Articles written by: Tiffany White

Don’t Let Convicted Animal Cruelty Offenders Continue Cycle of Abuse

Individuals convicted of animal cruelty pose an imminent danger to other living beings. Demand lawmakers enact tougher restrictions that will better protect at-risk animals.

Don’t Let Vehicles Become Death Chambers for Dogs

Dogs and other animals are being baked alive in overheated cars. These agonizing deaths could be prevented with stronger punishments for reckless pet caretakers. Demand one lax state help its pets beat the deadly heat.

Banish Agonizing Bow and Arrow Assaults Against Wildlife

Bears and other animals are being subjected to horrific injuries and slow, painful deaths because of bow hunting. Urge a state where this gross practice freely thrives to put a clamp on the cruelty.

Don’t Let Pets Starve and Go Without Vet Care Due to Financial Distress

Financially distressed Americans often struggle to provide proper food and veterinary care for their pets. Demand the top organization devoted to animal welfare make addressing these clear and present dangers a priority.

Give Endangered Ecosystems a Fighting Chance

Thousands of species could go extinct in the next few decades without immediate intervention. Demand a committed investment in rewilding at-risk habitats and ecosystems.

Stop Mass Poisoning of Fish and River

A river that runs between Germany and Poland has become a fish graveyard. Tons of the dead animals have been discovered, with their likely killer being human-dumped toxins. Demand leaders protect this valuable natural commodity from an ongoing menace.

Protect Pet Rabbits From Malnutrition, Drowning, and Abuse

Pet rabbits are being assaulted and abandoned at an alarming rate. Demand stronger protections for these defenseless animals.

Justice for Freya the Walrus, Killed by Norwegian Government

A popular walrus was euthanized in Norway through no fault of the animal. Now, entire communities of walruses could once again be endangered because of oil and gas drilling. Demand politicians finally prioritize living beings over fossil fuels.

Former Star Accused of Beating Dog With Chair on Video Must be Punished

TV personality Ceaser Emanuel is accused of hitting his dog repeatedly with a chair, and a video appears to validate the charges. Demand he be held fully accountable.

Shut Down Facility That Reportedly Breeds Dogs for Torturous “Experiments”

Beagles at a mass breeding facility are sent to labs where they are reportedly force-fed poisons and die horrific deaths. Call for an end to this legalized animal cruelty.

Don’t Let Man Accused of Whipping Screaming Dog on Camera Go Free

Video posted on social media appears to show a man brutally whipping his dog until the animal howled in pain. Don’t let the apparent victim and other helpless pets stay in the suspect’s custody.

Stop Hunting, Dismembering, and Selling Hippos to Near-Extinction

Hippos are fighting a losing battle against humans that hunt them for parts and strip away their homes. Demand protection for these at-risk animals.

Dog Who Reportedly Cried for Help During Brutal Beating Deserves Justice

A man is accused of beating his dog, Sophie, until neighbors called for help after hearing her cries of distress. She was reportedly found in starved condition and with fractured bones. Demand justice for Sophie.

Dog Mutilated, Tortured and Left for Dead Deserves Justice

A young dog died from horrifying torture and mutilation. The killer of this defenseless animal remains at large. Demand a just punishment when he or she is found.

Save Great Hammerhead From Extinction

One of the strangest and most captivating pioneers of the sea could soon go extinct. Relentless fin harvesting has nearly sealed the great hammerhead shark’s fate. Join the fight to rescue this embattled species.

Woman Accused of Posing as Vet to Harm Helpless Animals Must be Punished

A woman has been accused of practicing unlicensed veterinary medicine and inflicting serious injury on at least one animal. Urge a full and vigorous prosecution of this case.

Save Millions of Species From Extinction

More plant and animal species are vanishing from Earth by the day while humanity turns a blind and guilty eye. Call on uninvolved and uncaring global leaders to set aside their differences and work for a shared future for all the planet’s inhabitants.

Protect Innocent Animals From Convicted Abusers

No individual convicted of hurting animals should ever have the opportunity to repeat a heinous crime. Demand New Jersey finally safeguard its domesticated animals from known abusers.

Protect Wedge-Tailed Eagles From Drastic Drops in Population

Australia’s largest aerial predator has spent years as the prey of humans. These important birds now face an even bigger threat in unrelenting habitat loss. Demand this eco-diverse region safeguard one of its most iconic inhabitants.

Toy Poodle Apparently Beaten to Death by Vengeful Man Deserves Justice

A 12-year-old poodle died from traumatic injuries reportedly inflicted by his caretaker’s boyfriend, who is also accused of stealing a second dog in order to threaten his girlfriend. Call for justice in this heartbreaking case.

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