Over 300 Animals Reportedly Starved and Neglected Deserve Justice

Target: Lisa A. Smittcamp, Fresno County District Attorney, California

Goal: Prosecute those allegedly responsible for severe animal neglect in Laton

Disturbing allegations have surfaced from Laton, where over 300 animals were reportedly found in a shocking state of neglect. According to officials, these animals were found in an environment so deplorable, deputies were stepping on the bones of decayed animals. This alleged neglect highlights a dire need for legal intervention and justice.

The property, littered with trash, emitted smells likened to an open sewer. Alleged reports indicate that many animals were malnourished and in desperate need of food and water, painting a grim picture of suffering and apparent neglect. The recovery of these animals, now flourishing under care, underscores the alleged severity of their previous conditions.

This case demands urgent action. Legal accountability is crucial, not only for the justice of these animals but to serve as a deterrent against future cruelty. Call for the Fresno County District Attorney to ensure that those allegedly responsible are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


Dear DA Lisa A. Smittcamp,

We are reaching out to you amidst reports of grave animal neglect involving over 300 animals in Laton. This severe case, highlighted by conditions so deplorable that law enforcement reportedly found decayed animal bones and severely malnourished animals, calls for your immediate attention and action.

The details emerging from this case are deeply troubling. These animals were allegedly living in squalor, and the emotional and physical toll on them was palpable. The alleged neglect discovered at this property must be met with a stringent legal response to ensure that such cruelty is not tolerated.

We urge you to take swift action in this matter. It is imperative that a thorough investigation is conducted and that those allegedly responsible are held accountable under the law. We trust in your commitment to justice and look forward to seeing your office act decisively in this distressing case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Dinu Nair


  1. Ejohnson says:

    Lock the perpetrators away and let them starve to death

  2. jail and starve them

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