Don’t Make Cockfighting Victims Pay with Their Lives

Target: Laurie Jinkins, Speaker of Washington State House of Representatives

Goal: Deter euthanizing of animals rescued from cruel acts of mass abuse.

Dozens of roosters allegedly victimized by a vicious cockfighting ring reportedly had their second chance at a happy and healthy life brutally snatched away from them. A rescue haven had been working diligently to rehome roosters in Yakima County, Washington. But before the animals could be relocated, members of the sheriff’s office apparently euthanized all 64 roosters. Worse yet, the animals were seemingly killed with an unusual euthanasia method. The roosters were reportedly lined up and shot one by one.

The rescue haven was devastated by this turn of events, as it had previously successfully placed multiple survivors of another alleged cockfighting operation in the state. Now the rescue wants to ensure that such a tragic oversight never happens again. They are appealing to the state legislature to introduce a law that would ban the euthanizing of roosters rescued from cockfighting without first ensuring the roosters cannot be rehomed.

Compelling officials to work in tandem with rescue organizations could save thousands of lives. Sign the petition below to support this needed initiative.


Dear Speaker Jinkins,

An estimated 1,000 roosters are currently being victimized by cockfighting in Washington State. Recent high-profile cases involving a prison gang and a reported Yakima County operation have brought renewed attention to the barbarity and brutality of this “blood sport.” The latter case also highlights lacking efforts to prevent abused animals from being revictimized and punished for the actions of their abusers.

Over 60 roosters were apparently shot at the site of an alleged cockfighting operation. These animals had an almost certain chance of being placed in new homes before the deadly action was reportedly taken. If this state is serious about its cockfighting and animal cruelty problem, it will take every measure to protect victims before and after discovery. Please consider the plea of Hartwood Haven rescue and other concerned animal welfare advocates to support legislation barring the euthanasia as first resort approach to rescued survivors.

Mandate every avenue for rescue and rehoming be explored before deadly actions are taken.


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  1. Right, this isnt “euthanasia” lets lay that to rest. This is animal abuse. Many cops are trigger happy and some clown clearly got it into his head he could perv off on some live target practice. There is literally no other explanation. Euthenasia is a very specific act within very strict perameters that can only be carried out by someone licensed to do so. Shooting a very dangerous dog is outside this because of the immediate danger, but chickens cannot be classed as an immediate danger. No, sorry, this is some dickless little turd getting his rocks off playing fairground duck shoot but with real birds. DO NOT LET THIS VILE COWARD HIDE FROM COBSEQUENCES BY ALLOWING HIM TO PRETEND THERE WAS ANY DANGER POSED BY THE CHICKENS. THEY WERE CHICKENS! CLUES IN THE NAME! NOT DANGEROUS DOGS NOT SHARKS! CHICKENS FFS!

  2. these people and i use that term loosely are seriously fucked in the head. why don’t they kill each other for sport. it will solve 2 problems. the blood thirsty mob will be happy and make a few bucks and the rest of the world will be rid of a few more pieces of shit.

  3. These so called law enforcement was in reality HITLER ENFORCEMENT. These officers are sick killers themselves and held these abused captive victims hostage deciding he/they would get their jollies by murdering every last one of these helpless victims in law enforcement’s HITLER MASS MURDER!! This is right up there illegally with the cock fighters!! SHAME ON these tax dollar paid HITLERS!!

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