Articles written by: Shaunak All That Breathes

Dogs Allegedly Tortured to Death and Sexually Abused by Animal Expert Deserve Justice

Almost 40 dogs reportedly suffered unimaginably before finally being killed. Demand swift and just legal action in this case.

192 Animals Reportedly Abused By Dog Trainers Deserve Justice

A staggering 192 animals were reportedly neglected and abused by dog trainers at their private residence. Demand an immediate and thorough investigation into these allegations.

Woman and Her Dog Allegedly Assaulted Deserve Justice

A woman and her dog were reportedly assaulted in a potential case of domestic violence and animal cruelty. Demand justice for these victims.

Cat Killed in Apparent Domestic Violence Incident Deserves Justice

One cat was reportedly beaten to death with a back scratcher, and another severely harmed, in an apparent case of domestic abuse. Demand a thorough investigation to ensure accountability.

Dog Who Had Been Shot in Back and Then Reportedly Neglected Deserves Justice

A paralyzed dog was reportedly starved and kept in inhumane conditions at an animal “rescue” facility. Demand justice now.

Horse Apparently Beaten, ‘Waterboarded’ and Dragged Behind Truck Deserves Justice

A helpless horse was apparently beaten, run over, then dragged behind a vehicle in a torturous ordeal captured on camera. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Dog Reportedly Strangled to Death by Vengeful Husband Deserves Justice

A dog was hanged with a cord to coerce the poor animal’s owner, per reports. Ensure justice in this apparent case of horrific cruelty.

Dog Allegedly Abused During Walk Deserves Justice

An innocent dog was allegedly physically abused while on a walk. Stand with us, urging a thorough investigation and justice for this alleged cruelty.

Family Cat Apparently Stomped to Death on Camera Deserves Justice

Nicklas, a beloved family cat, was reportedly attacked by a dog and stomped to death by a man on a bike. Demand justice for Nicklas.

Dog Reportedly Starved Until Forced to Ingest Rocks Deserves Justice

A dog named Conrad was reportedly found with untreated broken bones, and starved until he ate rocks out of desperation. Demand justice for Conrad.

Dog Allegedly Beaten and Starved to Death Deserves Justice

A 12-year-old dog tragically died due to alleged abuse and neglect by her owner. Ensure a thorough investigation and prosecution to bring justice for this innocent pup.

Dog Allegedly Unable to Walk Due to Extreme Matting Deserves Justice

A mini poodle was so matted due to alleged neglect that the poor animal couldn’t even walk. Incidents like this underscore the urgent need to strengthen animal welfare enforcement. Demand the governor address animal cruelty state-wide to protect all innocent pets.

Dog Reportedly Sexually Abused on Camera Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly sexually abused by a man in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Demand justice.

Dog Allegedly Killed in Dog Fight Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly killed during a dog fight, igniting concern among animal rights activists in the community. Neighbors stated that this dog, as well as other pets in the house, suffered ongoing abuse for a year. Demand justice for these animals and strengthen animal welfare enforcement.

Horses and Dogs Reportedly Found Dead and “Skeletonized” Deserve Justice

Twelve horses and 24 dogs were reportedly found dead after suffering agonizing starvation. Demand justice for the innocent lives lost now.

Hungry Horse Impaled on Fence Deserves Justice

A two-year-old horse was reportedly impaled on a fence until its intestines spilled out. Demand a thorough investigation into this disturbing case.

Dogs Allegedly Killed and Crammed in Freezers Deserve Justice

Appalling conditions and mistreatment of dogs were reportedly found at an animal rescue. Demand immediate investigation and justice for the innocent animals.

Horses Allegedly So Malnourished That Bones Protruded Through Their Skin Deserve Justice

Four horses were reportedly starved to the point that their bones showed through their skin. They also suffered from eye, hoof, and dental ailments due to an alleged denial of medical care. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Dogs Allegedly Left Inside a Hot Car During Heatwave Deserve Justice

Two dogs were reportedly left unattended in a hot car during a heatwave. Demand a thorough investigation so that the person responsible will face justice and all animal welfare laws will be upheld.

Dogs Reportedly Caged and Covered in Urine and Fecal Matter Deserve Justice

Dozens of dogs were reportedly kept in filthy cages and denied medical care in an apparent puppy mill operation. Demand prompt legal action to hold those responsible accountable for these inhumane actions.

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