Articles written by: Tiffany White

Dog Reportedly Killed at Hands of Groomer Deserves Justice

Pele, a small dog, apparently died in immense pain and distress during what should have been a routine grooming session. Demand the person accused of abusing this limp and dying animal face justice.

Don’t Let Horses in Military Funerals Die for Their Service

Military horses used for funeral services are reportedly dying due to fixable issues with their health and their living conditions. Demand fully realized safeguards for these seemingly overworked and at-risk animals.

Justice for Dog Reportedly Executed Behind Dumpster

A dog was apparently shot multiple times and finally killed as he fled for his life. Call for justice in what seems to be a deliberate act of deadly cruelty.

Dog and Pig Allegedly Abandoned and Starved Deserve Justice

A dog tragically died from apparent starvation and a pig nearly met the same fate after they were allegedly abandoned by their caretaker. Demand the punishment fit the reported crime.

Dog Allegedly Kicked and Hung Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly kicked violently and hung from his leash by the very person who should have taken care of him. Demand a punishment be sought befitting the reported crime.

Don’t Let Deep-Sea Mining Destroy Unique Ocean Ecosystems

The vibrant world deep within the ocean teems with otherworldly and beautiful life. Demand leaders protect this biodiversity from the dangers of deep-sea mining.

Keep Handsy, Careless Tourists From Endangering Park Animals

Several wildlife in one of the nation’s most prominent national parks have died or been endangered as a reported result of reckless tourists. Demand America’s leading national park agency do more to safeguard these at-risk animals.

Beloved Swan Reportedly Beheaded and Eaten Deserves Justice

A mother swan was apparently decapitated, eaten, and her offspring stolen by three teenagers. Demand real justice in this case.

Dogs Reportedly Poisoned in Neighbors’ Act of Revenge Deserve Justice

Two dogs died, and another fell seriously ill, after apparently being poisoned by vengeful neighbors. Call for real justice if the suspects are found guilty.

Don’t Let Shelters Become Places of Abuse or Death for Rescued Animals

Across the country, pets languish or die in shelters because of insufficient standards that leave them vulnerable to abuse. Demand real accountability for these self-appointed guardians of animal welfare.

Find Forever Homes for Endangered Species

Animals from snails to whales are at risk of going extinct because of the rapidly changing climate. Many species urgently need new habitats. Support an ambitious plan to move the most endangered to more hospitable locations.

Stop the Cruel Exploitation of Wolfdogs for Profit

Thousands of wolfdogs are abandoned or euthanized every year because their owners didn’t realize how much work they’d be. This unique mix of a wolf and a dog is almost always a result of breeder. Demand a stop to the breeding of wolfdogs.

Success: Trophies Taken Away From Big Game Hunters

Trophy hunters will soon lose one incentive to put endangered animals in harm’s way. Applaud the potential elimination of body parts imported for profit and sick photo opportunities.

Stop Working Horses to Death in Races

Racehorses are dying in alarming numbers in some of the world’s most prestigious venues. Demand better protections for these at-risk animals exploited for profit.

Create Super-Swimway for Endangered Turtles and Biodiverse Marine Life

A patch of ocean that serves as a nesting, feeding, and migration route for unique and endangered marine species is under attack from destructive industrial fishing. Demand leaders protect one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on Earth.

Dogs Reportedly Found Diseased and Emaciated Deserve Justice

Pets are apparently being left to languish and die in filth in a community known for wealth and privilege. Demand justice for the reported victims.

Stop Deadly Bird Flu Epidemic

Tens of millions of birds are dying at an alarming rate directly and indirectly because of bird flu. Demand leaders support vaccine intervention that could ultimately save both avian and human lives.

Hollywood: Stop Working Animals to Death

A horse reportedly died of cardiac arrest on a Hollywood set. Demand that no more animals be sacrificed for entertainment.

Stop Millions of Animals From Perishing in Farm Fires

Thousands of cattle suffocated and burned to death in a devastating farm fire. Call for stronger safeguards to protect vulnerable farm animals from these preventable tragedies.

Puppies Apparently Thrown Off Bridge to Their Deaths Deserve Justice

Six puppies were reportedly thrown from a bridge, and five died as a result. The man accused of this heinous crime will not face any charges. Call for change in a system that lets alleged offenders walk free.

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