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Horse Allegedly Thrashed After Collapsing at Race Track Deserves Justice

A gut-wrenching video appears to show a licensed racer partaking in the merciless kicking and whipping of a faltering horse at a harness track. Demand a meticulous investigation into this alleged cruel spectacle.

Cats and Birds Allegedly Killed in Violent Attacks Deserve Justice

A rash of alleged animal cruelty cases and violence against defenseless creatures have recently come to light. Demand thorough investigations and stringent penalties.

Don’t Let Helpless Caged Animals Go Through Mental Torture

Animals confined in inhumane zoos are reportedly enduring severe mental anguish and distress. Ensure psychological well-being checks for animals in captivity.

Dog Reportedly Found Dead in Trash Bag at Training Facility Deserves Justice

Moose, a beloved pet dog, was reportedly found dead in a garbage bag after staying at a training facility accused of malpractice. Demand justice for Moose and other alleged victims.

Foal Found Apparently Suffering From Fractured Vertebrae and Pneumonia Deserves Justice

A foal named Faith was rescued from a ranch where she reportedly suffered pneumonia, a broken back, and emotional trauma. Demand justice for this innocent horse.

Stop Using Live Animals to Get Likes and Views

A social media user showcased a dress that imprisoned live fish for the sake of fashion. Stop such animal cruelty for more likes and views.

Dismantle Vast Web of Illegal Animal Trading and Fraud

Thirteen individuals were arrested during a recent crackdown on an international animal trading crime network. Demand stricter regulatory measures to address these rampant, troubling activities.

Dozens of Dogs Reportedly Rescued From Near-Starvation Deserve Justice

Forty-three dogs were allegedly found emaciated and starving on a property where nine others had already perished. Demand a thorough investigation and legal action.

Dog Reportedly Killed and Thrown in Trash Bag Deserves Justice

Unsettling video footage reportedly shows a dead dog found in a trash bag. Demand more stringent regulations and swift justice against animal cruelty.

Dogs Abused as ‘F–k Toys’ in ‘Torture Chamber’ by Renowned Zoologist Deserve Justice

A famous scientists pleaded guilty to bestiality and the horrific abuse of dozens of defenseless dogs. Demand justice now in this shocking case.

Rare and Endangered Turtles Reportedly Imprisoned Among Trash Deserve Justice

An alleged repeat offender of turtle smuggling was arrested on 15 felony counts of animal cruelty. Crack down on this vile trade now.

Dogs Reportedly Found Disabled and Starved Amid Filth Deserve Justice

A dozen dogs were reportedly rescued from a squalid house after suffering abuse that left some unable to walk. Demand justice now.

Buffalo Calf Allegedly Sexually Abused On Camera Deserves Justice

A buffalo calf reportedly suffered unthinkable abuse, caught on the owner’s own CCTV. Demand a full investigation and swift legal action now.

Horse Apparently Whipped on Camera During Rodeo Deserves Justice

A man is accused of brutally striking his horse and whipping the animal in the face at a rodeo. Demand justice now.

Dogs Apparently Raped on Camera by ‘World’s Worst Animal Abuser’ Deserve Justice

The ‘World’s Worst Animal Abuser’ reportedly participated in a global network of animal torture and rape. Help ensure two accused collaborators face justice.

Dog Reduced to a Skeleton Due to Alleged Abuse By Owner Deserves Justice

A malnourished dog was rescued in a state of such apparent neglect that it was reduced to a skeleton. Demand justice and a comprehensive investigation into its treatment.

Dead Pitbulls, Alleged Victims of Dogfighting, Deserve Justice

Pitbulls and mixed breed dogs, many reportedly abused and malnourished, have been found dead in a shocking pattern that some attribute to dogfighting. Put an end to this horrifying trend.

Animals Allegedly Abused to Death on Farm Deserve Justice

Animals have been reportedly severely abused on a midwestern farm, apparently leading to their death in some cases. Demand a thorough investigation to protect these animals from further suffering.

Puppies Reportedly Found Dead Inside Freezer Deserve Justice

Five puppies were reportedly found dead in a freezer and dozens of dogs were apparently kept in inhumane conditions at an animal rescue. Let justice prevail for the alleged victims.

Dog With Legs and Face Reportedly Bound With Tape Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly found in dire condition inside a plastic bag during a routine refuse collection, suggesting intentional cruelty. Demand a thorough investigation and accountability for this horrific act now.

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