Animals Allegedly Dead From Negligence at Tech Lab Deserve Justice

Target: Glenn Youngkin, Governor of Virginia

Goal: Enforce strict compliance with the Animal Welfare Act at Virginia Tech to prevent further animal suffering.

Recent allegations of extensive animal welfare violations at Virginia Tech have raised serious concerns. According to SAEN, a national research watchdog, between February 4, 2021, and July 5, 2023, the institution was fined $18,950 for at least seven significant breaches of the Animal Welfare Act. These allegations suggest a pattern of behavior that undermines the ethical treatment of animals in research settings.

Reportedly, many animals suffered and died due to what has been described as repetitive instances of improper animal handling and decisions related to animal care and use by unqualified personnel. This apparent neglect and lack of adequate oversight are disturbing and indicative of a systemic issue within the institution that demands immediate and decisive action. While a punitive measure, the fine allegedly highlights ongoing misconduct that requires more than just financial penalties.

These serious allegations must be addressed to ensure no more animals suffer needlessly. Effective measures must be implemented to enforce strict compliance with all applicable animal welfare laws. Prevent future violations and promote a culture of respect and care for animal welfare in all research institutions.


Dear Governor Glenn Youngkin,

I am writing to express deep concern over the reported ongoing animal welfare issues at Virginia Tech. It has come to public attention that from early 2021 to mid-2023, the laboratory engaged in practices that allegedly led to the unnecessary suffering and death of numerous animals. These practices, as outlined by SAEN, suggest a failure to adhere to the standards outlined in the Animal Welfare Act.

The details emerging from these allegations are alarming. Animals were reportedly subjected to improper handling and care by personnel unqualified for these roles, leading to their suffering and premature deaths. Such practices not only compromise the integrity of scientific research but also blatantly disregard the ethical treatment of animals. These issues must be addressed immediately to restore public trust and ensure the humane treatment of all animals in research facilities.

We urge you to take swift and comprehensive action to ensure that Virginia Tech strictly follows the Animal Welfare Act. We demand a thorough investigation into the allegations and, if verified, the implementation of stringent measures to prevent future violations. We must uphold the highest standards of animal welfare and hold accountable those who fail to meet them.


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Photo credit: Virginia State Parks


  1. Lisa Finnigan says:


  2. Jaime Perez says:

    Leave the animals alone. They should not be used for testing. It’s cruel and inhumane!!

  3. Ejohnson says:

    The Virginia Tech perpetrators need to be “handled” negligently

  4. that’s promising now we are creating animal abusers in college. these schools are becoming more worthless by the day.

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