Pitbull Apparently Left in Sweltering Car to Die Deserves Justice

Target: Beth Tischler, Sandusky County Prosecutor, Ohio

Goal: Ensure justice for the dog that died from alleged neglect in a hot car.

A tragic event reportedly occurred in Sandusky, Ohio, involving a gray and white female Pitbull that died next to its owner’s vehicle. The owner, Richard Goings, allegedly left the dog in a car, which became an unfit environment due to rising temperatures, leading to the dog’s death. This alleged act of neglect highlights the urgent need for stronger enforcement of animal welfare laws.

Further details suggest that Goings, who was living out of his car, allegedly left his dog unattended in the vehicle while visiting his sister. He claimed the car had been left running with the windows down to keep the dog cool, but upon his return, he seemingly found the car off and windows up, indicating a failure in care. The local temperature outside was 86 degrees, potentially soaring to 105 degrees inside the car, creating a lethal condition for the dog confined within.

The necessity for this petition arises from the urgent need to address and prevent such alleged negligence. Ensure this incident is not overlooked and justice is served, promoting better treatment and respect for animal rights.


Dear Prosecutor Beth Tischler,

We are writing to bring to your attention an alleged incident of grave animal cruelty that demands immediate and stringent legal action. A female Pitbull reportedly died tragically due to neglect after being left in a car under conditions likely to cause overheating and subsequent death. This act, allegedly committed by Mr. Richard Goings, should not go unpunished as it highlights a severe lapse in responsibility and care owed to a defenseless animal.

As reported, the facts presented in this case suggest a disregard for the well-being of his pet as the owner failed to provide a safe environment, leading to fatal consequences. Given the temperatures recorded on the day of the incident, it is imperative to question and rectify the lack of foresight and care exhibited. This situation not only represents a single act of alleged cruelty but also serves as a distressing example of the broader issues facing animals under human care.

Therefore, we urge you to take swift action to ensure justice is served in this heart-wrenching case. By holding individuals accountable for such alleged acts of cruelty, you will reinforce the message that our community does not tolerate negligence and animal maltreatment. We trust in your commitment to justice and in your role in upholding the rights and welfare of all creatures.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Steve @ the alligator farm


  1. Shut this bastard in his car and let him roast …..

  2. What a piece of lying scum!! No one leaves the A/C on with the windows down. Any WHY, WHY are we still having these discussions of not leaving kids or animals in vehicles? Humans just seem to be getting dumber and dumber each day.

  3. these assholes need to have this done to them. handcuff them to the steering wheel and close all the windows. then watch as they suffer the same fate. just saw another case of this but luckily the officer got the dog out in time. some dumb bitch locked him the the car while she went to the beach and yes you guessed it. it happened in florida.

  4. So this heinous jerk lied. He should be charged with intentional neglect, animal cruelty.. it is premeditated murder because no living being would have survived under such hot condition 105 degrees with no ventilation poor baby must have suffered tremendously throughout! Sigh!

  5. This man needs to face the same death as his dog.

  6. Jaime Perez says:

    Throw this creep in jail for a very long time. It gets so sickening to hear about idiots who leave an animal in a car and think it’s ok!!

  7. Life sentence for this bastard owner, POS!
    Justice for dog! +RIP

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