

Over 200 gray wolves were slaughtered in a Wisconsin hunting massacre. This tragedy comes on the heels of the politically motivated abolishment of their protection as an endangered species. Help ensure this travesty never happens again.

Racing Horse Who Reportedly Died of Heart Attack Deserves Justice

Another horse racing trainer has been accused of showing callous disregard for the animals under his care. A picture of Gordon Elliott seemingly sitting on a deceased horse has put renewed scrutiny on the racing world. Demand the punishment fit the alleged misconduct.

Punish Kennel Operator Accused of Letting Dogs Starve

Over a dozen animals allegedly endured serious malnourishment at the hands of the woman who was tasked with their care. Demand justice for these victims of reported gross negligence.

Denounce Ted Cruz for Abandoning Dog in Freezing Texas Storm

When disaster struck, Senator Ted Cruz not only abandoned his state but also his family pet. In the midst of a frigid winter storm that left thousands without heat or power, Cruz left his dog Snowflake in a freezing house while he went on a tropical vacation. Sign this petition to hold Cruz accountable for his disgraceful and cowardly actions.

Popular Webcam Breeder Accused of Selling Sick Kittens Must be Investigated

A kitten breeder with a popular live webcam is accused of neglecting, endangering, and selling sick animals. Demand an immediate investigation into this reported deadly abuse.

Pet Donkey Killed in Alleged Vengeful Shooting Deserves Justice

A pet donkey was allegedly shot and killed as payback against her caretaker. Demand justice for this casualty of seeming misguided revenge.

Pets Who Perished in Alleged Intentional Blaze Deserve Justice

Two dogs and a cat died agonizingly in the smoke and flames at the site of a suspected act of arson. These animals likely endured extreme suffering in their final moments. Demand justice for them.

Justice for Elephants Set Ablaze and Hobbled by Oppressive Chains

Images of a chained elephant’s agony and the dying moments of another elephant set on fire are heart breaking. Sign this petition to protect innocent elephants from abuse.

Justice for Horses Reportedly Reduced to Skin and Bones By Negligent Caretaker

Six horses were reportedly found starving and neglected, confined to a filthy “mudhole.” Help ensure these apparently severely abused animals receive the justice they deserve.

Punish Veterinarian Who Allegedly Maimed and Killed Dogs

A Connecticut veterinary professional reportedly caused a puppy’s death and maimed a dog in his office. Demand an end to legal oversights that enable alleged lethal acts of malpractice and cruelty.

Justice for Puppies Allegedly Neglected to Death at Unlicensed Pet Shop

Three puppies died from alleged chronic neglect and malnourishment. Despite repeated calls for aid, these animals seemingly had to die before their cases were taken seriously. Urge prosecutors to at last deliver a real measure of justice for these fallen victims.

Maimed Manatee With “Trump” Carved in Skin Deserves Justice

A Florida manatee was maimed after an unidentified assailant wrote “Trump” on his back. Demand accountability for this politicized act of animal cruelty.

Prosecute Famous Actor Accused of Killing Dogs to ‘Get in Character’

Movie star Shia LaBeouf has been accused of repeatedly shooting stray dogs to get into the “mindset” of a killer. Demand that authorities treat this famous actor the same as any other citizen and investigate the charges fully.

Don’t Hide Destructive Impacts of Arctic Drilling on Wildlife

The status of wildlife at risk from greedy oil drilling transactions is being deliberately withheld from public scrutiny. Urge the truth about the federal government’s continued assault on the Arctic.

Justice for Animals Allegedly Caged and Starved

A raccoon and two puppies starved to death in a case of alleged animal cruelty. Several other caged animals nearly met the same fate. Demand proper punishment for the woman accused of this reported crime.

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