Geese Allegedly Shot With BB Guns for Fun Deserve Justice

Target: Avery Crump, District Attorney for the Twenty-fourth Prosecutorial District, North Carolina

Goal: Prosecute and penalize youths allegedly involved in harming local wildlife.

Recent postings on the Nextdoor app have ignited community outrage over allegations that local youths have been cruelly mistreating geese in Greensboro. Witnesses claim these juveniles used BB guns to shoot at both geese and their goslings, and pursued them with long sticks. Such actions, if true, reflect a troubling disrespect for life and community standards.

The alleged incidents include not just attacks with BB guns but also reports of geese being intentionally run over in a Walmart parking lot, leading to the deaths of two adult geese. This pattern of behavior has caused significant distress in the community, compounding fears about rising violence and lawlessness in the area. Though still under investigation, these accounts suggest a severe lack of supervision and accountability for local youth.

This petition calls for swift and decisive action to address these serious allegations. We must ensure that such apparent cruelty is not tolerated and those allegedly responsible are held accountable. Serve justice and send a clear message that our community respects and will protect its wildlife.


Dear DA Avery Crump,

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned about recent allegations of severe mistreatment of local geese by juveniles in our community. These actions, which reportedly include shooting wildlife with BB guns and chasing them with sticks, have caused significant distress among residents and seem to reflect a disturbing lack of empathy and responsibility.

These alleged incidents suggest a broader issue of youth delinquency that needs immediate attention. It is imperative that these allegations be thoroughly investigated and, if substantiated, that those responsible be held accountable. We believe that taking a firm stance against such behavior is crucial for maintaining community safety and environmental stewardship.

We urge you to respond swiftly to these reports to ensure justice is served. We ask that you prosecute the alleged actions vigorously to hold those responsible accountable and deter future acts of wildlife cruelty. Your commitment to upholding justice in these cases is crucial for reinforcing our community’s values and protecting our local wildlife.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Martin LaBar


  1. This generation of kids are just out of control and have no sense of right and wrong anymore. There is no consequences and they seem to get away with WAY too much.

  2. Letting young people get away with animal abuse leads to more and more abuse as lack of consequences teaches them this type of behavior is okay – it’s not. Torturing wildlife for fun will eventually lead to torturing people for fun and we all know it; be proactive and punish these little cowards before they do worse.

  3. Ejohnson says:

    These a$$hole deviants need to be shot with BB guns – they’ll hopefully learn their lesson. The perpetrators that ran over the geese for fun need to be tied up in the wilderness and left to see how nature treats them

  4. If these kids don’t experience immediate severe legal consequences along with intensive mh counseling, they will most likely escalate by upping their torture and murder activities in order to experience their heinous highs….these kind of kids often turn to human victims in addition to helpless animals if nothing is done! This was not their first HITLER TORTURE/MURDER activities and will NOT BE THEIR LAST IF THERE IS NOT AN INTERVENTION to address this perversion ASAP. LAW ENFORCEMENT, WILL THEIR NEXT VICTIMS BE YOU OR YOURS?? ITS IN YOUR HANDS!!

  5. Jaime Perez says:

    These dirty little monsters need be punished severely for this heinous act. If they get away with this, then they’ll escalate to even worse crimes…against humans. Poor innocent geese.

  6. these kids need to be locked up with adult inmates. maybe after a few become bubbas bitch they will learn a lesson, maybe!

  7. Julie Bates says:

    Young assholes need the fringing punishment too.but noooo nobody not family not the law has the balls to teach your kids right from wrong 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

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